The Snow is Quiet

As it gently falls,

the snow creates a surrounding,

one of beauty and purity,

and it makes everything all right,

It is silent outside,

when the snow falls,

it looks so beautiful,

and the sun shines brighter,

The light shines through the window,

as the glimmer comes off the snow,

it’s like a blanket,

that covers the world,

This will prevent the evil,

from getting into the little places,

the little places that darkness likes,

that the quiet likes,

In winter, it all seems,

to stand still,

to freeze, like the air,

like the hearts of everyone,

It quietly falls,

like the sun setting,

or the moon rising,

and then falls again,

The snow is so quiet,

as quiet as the night,

breath does not even appear,

the snow gently falls, quietly.

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