Dust Rising

When the dust rises,

I know something is wrong,

something is going to happen,

that probably shouldn’t,

It swirls in the wind,

the wind carries it far,

but it is stopped by the cold,

and fades into the light,

When I see this happening,

I wonder about certain things,

are our lives like the dust?

to be there one minute and gone the next?

Sometimes I see particles of something,

it is beautiful, exquisite,

it creates a sphere of colors,

and then explodes into the air,

When will the dust rise?

when will it fall?

these things I often ponder,

and dream about in the night,

The night dust is different,

it shines in the moonlight,

yet it does not move, it stays still,

the stars smile at its beauty,

The dust rising,

its something to watch,

its something to dream about,

it is what we want to be… want to become.

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