I’m Lost

Something isn’t right,

Why am I here?

It seems so useless,

I hate this,

Why can’t everything be perfect?

It always ends up the same,

Something happens that corrupts me,

And I am forced to fall,

Fail, distrust, misunderstand,

These are words new to me,

But something inside my soul awakens,

And I start to shimmer,

Why is this happening?

This question appears over and over,

My mind is filled with unanswered questions,

But I keep pressing on,

I lose a little of my soul everyday,

It comes down on me hard,

But I want to keep going,

I want to be strong and passionate,

When will it end?

The pain and suffering?

My heart is torn apart,

And I am left for nothing,

Sometimes I look up,

And there are the stars,

I wonder what is to become of me,

Then I realize,

Is this love?

I’m lost… a wandering soul trapped in the past,

I can not escape it, the fear of losing.

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