Rain is Life

Posted in Spirit Series on September 14th, 2014 by LianaIlia

We live because of the rain,
it nourishes the Earth,
and every living being,
that roams it,

If we did not have rain,
nothing would grow,
it would wither away,
the world would be barren,

The beautiful sounds,
of the drops on the window,
calm the soul,
and sparkle in the sun,

When the sun shines,
through the dark clouds,
beautiful colors in an arc,
stretch over the sky,

Rain is life,
life is rain.


Posted in Spirit Series on June 8th, 2014 by LianaIlia

When nothing but darkness,
lives in the soul,
it is hard to see,
the light,

But there is a spark,
of hope left,
deep within,
the blackness,

If we can see,
a ray of hope,
then we are saved,
and pain is over,

The relief that comes,
after it goes away,
is spectacular,
too brilliant,

We must survive,
must live on,
so we can experience,
true beauty.

Your Smile

Posted in Spirit Series on March 26th, 2014 by LianaIlia

Your smile,
is like the sun,
it shines so bright,
and warms my heart,

A smile goes a long way,
it makes others happy,
and that is what,
makes a happy world,

Please do not frown,
it is despair,
and we don’t want that,
so smile,

Go on,
brighten the room,
your smile does that,
that is why I love,
your smile.

Learning About Love

Posted in Spirit Series on March 26th, 2014 by LianaIlia

When one discovers love,
and they are confused,
to the point,
they will go mad,

it makes us,
do such crazy things,
and emotions,
run around wild,

even if you try,
and forget love,
it creeps back in,
out of nowhere,

one can’t exactly,
learn about love,
it comes and it goes,
and that is love.

Look Deeper

Posted in Spirit Series on March 26th, 2014 by LianaIlia

There are things,
one cannot see,
with just your eyes, one must look deeper,

Past the sadness,
past the hurt,
and the future,
will be revealed,

It may take time,
to heal old scars,
but one must never,
hold a grudge,

We bury and bottle up,
those emotions,
in which we dislike,
but we will soon explode,

Look no further,
the one you have sought,
for so long,
is right here.

We Must Live On

Posted in Spirit Series on January 24th, 2014 by LianaIlia

It’s one thing to live,
but another to survive,
we have our own way,
it always comes together,

We are connected,
through the red string,
called fate,
and it can bring hope,

We must live on,
towards our own destiny,
to believe,
that there is something better,

Love, believe, live,
be strong,
to the end,
of time,

We can fight,
we can win.

Those Words

Posted in Spirit Series on January 24th, 2014 by LianaIlia

Those three little words,
one wants to hear,
that are never spoken,
leaves one broken,

The pain rips inside,
tearing at the walls,
of the heart,
until it falls apart,

Waiting to hear those words,
it is torment,
nothing but despair,
is in the stale air,

Words can hurt,
but an absence of them,
can cause fears,
and also tears,

Those three little words,
those words,
that cause longing,
and also despairing,

Those words… whisper them.

A New Life

Posted in Spirit Series on January 24th, 2014 by LianaIlia

This is the time,
where we all try to change ourselves,
a new year begins again,
and the struggle,

Change is bound to happen,
things happen that changes us,
in bad and good ways,
but we always look to the past,

We have to let go of the past,
to move on is the best,
to start anew,
a new life in the world,

This life will be filled,
with dangerous things,
but we can overcome anything,
as long as we believe,

As long as we have hope,
faith that we can do better,
a new life will start,
and a change will be made,

So let the past go,
let all the bad things fade away,
and let the good wash over,
as this new start begins.

Reside in Dreams

Posted in Spirit Series on October 25th, 2013 by LianaIlia

they come and go,
bringing sadness,
bringing joy,

What does life bring?
death, torment,
beauty, pain,

We try to live,
the best we can,
but it is hard,
with all these hardships,

Reside in dreams,
together we can fight,
the evil,
and the sadness.

Ghosts Around Here

Posted in Spirit Series on June 30th, 2013 by LianaIlia

There’s something,
eerie about this house,
the silence is too much,
there are ghosts around here,

They float silently,
without a sound,
into the dark,
creating light,

The aura is not evil,
but not good either,
it seems in between,
these ghosts,

This house is quiet,
until they come out,
the residences,
the ghosts around here.