Posted in Shadow Lies Within Series on March 19th, 2010 by LianaIlia

I am drowning,

in those hurtful words,

you keep throwing at me,

they do nothing but scar,

Burning and imprint,

into my mind,

something shatters,

and it all fades into darkness,

Sinking deeper and deeper,

into the dark black sea,

the sea that surrounds everything,

even my soul,

I am drowning,

in those hurtful words,

you don’t seem to care,

or want to keep me alive,

This pain that blinds me,

it sinks even deeper,

into the ocean,

that is nothingness,


I ask for your forgiveness,

for I am drowning,

please help me.

Unheard Flutter

Posted in Spirit Series on March 19th, 2010 by LianaIlia

There was a flutter,

something unheard of in the air,

I listened for it intently,

but heard nothing,
A storm arose,

in my heart,

my mind opened up,

to everything around me,
When will this feeling,

dissipate into the void,

when will you appear,

and take me away,
There is an unheard flutter,

it flaps the wings,

of destruction,

and takes everything apart,
Rain slides on my skin,

as the flutter of wings,

can be unheard,

by the ears of many.

The Time Has Come

Posted in Uncategorized on March 19th, 2010 by LianaIlia

The time has come…

it pounds on the walls,

and screeches,

until all is silent,
when will all listen?

before it’s too late,

it is useless,

beacuse we are weak,
silence befalls,

the town of sorrow,

pain and anguish,

are the guides,
the time has come,

again and again,

silence is here,

nothingness exists,
to haunt us all,

the pounding continues.