Ghostly Mist

The mist is in the air,

It comes and goes,

As the ghost walks the path,

It clears the mist away,

Sometimes one can hear a cry,

It seems to call your name,

And then it dies,

Just like anyone would,

It strays and tries to find somewhere,

Somewhere to reside,

Some place to rest,

So that it’s soul can be at peace,

The mist clears,

It seeps into my soul,

Why is it so difficult to breathe?

Please tell me that this mist,

This ghostly mist,

Is not here to stay,

That would be okay,

The fog is deep,

It swirls around my heart,

And it calms me somehow,

But there’s now a ghost where you used to be,

This ghostly mist haunts me,

It haunts me and I like it.

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