Dragon Spells

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Here is a list of the spells that I have created throughout many of my stories. Amy, my cousin has also helped with this list.


Fire Punch

Sorrow of Fire

Sword Flame

Dancing Torch


Boiling Eyes

Double Arrow

Eternal Flames

Hell’s Fire

Fire Rage

Helion’s Special Attack

Energy Blast of Fire

Samatai Flash

Death Flare

Fire Rush

Love’s Anger

Termici Flare

Mirage Bonfire


Death Flare

Die Magick

Fire Brush


Samati Fire

Scepter of Fire

Power of Spirits


Die Again

Fire Star Wind

Fire Storm

Blood Rush

Sword of Power

Firery Wings

Fire Lightning:

Breath of Evil


Flare Shock


Jade Ice

Ice Blade

Fly Cutter

Match Blayde

Icy Shadow

Rush Stream

Mysty Water


Crystal Bloom


Samio Ice

Take Off


Marix Blast

Tidal Flame

Burning Blizzard

Ice/Flame Chop

Snow Flare

Shimi Light

Fire Ride


Blind Light

Psychic Mind


Blind Light

Spin Jump Slice

Light Star Dance

Dying Light

Curse of Light

Kybur Protection

Punching Ray

Calling of Life

Dancing Glass

Every Second Gone By


Dichromatic Love

Love, Light, Darkness


Sun Beam

Shaishi Light

Star Starter


Light of Healing

Diamond Slice

Time Squeeze

Tomorrow’s Legacy

Wings of Light

Ice Lightning:


Tital Thunder

Shock Wave

Power Struggle

Divide and Conquer

Slice of Black

Veldic Slice

Mind Control


Darlai’s Power

Power Blast



Chaotic Blue

Breathe No More

Immortality Breaks


Power Rope

Power Burst

Forever Powerful

Power Band

Night’s Hole


Energy Source

Faerie Summon

Double Edge

Justice Punch

Back Again

Time Stop

Taitel’s Legend

Diamond Myth

Moon Dance

Today’s Legend

Newly Born

Angel Falls

Color Binds

Power of Heart


Relic Shield

Moonlit Plane

End of Time

Courage of Heart

Fields of Lilies



Sparking Pleasure




Light Glare

Lightning Bolt


Zone Out

Unbreakable Glass

Blue Lightning


Ground Turner

Earth Shake




Dark Ground

Earth Pound

Rock Pound

Total Eruption

Earthy Stone


Total Destruction

Fury Rush




Death’s Toll

Endorsement Flame



Evil Force

Sing of Death

Black Hole

Waters of Dying Lands

Ink Knot

Darkness Brought Out

Dying Truth

Soul Trap

Death Blow

Force Attack

Dead Flower


Dark Lies

Inky Destruction

Night of the Dead

Disappearing Act

Love of Death

Power Struggle

Triangle Sphere

Ice Earth:

Silver Frost

Earth Lightning:

Ground Lightning



Fire Quake

Ground Fire

Holy Lightning:

Heartache Solo

Blue Lightning

Book of Realms

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This is purely fictional, dragons do not exist. I believe they do, in some alternate reality that we can’t even imagine would be possible. For as of right now though, you can read my view on dragons. Enjoy!

Dragon History

            There are many worlds in the dragon realm, almost too many to number, but not all are inhabited by dragons. Some have other creatures such as unicorns, or faeries, which exist on the dragon inhabited worlds as well. We are here to talk about dragons, though.

            Let me first point out the different class of power a dragon could possess, and that would determine what type of spells they could cast. There are single categories: fire, earth, lightning, ice (water), black, power, holy (white), and light. (There is no such thing as a Wind spell in the dragon world, don’t ask me why.) Then there are categories which combine two spells, such as: fire-ice, fire-earth, fire-lightning, black-power (only one of these spells exist), earth-lightning, earth-fire, earth-ice, ice-lightning, ice-fire, and holy-light. (You get the idea.) The more powerful spells are the combinations, because it takes twice the amount of energy, and two spells are cast simultaneously. The order of power goes as follows:

  1. Power
  2. Holy
  3. Light
  4. Black
  5. Fire
  6. Lightning
  7. Ice
  8. Earth


When a dragon reaches a certain level after training, he or she can choose what class to be next. The way dragons level up is through extensive training. And it’s not like the type of training a monk or priest would go through. This is the most brutal and tiring training that one could not possibly fathom. They do hold tournaments, where they can either fight in their human form or dragon form. They are stronger in their dragon form, so they often use it in the tournaments (or rounds as they are called). In the rounds, each dragon is paired with another that is equal in strength, as to not discriminate others. The dragon race has a sense of pride, they do not usually boast about their abilities or how many spells they have mastered, usually.

When a dragon dies, they can live up to 1,000 years, they are taken to what is known as Hollow’s Cove, a holy place where a mighty dragon had fallen in battle. The dragon’s name meant Hollow, and it is near a large pond, hence the name. There are few dragons left that know of the fallen one, since it happened over 500 years ago. The dragons never go there unless there is a funeral, which is a very extensive process in the dragon universe.

This concludes the first chapter in the Book of Realms; the book of dragon history. Hope you have enjoyed so far and continue reading and post comments!

Chapter 2

Dragons do not like to be trained, well, by humans anyways. They train on their own. If a person is able to communicate with dragons, which few humans can, he or she can make sure the dragon is completing the training properly or not.

As this book has mentioned before, there are many different types of training exercises, if you want to call them that, that a dragon must go through. Dragons are built strong, their scales can withstand pretty much anything that’s thrown at them. Though sometimes if one is weak, say they have not eaten in a day or two, they will lose the training exercise. Each dragon has its limit, even though they are extremely strong.

The training can last up to twenty years (dragon years) before a dragon is satisfied with its strength. Even then it may not be completely happy with the training. It is completed one task at a time, so it can be very tedious.

The exercises include endurance tests and tournaments. These tournaments are held regularly throughout the year. During the endurance tests the dragon must be in dragon form, but during the tournaments they can choose what form to take. The way they get stronger in the tournaments is that each time a dragon wins, their magic is increased.

This concludes the training portion of the Book of Realms.