Masquerade Characters

The Isolated One: No one knows who this person is, except that he or she was isolated because they saw Masquerade’s true face. Some speculate that this was the woman that he fell in love with, and then there was distance between them, so he banished her from London, telling her to wipe her identity clean. There are many stories surrounding this character, but only one knows their true nature.

The Poet: The Poet is a strange man, keeps to himself mostly. He often reads in the park, or he would read at the masked parties. The Poet rarely talked about his work, but he had many admirers. He mainly writes dark stories about wars, or death. Most people just listen to his work because they are bored, not particularly because he is good.

Livia: Livia is originally from France, but she came to London seeking refuge. She had a tendency to get into trouble. Either she would gamble, or just steal from men. She managed to set up a small shop selling whatever she could. It is called The Red Boutique and has become quite popular. Livia’s personality can be strange at times. One could be talking to her for one minute, and the next she could be talking to an animal, or a mannequin. People tend to make as little contact with her as possible. She is friends with the Poet, though.

The Crazy: This character has a unique personality. She always has a knife with her, and is often seen talking to herself on the streets. People tend to avoid her, since she can be rather freaky at times. Her eyes glow a bright red whenever the moon is in sight, and people speculate that she is from it, or at least her power comes from the moon. She just wants someone to love, and is always lonely. There was one person who she fell in love with, but you will have to read to find out. She also loves the smell of blood and fresh rain.

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