Alya Fights Back

Alya Fights Back!

            “Fuscia…” Aiya and Amile were in Alya’s gym. Since Alya was gone, they had to take care of the ship.

            “Fuscia…” Amile cried. They were trying the Fuscia Attack on eachother. At the same time, ghostly figures of wings appeared on their backs.

            “Attack!” They cried. A huge cloud of purple filled the room. Energy absorbed into their fists. A beam of purple light shot out of their palms. The two beams hit eachother. Amile’s beam prooved to be stronger than Aiya’s. At least until…

            “Fuscia… Attack!” Aiya cried. Her beam of light grew brighter and more powerful. It blasted through Amile’s beam. Amile quickly dodged it. It flew around the room. Aiya quickly turned around and put her arms up. The smoke cleared and there was Aiya with her arms crossed.

            “Good work, Amile, you have to make your beam stronger by saying the attack again. But you didn’t know I would do that. Good dodge though,” Aiya said.

            “You could have gotten hurt,” Amile said.

            “Yes, I could have. But I used a special block to block the big spells,” Aiya explained, “when you use a cannon beam or Fuscia Attack, put your arms up to your face and form a cross. Regular attacks you just put your arms up. It’s good to be strong in order to do this. Otherwise, you could get badly injured.” Amile nodded.

            “But how do you know all this stuff, sis?” Amile asked.

            “I’ve been training. And John taught me most of the attacks,” Aiya replied.

            “What do you mean, ‘most of the attacks?’”

            “I just happened to learn some of the attacks myself. Like the Fuscia Attack. Even though I saw Alya use it, I still did the attack myself.”

            “Now I understand.” Amile nodded.

            Back at the control room…

            “Super Elfin Aiya. There is something I want to show you. See that door to the left?” John asked.

            “Yes,” Aiya said.

            “Open that door. I’ll shut down all the security. Then open the next door.”

            Aiya did as she was told. Behind the second door was a lab. It had everything. Computers, chemical tubes, formulas for everything, capsule vehicles. On the table was a small, pocket sized computer. It was very much like John.

            “Push the green button on that computer.” Aiya pushed it. The screen blinked all different colors.

            “Type in the name Alya,” John said. She did. It showed a picture of a young elfin girl. She had small elfin wings like Aiya and Amile had.

            “That’s Alya. She’s coming to the ship in sixty minutes. I know what you’re thinking. Jazel killed her. You’re wrong. I saw her coming. Even when I’m turned off I can detect things.”

            “ Amile! Amile! Where are you?” Aiya cried. She was running all over the ship trying to find Amile.

            “I’m in our bedroom!” Amile called. She had just put away her diary when Aiya barged in. She was breathing hard.

            “What’s wrong?!” Amile asked.

            “It’s Alya. She’s going to be here in a few minutes. John told me she was coming. He said she’s still alive. She’ll probably come in the control room so let’s go!” Aiya was talking very fast but Amile understood.

            They arrived just in time to see Alya come down from the ceiling in the control room like a ghost. A small black crystal was floating above her hands. She gently landed in front of John.

            “Alya. We’ve been expecting you,” John said.

            “How’s my old John?” Alya had a different voice too.

            “Alya?” Aiya asked. They looked at eachother for a minute.

            “You’re stronger, Super Elfin Aiya,” Alya finally said.

            “Alya!” Aiya ran up to her and hugged her. “But you’re different.”

            “When Jazel faught me, part of my body flew out of me. It disappeared with Jazel.”

            “Jazel’s still alive? How could she be?” Aiya asked.

            “When Jazelle faded away, she was destroyed, but a little part of her flew into Jazel. So did a part of me. So she was stronger and could take her revenge. But since I was stronger also, I could keep my body and my powers so I could fight Zoras and Jazel.”

            Back in Aiya and Amile’s room:

            “Well. Aiya, you did well learning all of those attacks. It took me a few hundred days to learn all that I know. Probably because I’m not as strong as you. I remember when you used the Fuscia Attack on Jazel.”

            “But that was only because I was mad. I wanted her to pay for what she did,” Aiya pointed out.

            “Yes, but you mastered the technique as you were training. Plus you learned how to use the cannon beam and the Fuscia Attack. You said you didn’t know you could use two powers at once, but once you found out, you did well.”

            “Yeah, I guess so. But I’m still not all that strong. My first powers were only light and gravity. I wasn’t all that special until you showed up. When you disappeared, John told me how to use most of the attacks.”

            Poor Amile had the dizzies. She could only make out a few words.

            “But wouldn’t Aiya’s body get hurt if she used too much power?” Amile butted in. She hated just to listen.

            “If she’s strong she won’t get hurt. And that is exactly what she is. She is a Super Elf. An elf who is a hero or heroine to all people in your community and the world. Or, should I say the universe? The future depends on Super Elves who fight for love and justice. People of every race and every planet rely on us.”

            “You have definitely changed Alya,” Amile complimented. They all started laughing.

                                                            *          *          *

            “Zoras! Help me!” Someone called.

            “What was that?!” Zoras jerked up from his bed in Jazel’s ship. “I thought I just saw Jazel.” He got up and went into Jazel’s gym.

            “Zoras! Help me!”

            “Where are you?! I know you’re here Jazel. Why are you calling me?”

            “I need your help, Zoras. Push the button on the left wall.” He pushed it but wasn’t sure why he did it. Now he doubted that it was the right thing to do.

            “Somehow, we have to find where Jazel is at the moment. If we can’t find out where, we’ll just have to look,” Alya said. She gulped down the last swallow of Elfin tea and wiped her mouth with a napkin that hung from her pocket on the side of the turquoise dress. Suddenly, there was a loud crash outside. The ship started to shake.

            “Ah! Something’s going on outside!” Amile cried.

            “Oh no! It’s Jazel!”Alya cried. They ran to the control room. A big flash of light flew past the big window. It was Jazel. The light hit Zoras and destroyed him.

            “Noooooo! Jazel!” He cried. He vanished into thin air.

            “Come on! We have to go before she discovers us. Hyper drive!” Alya pushed a few buttons and pulled down five levers. They flew forward at lightning speed.
            “Hold on!” Alya cried, “we’re not out of this yet!”

            “Whoa! She’s coming towards up at incredible speed!” Aiya cried. A blast of light blinked in the distance. A million fire streaks shot towards them. Alya and the others dodged frantically. Aiya got hit in the leg. She screamed and fell on the floor.

            “Aiya!” Alya cried and went back to her. Aiya clutched her leg and winced.

            “I’m okay. Go without me,” she said. Alya shook her head.

            “No! I’m not leaving you! Amile, help me get Aiya on my back!” Alya cried. Energy beams shot past them through the ship. Amile got Aiya onto Alya’s back. Alya stood up. She started to fly but a blast came at them. It hit Aiya.

            “Alya!” She cried and fell off her back. Alya quickly turned around and caught her sister.

            “Aiya, no,” Alya said. Aiya smiled and then winced. Her head fell. Alya started crying and slowly turned around. She started to laugh evily. Jazel looked surprised.

            “You’re going to pay for what you just did. I’m going to destroy your body and soul!” Alya cried.

            “You can’t defeat me. Just for thinking you can, I will kill you,” Jazel said. She fired a bolt out at Alya as she was coming towards Jazel. Amile jumped in front of Alya though. The shot hit her and she fell to the ground, her arms spread out and her eyes clear.

            “Am…ile,” Alya said. Her eyes were now like fire. Alya charged forward, the tears falling behind her.

            “Fire scorge!” Alya cried. Someone came down from the ceiling. She had long pink hair and a beautiful blue dress on. Alya threw her attack at Jazel. It destroyed her. Her scream faded away. Alya fell on her knees and wept. The woman came over to her and put her hand on Alya’s shoulder. (Have this song be playing in the backround of this part.)


My tears fade away,

You look the other way,

Tell me why

Why do I cry?

My thoughts wonder off,

I gave it some thought,

I know the feeling,

Is this the real thing?

My tears fade away,

I turn the other way,

You tell me why,

But I cannot deny…

I am dying, I am crying (repeat and fade)

            “Who are you?” Alya asked, through sobs. The woman knelt down.

            “My name is Alial, I am your sister,” Alial said. She was about the same age as Alya. She looked a little older though and was pretty tall. Her hair went all the way down to her knees.

            “I didn’t know I had another sister,” Alya said, wiping her eyes. Alial wiped hers too, because she had been crying.

            “I am. We’ll make a good team,” Alial said, smiling. Alya tried to smile. She started crying again and Alial hugged her. Amile and Aiya were now gone. Only a little blood was left on the floor. Alya cried away the night, and couldn’t fall asleep for a few days after. Alial helped her though, and they became good friends quickly. Alya finally had some good in her life.

            The End

Written by,

Liana Ilia

–          the ending theme will be instrumental and so will the opening.

“Why do I have to suffer so much?” –Super Asiania Alya Star

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