Posted in Series of Destruction, Shadow Lies Within Series on July 6th, 2010 by LianaIlia

It’s the only thing to describe this,


it is horrid, awful,

this catastrophe,
Nothing seems right anymore,

nothing is good,

when will it be all right?

when will it go away?
Devastation is everywhere,

it brings pain and suffering,

hurtful scenes envelope,

this place,

is the only thing to describe this.

Mind Slipping

Posted in Series of Destruction on June 9th, 2010 by LianaIlia

When the mind loses consciousness,

it slips into another world,

another universe altogether,

and finds itself lost completely,

The mind separates from the body,

and leaves no trace,

of ever having a thought,

to hold on to,

This out of mind, out of body,

experience will end eventually,

and then everything will seem insignificant,

since it’s a feeling unlike any other,

A chill runs up the spine,

sending a wave of thoughts,

to the mind in one burst,

but all of it is too much,

The mind is slipping,

in and out of consciousness,

it is slipping away,

more and more.

Waiting for You

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It’s hard,

to relive the past,

but if I could,

I would do it the same,

I never want to forget,

what you gave me,

even though what I gave,

was only death,

you would say,

you still love me,

and forgive me,

but I could never,

forget and leave,

my past, it is precious,

even the horrible,

terrible nightmares that took place,

why? why me?

I am waiting, waiting in darkness,

Waiting for you.


Posted in Series of Destruction on February 9th, 2010 by LianaIlia

A cry,

pierces the night,

it turns you dark,

turns you into something else,

the creature inside,

finally awakens,

you can not fight it,

it’s your destiny,

chains hold you down,

someone breaks them,

who is it?

darkness consumes you,

you try to fight,

but it is useless,

no one can save you,

so stay in the shadows,

a hand reaches out,

who’s is it? Enemy, friendly

everything is so dark,

you can not see the path,

choose your weapon,

fight if you dare.

Zelda: Twilight Princess Inspired

Tore Apart

Posted in Series of Destruction on February 9th, 2010 by LianaIlia

I ripped at the seams,

I tore, tore, and tore,

apart my emotions,

and left an empty shell,

blackness is all,

that is left,

of this ripped up heart,

because it is torn,

my hands, hair, skin,

are all torn, scorned,

my body is a mess,

and tears fall to the ground,

because I tore,

everything, my love,

my feelings towards you,

are torn, shredded,


please tell me why,

I’m so lost…

I tore them apart, my emotions.

The Masochist

Posted in Series of Destruction on February 9th, 2010 by LianaIlia

Why? Why do I hurt myself?

it’s what I live, no, long for,

every day the pain is worse,

but I enjoy it,

It seems there’s nothing wrong,

until blood seeps from the wound,

I feel faint,

but I am enjoying every minute,

There are various tools, weapons,

sharp objects are involved,

things like scissors or knives,

each one brings the sweet pleasure,

The feel of the blade,

as it scratches against my face,

it tears and scars at the skin,

and then all else fades away,

Why do I do this?

is it because I am so dark and twisted?

or because I feel pleasure,

because it hurts so much,

The blood drips down,

but I feel nothing,

nothing but satisfaction,

because I am the Masochist.

Start of Death

Posted in Series of Destruction on February 9th, 2010 by LianaIlia

Draining away,

wilting into nothingness,

drag into the dark,

what you used to be,

before it began,

before you existed,

I was alone,

this much I know,

why must we suffer?

we never let go,

of things we lose,

why is that?

I lost something,

which I will never forget,

but I chose to lock it up,

and not speak of it again,

maybe you will find out,

one day yes,

maybe if you survive,

all the torture and pain,

that is life.

Silence Comes Again

Posted in Series of Destruction on February 9th, 2010 by LianaIlia

Listen, listen carefully,

you can hear the walls cracking,

the footsteps in the distance,

that little sound,

It whispers a haunting sound,

there’s something in the air tonight,

a sort of chill that runs up your spine,

and it’s somehow comforting,

The silence,

it comes again,

inside the mind, it’s foggy,

and all I hear is silence,

There is nothing else there,

nothing but the dark void,

it seems to destroy everything around us,

and break down into nothingness,

It comes again and again,

the silence comforts,

it is also haunting,

it is hard to tell what will come next,

The silence, it’s all around,

it will haunt and break you,

until there is nothing left,

the silence comes again.

Raining Hard

Posted in Series of Destruction on February 9th, 2010 by LianaIlia

If you look outside now,

it is pouring hard,

the rain seeps,

into every corner of the city,

It floods the soul and heart,

and takes over everything,

when it rains this hard,

and it can be dangerous,

the water pours into me,

and cleanses all the evil,

as it beats down,

onto my face and skin,

Sometimes it stops,

and only rains a little,

but it is very nice,

when it’s raining hard.

Pouring Out

Posted in Series of Destruction on February 9th, 2010 by LianaIlia

All of it, all of it,

it’s pouring out,

like water from a dish,

like blood from a vein,

What is it exactly?

anything, feelings, emotions,

ideas, they’re all running,

gushing, spilling over,

I want this to be over,

want it to stop,

forever and ever,

please make it stop,

Suddenly I can’t control it anymore,

someone stop me,

I feel like it’s going to explode,

my heart can’t take this anymore,

All of it, all of it,

it’s pouring out,

spilling out of me,

and it won’t stop,

This time I won’t let it,

this time it will have to stop,

the pain is unbearable,

when will it end?

All of it, all of it,

it’s pouring out,

like blood from a vein,

like rain from the sky.