Hollowed Memories Story


This is a bunch of stories wrapped into one big one. This will include Wolf Clan and Masquerade, two stories that I have been working on. Masquerade longer than Wolf Clan, which I was actually going to have made into a book, but decided to put it in this group of stories, since it wouldn’t be long enough probably. The stories themselves are about people or creatures with amazing abilities. There is a girl with ghost powers, who is technically dead, but some of her friends can see her. Another is a woman who can control time, and another with flower abilities. Wolf Clan is about pretty much what the title says, but Tiey is a wolf with hightened senses, even more so than a normal wolf. Masquerade you can read the synopsis of on the Masquerade page.

I hope to keep up with the deadline, but I apologize if I do not, as I may have a job soon. This is all I’m willing to divuldge right now, so look forward to July! 🙂

Hollowed Memories

We all have hollowed memories,
they are shells of the memories,
we keep locked up inside,
that are waiting to be released,
these shells break under pressure,
and give way to powerful abilities,
powers unlike any other,
these powers we should not have,
The hollowed memories come and go,
they can be happy, sad,
fearful, spiteful,
even evil and destructive,
every day we encounter them,
these hollowed memories.

Coming soon! Ghost Arc: 7/23/10.

Written by,
Liana Ilia

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