Death in its Wake

There is only one thing left now,

Only death survives,

It leaches on and holds tight,

And there is no room to breathe,

Sometimes it comes with pain,

Other times peace,

But the only thing that can prevent it,

Is to hold on to life,

Death is in its wake,

What is it?

Everything that breathes and lives,

Tries to survive, but in the end, there is only death,

Something haunts,

It wreaks havoc in dreams,

It tears down the weak,

It is the only thing that keeps someone alive,

When the last breath is drawn,

The reaper comes to take the soul,

It calms the body,

And takes the life,

Death is in its wake,

What is it?

The soul, the life, the spirit,

Anything that tries to breathe,

Death is powerful, and yet, can be prevented,

By living… by holding on,

Death is in its wake,

But that is all that it is.

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