Stay with Me

Posted in Shadow Lies Within Series on January 24th, 2014 by LianaIlia

Time for some relief,
for this pain,
and suffering,
please come,

Take my hand,
lead me from this place,
to a better life,
to a quiet life,

In this room,
where it is just you and me,
and nothing else,
is when I feel most at ease,

Please don’t go,
stay forever,
ease my torment,
be with me,

it is a powerful thing,
it can make us do crazy things,
so, stay with me.

Beauty in Chaos Poem

Posted in Shadow Lies Within Series on January 24th, 2014 by LianaIlia

She walks on light,
her golden hair,
flows in the current,
of the chaos surrounding,

Everything is a blur,
nothing I sound,
there are too many,
messy things,

one has to be strong,
to face fear,
the chaotic world,
can sometimes be beautiful,

Look around,
what do you see?
is it beauty or chaos?
or beauty in chaos?


Posted in Shadow Lies Within Series on October 25th, 2013 by LianaIlia

When day breaks,
the shadows vanish,
light seeps in,
and the nightmare fades,

Dreams of horrid things,
creeping, scratching,
at the walls,
during the night,

It seems morning is too far,
nothing can stop
this darkness,
but then it comes,

The screams,
the high pitched shrills,
in the dark,
do not seem to quit,

Then the sun rises,
bringing the day,
and making
the nightmare end.


Posted in Shadow Lies Within Series on June 30th, 2013 by LianaIlia


anger still,



regret, sorrow.


Posted in Shadow Lies Within Series on January 4th, 2013 by LianaIlia

Death, despair,
hatred, evil,
these are all sickness,
that is also human,

being sick is many things,
not just illness,
the mind plays tricks,
tears will flow,

a wall is put up,
something to block others,
from reaching,
the very deep insides,

it is something,
we all need,
from time to time,

it is important to rest
to rid ourselves,
of this sickness.

Left Behind

Posted in Shadow Lies Within Series on January 4th, 2013 by LianaIlia

This empty feeling,
of being left,
in the coldness,
of being alone,
there is a lonely cage,
that captures,
this bitterness,
of sorrow and sadness,
will light ever shine through,
the thick darkness,
inside the cage,
imprisoning all reason,
emptiness spreads,
it is a pit for emotion,
where happiness dies,
and all is lost,
this is the feeling,
of being left behind.

Written in Blood

Posted in Shadow Lies Within Series on June 16th, 2011 by LianaIlia

The fog thickens,

there is something in the air,

a mystery surrounding us all,

as a murder goes unsolved,

Blood spilled on the floor,

there is a name,

the name is written in blood,

it is the name of the killer,

The hands of the killer,

are stained in blood,

it does not wash out,

it will never completely wash out,

The room is dark,

there is a cry,


everything goes blank,

The name of the killer,

is slowly being… written in blood.

Disturbed Wings

Posted in Shadow Lies Within Series on February 3rd, 2011 by LianaIlia

There are things in the shadows,

that makes one go mad,

bringing down a powerful force,

of evil,
these wings are disturbed,

since they are attached,

to this body,

this body filled with rage,
many things are unexplainable,

since some are undiscovered,

one does not know,

what it cannot fear,
there is something wrong,

with these wings,

they seem to not fly,

something is holding them back,

these wings are disturbed,

they are disturbed…

Salt in the Wound

Posted in Shadow Lies Within Series on August 28th, 2010 by LianaIlia

The pain is so great,

it feels as though,

there is salt in the wound,

that excruciating feeling,

When the feeling first comes,

it’s as if someone is poking,

with the sharp end of a sword,

and blood trickles down,

There it is,

the salt in the wound,

it feels awful,

like a thousand tiny needles,

there is nothing worse,

than salt in a wound.


Posted in Series of Destruction, Shadow Lies Within Series on July 6th, 2010 by LianaIlia

It’s the only thing to describe this,


it is horrid, awful,

this catastrophe,
Nothing seems right anymore,

nothing is good,

when will it be all right?

when will it go away?
Devastation is everywhere,

it brings pain and suffering,

hurtful scenes envelope,

this place,

is the only thing to describe this.