The Wolf

In the cold night I wander,

out into the mountain and frosty air,

then there is a howling,

a strange but majestic sound,

I walk along a frosted path,

the trees around me all seem scared of something,

they are shaking in the wind,

and then I see the eyes,

The eyes are piercing in the dark,

they are golden, and frightening,

but there is some sort of comfort,

in these big round eyes,

They come closer, I turn to run,

but my feet won’t move,

I hear the howling again,

and begin to shake,

I turn around slowly,

and now he’s visible,

the snow white fur blended in with the scenery,

but it is also very distinguishable,

The wolf began to move from side to side,

walking slowly and mysteriously,

but then it started to run,

and it seemed to jump through me,

I know possess a wolf’s soul,

how or why are still the questions I ask,

but I feel more powerful,

more beautiful with the wolf inside me.

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