The Darkness

Posted in Series of Destruction on June 30th, 2015 by LianaIlia

This thing that haunts,
isn’t fear,
It isn’t loathing or hatred,
It’s something else,

It surrounds us,
Consumes us,
makes enemies,
And toys with them,

It is most dominant,
During the night,
When the lights,
Are all snuffed out,

That’s what this does,
It shuts out light, life,
Happiness and love,
It is… darkness.

The Light

Posted in Series of Destruction on June 30th, 2015 by LianaIlia

The thing that brightens,
our way,
Isn’t power or strength,
It is love,

Something different,
Is always a good thing,
Even the light,
In lightning is good,

Light surrounds,
Our entire being,
Our soul is light,
That fuels us,

It is in every object,
No matter how small,
Every creature,
No matter how large,

It is the light,
That we strive for,
Not the darkness,
The light fights it off.

Nothing Around Me

Posted in Series of Destruction on June 30th, 2015 by LianaIlia

This pain that encompasses me,
It takes a hold and does not let go,
Like something wrapping around my body,
And then releasing and tightening,

It is here to stay,
this soul that I have,
so why is it always tormented?
by things unseen but always felt?

I am trapped here,
there is no way out,
no way for me to crawl,
out of this dark, dank pit,

This is spiraling out of control,
unless it is just me,
I can’t grasp a situation,
The pain is too much,

Slowly hearing the bells,
Eyes open slowly to darkness,
Am I dead?
There is nothing around me… nothing around me.


Posted in Series of Destruction on January 9th, 2015 by LianaIlia

This inevitable thing,
we call death,
is calling me,
through this pain,

Going down a path,
of rough road,
tangled in trees,
is my life,

Will I be free?
free from pain,
from hate, from life?
I need relief,

When will it come?
at the very end,
of that twisting road?
it seems impossible,

To live after this,
when will it come?
the relief?


Posted in Series of Destruction on September 14th, 2014 by LianaIlia

Just forget it all,
throw it all away,
the pain and suffering,
and start anew,

If only it would be that easy,
the pain would stop,
relief would come,
and there would be relief,

It comes for awhile,
clinging to the entire being,

when will it end?
the anguish,
needs to stop.

Pain Fades

Posted in Series of Destruction on June 8th, 2014 by LianaIlia

When, when will the pain fade?
fade away,
to the sleeping town,
of my memories,

Pave the way,
the darkness is coming,
it will overpower us,
destroy our dreams,

But we must fight on,
must win, must fight,
to live,
as best we can,

The pain will get better,
not go away completely,
but at least,
fade a bit each day,

We live in the light,
so we try so hard,
never ever,
to give in to the dark.

Dark Love

Posted in Series of Destruction on June 8th, 2014 by LianaIlia

Love is not perfect,
it tears and scratches away,
at your heart,
until nothing is left,

It hurts,
but that means,
that it’s human,
to love,

It brings out,
beauty in the world,
but it can also,

Love can be beautiful,
painful even,
but that is life,
that is human,

Love will cut
and rip us apart.

Negative Emotions

Posted in Series of Destruction on March 26th, 2014 by LianaIlia

There’s something,
called love,
and then,
there’s the opposite,

The hurt,
the pure wretched anguish,
that pierces the heart,
and destroys hope,

When will it end?
the hatred and sadness,
that lives in the soul,
and in the mind,

We must face it,
our fate in this world,
we must overcome,
the negative emotions,

We can’t always get,
what we want,
but we can just,
be who we are


Posted in Series of Destruction on October 25th, 2013 by LianaIlia

Wings of power,
give me strength,
build a circle, of infinite glory,

shine down upon
my enemies,
and bear witness,
to their destruction,

be my beauty,
gather around me,
all that I need,
all the power,

bring my soul,
the brightness,
and beauty,
of this light,

Lightning Destruction!

Silent Storm

Posted in Series of Destruction on July 6th, 2010 by LianaIlia

The storm moves in,

unnoticed at first,

then the rain comes suddenly,

but there is no sound,
Even the thunder is silent,

as the hail starts to fall,

the wind blows through the trees,

It is a silent storm,

as it moves through,

like a ghost,

it floats on by,
Dark clouds loom overhead,

they keep moving through,


the storm moves in.