Dragon Team Complete

Dragon Team Characters


Main Characters:                                        

Ice dragon Zareen

                        Chris Wali

Fire dragon Lizarder

            Andrew Janu

Water dragon Laraz

                        Abby Linuz

Spirit Dragon Spark


Lesser Characters

Chris’ mother Lia

Chris’ brother Mota

Village people- children and adults


Lord Eval

Evil Dragon Scarlet

Lord Eval’s Daughter Tara

Dragon Team

Chapter 1 (The Encounter)

            A battle worn Chris walked alongside one of the houses in his town. He had a bleeding cut on his face. He heard footsteps on the other side of the house. Chris Wali started running. He got to the space in between two houses and drew his dagger. He swung his arm forward and he held the dagger up by a young girl’s neck.

            “What do you want?” Chris asked, breathing hard.

            “Maybe if you let me go, I’ll tell you,” the girl said. It was hard to tell, because of the night, but she looked about 17 and had long black hair.

            “How do I know you won’t run away if I do?” Chris asked.

            “Do I look like someone who lies?” She asked, smiling. Chris shook his head.

            “Well alright then,” she said. Chris lowered his dagger.

            “My name is Abby Linuz. Nice to meet you,” she added.

            “I’m Chris Wali. I’m a dragon trainer. Are you new here?” He asked, shaking hands. Abby shook her head.

            “No, I’ve been here for a week or so. Well, I guess you could consider that new, huh?” Chris nodded. “I’m a dragon trainer too. My dragons live on a planet called Arillas. Do your dragons live near there?”

            “Wow, I thought I was the only trainer around. My dragons are about forty light-years from there. Let’s go to my house where we can talk about it some more,” Chris said.

            “I really can’t. I have to get back otherwise my parents will start to worry,” Abby said. Chris suddenly fell over. She caught him and he opened his eyes slightly.

            “I used too much of my power today and can barely stand,” Chris said quietly.

            “I’ll take you to your house. Where do you live?” Abby asked. She realized she was blushing and put his arm around her shoulders.

            “Just around the corner,” Chris said, almost whispering. Abby walked him over to his home and helped him to stand up. Abby said ‘Bye’ and ran off. Chris looked at her direction with a certain longing that he could not explain.

            An evil pair of eyes was looking through the scales of his dragon.

            “My pet. We’ll attack at dawn,” Lord Eval said coming out of the darkness and petted head of Scarlet- his evil dragon. His eyes flashed.

            “Chris, I hope you get better,” Abby said to herself. The great Spirit Dragon Spark lifted his head.

“What was that?” He asked, his voice boomed throughout the cave on top of Spirit Mountain. Abby smiled. She remembered when she had first come to the cave. She was only 8 at that time.

“Oh nothing, just thinking out loud. I met a boy yesterday,” she said, folding her hands together and almost praying.

“You should get back. It’s getting late into the morning,” Spark said. Abby nodded and teleported off the mountain.

 Dragon Team Chapter 2 (Maria’s Spirit)

            The day went quickly and Chris was healed completely. He had fainted three times during the day. His mother had been constantly watching him. Mota, also took turns watching him. Chris was able to stand later in the night and ate some soup.

            “Abby,” he said, in his room, looking out the window. His heart started to throb and he put his hand on his chest.

            “Maria,” he said, telling his dragon not to do what she was doing now. He got Zareen to stop her. Zareen was his strongest dragon. Maria was his second strongest and could send her spirit over to his world. Zareen also put her spirit into that world. His brother entered.

            “Are you okay?” Mota asked. Chris looked a little pale. Mota knew about dragons and knew his brother was a trainer

            “Yes. My dragon Maria just sent her spirit for some reason. I don’t know what happened… She usually doesn’t do that,” Chris said and coughed a few times. Mota handed him a glass of water and he drank some of it.

            “I’m okay. You can leave me until midday,” he said. Mota had a worried look on his face but still left. Chris thought about Abby. Suddenly the sun disappeared.

            “What the…?” Chris asked and looked out the window. A large black dragon was flying over the town. It flew low and started to burn houses. A man was riding on top.

            “Damn him, whoever he is,” Chris thought and opened his window. He climbed out and ran towards the dragon. He stretched out his mind and senses and tried to calm the dragon. It was no use. The dragon was being controlled by the man riding it.

            “He must have healed it,” Chris thought. One of the kids of the town tripped and fell as she was running. She started to cry because her knee was skinned and her face was scratched up. A doll was lying in front of her. A piece of burning timber from one of the houses fell. Chris picked her up and brought her to her mother.

            “Thank you,” the woman said. Chris nodded and called for one of his water dragons to come into this world. It took enormous strength to call the physical form of a dragon to a different universe. Chris didn’t know if he could. Suddenly Maria appeared and put out the fires. Chris fell on one knee. Abby ran up to him.

            “Are you alright?” She asked. Maria disappeared and the evil dragon flew into the sky.

            “We will attack more until you give up, Chris Wali!” The man called out. He disappeared as well.

            “Yeah, I’m okay. I just used a lot of my strength that’s all,” Chris answered and looked into the sky where the dragon had disappeared.

            “Who was he?” Chris thought, breathing hard.

Dragon Team Chapter 3 (Chris’ Power)

            “Chris, do you know who he was?” Abby asked. Chris shook his head. He wasn’t able to speak at that moment. He had used too much of his power to call his dragon to that world. Abby took a hold of one of his shoulders so that he wouldn’t fall over.

            “You should get back in bed. How about we meet here tonight, alright?” Abby asked. Chris could only nod and Abby helped him up. He waved his hand, gesturing that he could move on his own. He walked to his house and found his mother outside, waiting for him on the step.

            “Did you do something crazy again?” She asked her voice sweet although she was forty five.

            “Yes. I had to. The town was in danger,” Chris breathed. His mother caught him.

            “Thank God that your father isn’t still alive to see you like this. An irresponsible child,” Lia said. She had high cheek bones and pretty eyes, which were like blue marbles shining on the pavement. Her hair was cut short and black as midnight. Mota was much different and more like his father. He had light brown hair that was spiky and short. He was muscular and usually wore jeans and a black shirt. He was great with the sword. Mota was the one who thought Chris how to use it.

            Mota put Chris back into bed and told him not to do what he did until he got through his major training. He still had to stretch his powers out to all corners of his dragon worlds. He had 15 all together. Chris had over 200 dragons that he trained everyday. There was hardly any time for studying. He was home taught and was very intellectual. He knew everything about their world and his dragon worlds, although, his mother didn’t know he had them. She sometimes got suspicious when he was too weak to work. Mota covered for him though.

            That night Abby was waiting for Chris around 9:00. Chris came around the side of the house that Abby was leaning against. Her pretty black hair was pressed against her back and her eyes were closed. She was talking to one of her dragons, Laraz. He was Abby’s strongest and could come into this world.

            “Abby,” Chris said and rubbed his eye and then smiled.

            “Hi!” Abby said. She smiled and Chris blushed. A wind gust came by them and blew Abby’s hair forward and her dress wavered. Chris stared at her in awe as she tucked a lock of midnight hair behind her ear.

            “Let’s go on the mountain where no one will see or hear us,” Abby suggested and Chris nodded.

            Once on the mountain, which they were both very good at climbing, Abby breathed deeply.

            “I love the mountain,” Abby said, smiling. Chris nodded and looked at her.

            “So, how many dragons do you have?” Chris asked. Abby thought about it for a moment and then replied,

            “I think two hundred. How about you?” She asked. Chris’ eyes widened.

            “About the same. Two hundred and ten. I’m watching some of mine at the moment. They can be funny at times,” Chris replied. Abby laughed.

            “Yes indeed. In fact, one of mine is putting on a magician act, although all of my dragons know the same magic,” Abby said, glancing at Chris. They both started laughing.

            “What’s your strongest dragon?” Abby asked, pulling her hair back into a pony tail and then smiling.

            “Her name is Zareen. She’s an ice dragon. She’s trying to perfect a spell called Frozen Blossoms. Have you ever heard of it?” He asked, blushing the whole time.

            “Um, it mentions it in the Book of Realms. My strongest is a water dragon, Laraz. He’s so beautiful,” Abby replied.

            “Not as beautiful as you though,” Chris mumbled.

            “What was that?” Abby looked surprised. She blushed.

            “Um, I was just saying how pretty the stars were,” Chris said.

            “That was stupid,” he thought. Abby glanced up at them.

            “They are. I believe that when our dragons die, they become stars. Do you believe that?” She asked. Chris nodded.

            A weary Chris returned to his house at midnight. He didn’t realize how late he had stayed with Abby. The time went by so quickly. He thought it did because he was in love with her. Chris went inside quietly. The house was dark and his mother was asleep on the couch. 

            “She must have been waiting for me,” he thought. He smiled and went up the spiral staircase. He got undressed and into bed.

            “I’m not that tired, I don’t understand why.” Chris suddenly winced. He opened his eyes slowly.

            “Not again,” he said. He started screaming. Maria’s spirit appeared from his body. Mota opened the door and looked surprised.

            “No! Maria, what are you doing to him?!” He cried.

            “I am taking over this man’s soul. He has not been my master. I just went along with it because he was so good to me,” Maria said. She smiled as her eyes glowed red.

            “No, Maria! Why?” Chris asked, barely able to breathe.

Dragon Team Chapter 4 Discovery and Sadness)

            Chris’ eyes started to glow and then went blank. Mota made a sword appear.

            “Damn you Maria! Who are you?” Mota asked, sweating. Maria disappeared into Chris’ body.

            “I am a minion of Lord Eval!” Chris said, with an evil voice and grin.

            “No! Maria, please save my brother!” Mota cried. He stepped forward. 

            “I’m afraid that’s not possible,” Chris said. Abby was outside of Chris’ house. She heard his voice through the window.

            “Chris!!” She cried.

            “I’ll start the Destruction by killing off Chris’ girlfriend here!” Chris cried and broke through the window. Black dragon wings appeared on his back.

            “No. Damn you!” Mota cried. He ran out of the house.

            “Hello.  I believe your name is Abby,” Maria said.

            “What have you done with him?” Abby cried. Tears started in her eyes.

            “I have taken over my so called “master.” You will be the first victim of the Destruction!” Maria cried. Abby called Laraz into that world.

            “You! We should have never trusted you,” she said. Chris smiled.

            “Are you going to stop me?” Maria laughed. Her voice cracked in the night.

            “I’ll do my best to try to,” Mota said. He ran forward and slashed his sword at Chris. He got out of the way to let Laraz go into Chris’ body. Chris screamed. Abby folded her hands and also sent out some of her healing powers.

            “You’re hurting your own kind Laraz!” Maria could be heard over the screams.

            “I don’t care! You are evil and could disrupt the peace of our two worlds,” Laraz said. Laraz threw a sphere of light at Maria inside Chris’ mind. Abby was wincing because it was taking extreme power to keep Laraz in that world, let alone Chris’ mind. Maria was torn apart and destroyed. Chris appeared to Zareen.

            “Thank you,” he said. Chris’ mother ran out of the house. Abby called her dragon out of Chris’ mind and back to her world.

            “Chris!” Abby cried. He fell into her arms when she ran up to him. He was wincing from the pain that he had gotten from Maria.

            “Maria,” he said. Tears fell out of Abby’s eyes.

            “What’s going on here?” Lia asked. Abby carried Chris inside on her back.

            “Who are you?” Mota asked, grateful to her. Abby carried Chris to the couch and laid him down.

            “My name is Abby Linuz. I met Chris yesterday. We are both dragon trainers.”

            “Dragons!? How is that possible when there are no dragons in this world?” Lia asked. Mota came over by her.

            “I have known about this too. Chris wanted me to keep this a secret, so I did. He trains dragons with his mind. He can see and talk to them,” he explained. Abby nodded.

            “So that’s why he’s been so weak lately. And how come those dragons came to our world?” She asked, peering over Chris.

            “Some people with extremely strong powers can call forth their dragons. I am only learning how to do that. I had to because of the emergency that was at hand. Chris should be alright, he just needs to rest,” Abby explained. Lia looked at her, concerned.

            “This is all happening so fast. Finding out about this I mean. He’s my youngest and I don’t want anything to happen to him,” Lia said. Abby smiled.

            “I’ve grown fond of your son. He’s a very nice person. I want to get to know him better, if that’s alright,” Abby said. Lia nodded.

            The daylight came and Chris woke up. He had heard Abby’s voice talking but didn’t see her. Mota came up to him.

            “Are you alright? That girl Abby saved you, well, actually, her dragon did,” he said. He pulled up a chair and sat next to him. Chris held his head, unable to speak for a moment, unsure of what to say.

            “Is she still here?” He asked. Mota shook his head slowly.

            “She said she would come back later today. I’m afraid Maria’s gone,” he said. Chris got wide eyed but then smiled.

            “I know it would have been wrong to keep her, the way she was. She had a choice to stay evil. I couldn’t do anything,” Chris replied. In the dragon world, he could see some of his dragons crying. Lia came in the room and saw Chris’ sad face.

            “Are you feeling ill from last night?” She asked, troubled. Chris shook his head.

            “I’m just a little melancholy. But I’ll be alright.” Lia smiled at this.

            “I’m sorry about your dragons. I wonder how it would be like to be one,” Lia said. Chris just kept looking down.

            “Abby said something about dragons coming into this world. You did this right?” Mota asked. Chris nodded.

            “My dragons are in pain right now. I can feel every tear that is being shed. I can’t be there with them though,” Chris said, clenching his fist. His face was covered in shadow and was trying not to cry. There was a knocking on the door.

            “That must be her,” Mota said and went to answer. Abby was standing outside.

            “Good morning. I made some tea and wondered if anyone wanted some,” she suggested.

            “Come in, Chris wants to see you,” Mota answered. Abby smiled and brought the tea in. She set it on the coffee table that was next to the couch. She poured it into four teacups. Abby took two upstairs to Chris’ room.

            “Abby,” he said and sat up quickly, but winced and fell back slowly.

            “I don’t know why it’s taking so long to heal. It’s been almost a day,” Chris said.

            “It takes time for dragon wounds to heal. Especially since you’ve been possessed by one. Give it time,” Abby said and gave the tea to him. He took a sip and smiled.

            “This is delicious. Did you make it?” Chris asked. Abby nodded.

            “I want to get to know you better, learn more about your past and find out about how you became a dragon trainer,” Abby said seriously. Chris looked at her beautiful face and nodded.

            “I want to get to know you too,” he said. Abby blushed and drank some of her tea.

            Meanwhile in the dragon world, Zareen and Laraz had a meeting of their own. Laraz was male and Zareen was female. They were friends a long time before Abby and Chris were. Now they were getting deeper and deeper into their relationship. Was it fate? Laraz had asked Zareen that sometimes. He knew that their trainers would meet eventually.

            The day went by fast, since Abby was there, and he was sad to see her leave towards the end of the day. He had learned many things about her. And she learned a lot about him. She had been a sorceress for a certain order called the Realm District. She gave up magic except for dragons. She fell in love with them at age 6 and learned how to communicate with them. The dragons had become fond of her as well. Chris had helped and injured dragon in one of his dreams. It was magic. It was hard to explain it to Mota, so he decided to keep it a secret from his mother so that she wouldn’t worry about him all the time.

            Mota came up to his room a little later.

            “Do you know why Maria was evil?” He asked Chris, who was now on his feet. He shook his head.

            “Like Maria said, she was just going along with being one of my dragons and didn’t act evil until she got the chance. She was one of the more closer dragons to me,” Chris said. A solemn expression was on his face but Mota could tell he was sad. Chris slept pretty well that night.

Chapter 5 (The Horrible Dream)

            In a dream Chris was standing on a bridge on one of his dragons’ planets. Maria was at his side, as a human, and was not evil.

            “Maria, have you ever thought about your true love?” Chris asked. Maria nodded and smiled.

            “I had one once. He was tall and handsome, like you. He had a kind heart and cared a lot about other dragons, not just himself. His name was Cise,” Maria replied. Chris was surprised at how their names were alike.

            His dream ended abruptly. Chris felt really guilty too. What if that was true? He just killed Cise’s love. Chris clenched his fist and started to cry. Mota came in.         

            “What’s wrong?” He asked. Chris looked up at him.

            “Maria was in love. I killed her,” he said plainly. Mota shook his head.

            “How could you have prevented it? She was evil and possessed you. Abby had to do something about it,” Mota explained.

            “I know. But I wish I could have asked her. I just feel so guilty,” he said. Mota looked sad even though he couldn’t possibly know what his younger brother was going through. He didn’t have dragons. He wouldn’t know and Chris wasn’t angry with him.

            That night Chris read a book he had gotten when he first started training. It was about dragons. The person who wrote it had trained dragons, since he was very accurate. He found himself crying.

            “Why am I like this?” He asked himself.

            “Don’t feel bad about Maria,” Zareen told him. Chris looked surprised. Zareen smiled and that made him smile.

            The next few days Chris studied about dragons, asking each of his dragons for the least bit of information they could give, or the most. He wrote it down. Chris decided to go to school that week and for as long as he could stand it. The rest of the time he trained his dragons.

            “My Lord, I am here to receive my orders,” a girl about the same age as Abby, stood in front of Lord Eval. Her fist was on her heart.

            “My daughter, go and find Chris Wali, take my dragon if you want,” Eval said. The girl smiled and walked out of the room.

            Chris stood outside one night. The leaves were falling all around him. He heard a familiar voice.

            “Chris! Is that you?” Someone ran up to him. He was older than Chris, but only by a few years.

            “Andrew! Wow! It’s been so long!” The old friends hugged and Chris led him inside. Andrew had explained that he was studying at a school of sorcery. He had been there over ten years now and that’s where Chris had met him six years ago. Andrew Janu is also a dragon trainer and he had to explain that to Chris’ mother too. Chris told him about Maria. Andrew had met all of Chris’ dragons since he could stretch his mind into other dragon worlds. This was pretty hard for Chris, and he was only just beginning to learn how to do it.

            “How are your sisters and father doing?” Chris asked.

            “They’re great. Fale is also studying sorcery and knows a great deal more than I do. I’m getting along though,” Andrew replied with a smile. Chris nodded. Lia came up to them.

            “Can you go to your dragons’ planets?” She asked. Andrew shook his head.

            “It’s impossible unless you’re a wizard. I am not quite that capable yet. But we can project images to them.” Chris agreed with this and Mota came down to listen.

            “So, you can project an image of me?” Lia asked. Chris nodded. Lia smiled. Andrew left shortly after this and Chris went to sleep. He heard a voice inside his head.

            “I have found you! Chris, the dragon trainer of another world!” It was a woman’s voice, it sounded like she was twenty or older. Then she appeared in Chris dream. She had a black outfit on that showed her stomach. It crossed in the back and her long red hair was braided and went down to her waist. She had a mask on.

            “I am Lord Eval’s daughter and was sent to kill you,” she said. Chris stepped back.

            “No! How can you be in my dream?” He asked. The girl smiled evilly.

            “You will find out soon enough, dragon trainer, Chris Wali!” She began to power up. Then Zareen appeared in front of Chris.

            “You will interfere again?” The woman asked.

            “I’ll do whatever it takes to save my master!” Zareen said. Chris’ eyes widened. He suddenly woke up. He felt his chest pounding. Lord Eval’s daughter flew out of him in a ghostly form.

            “Damn you Zareen! I will kill you Chris! For I am Tara!” She disappeared and Chris lay on the bed. He breathed deeply but remained quiet.

            “Chris, I will protect you, for, I…love… you,” Zareen said in his mind and he could see she was blushing. Tears fell down his face.

            “I wish I could hold you now. I feel like I’m going to burst open any moment,” Chris said.

            “That will wear off soon, don’t worry,” Zareen replied. Chris soon fell asleep again until morning. When he awoke he saw his mother crying by his bed.

            “Mother! What’s wrong?!” He jumped up and put his hands on her.

            “Your brother is… is… gone,” she replied.

            “What do you mean?! Calm down and tell me what happened!” Chris cried.        

            “This…girl came and took him and… killed him! She said she wouldn’t stop this until you turn over your power,” Lia cried. Chris then felt rage filling up in his blood.    

            “No! This can’t be!” He cried and ran out of the house.

            “Mota! Nooooo!” Abby slowly walked up to him.

            “I’m so sorry Chris,” was all she could say. She threw her arms around the back of his neck. Tears streamed down his face. His face showed hatred and fear at the same time. It was as if they were one in his mind. All he could think was ‘It’s my fault.’

            “If you don’t show on the mountain 

to the east tomorrow at dawn, then your friend will also get the same fate as your brother!” Tara cried. She used telepathy to communicate with him.

            “I’ll be there,” Chris said.


Chapter 6 (Revenge)

          The sun rose the next morning. Abby tried to stop Chris from going. She took hold of his arm.

            “Let me! I have to go! You will get killed otherwise! I don’t want that to happen!” He said. Zareen also didn’t want him to go.

            “Let me go instead!” She pleaded.

            “No! No more of this killing will take place!” Chris cried. He jerked away from Abby and pushed her out of the way. Chris ran out of the house and towards the mountain.

            “Mota, I will avenge your death! I will!” He thought. He kept thinking of Mota all the way to the mountain, where Tara would be. He just kept running. Even when he got to the mountain he quickly climbed it. He got to an entrance. He found a dragon there. It was tall and beautiful. It’s wings were black and so was it’s body, save for the red claws.

            “Welcome, Chris Wali. I am Tara, the daughter of Lord Eval,” she said. Chris started to regret that he hadn’t let Zareen go instead of him.

“Don’t worry, I will not hurt you. At least, not enough to kill you. Lord Eval wants you alive,” she explained.

            “Why do you want me? Is it for my sorcery powers?” He asked. Tara was silent for a long time. Then she sighed and began to explain.

            “You don’t know the real reason why dragons can’t exist here. Humans do hunt them, yes. But we cannot bear the sun of this world. Nor the moon,” Tara said. She closed her eyes.

            “We dragons need a more powerful ruler. Someone who will keep us safe. But in order for that ruler to listen to our plans, we must turn him against humans.” Chris didn’t like the sound of that.

            “It’s wrong to do that! How can you think that we will become your masters, when you have perfectly good dragons that could handle it? Plus, I wouldn’t want to turn against Abby or my mother or Andrew. I love it here and I don’t want to leave!” Chris explained.

            “You could never understand my pain. Your kind slaughters my race, just for the sport of it. They never stop to consider that dragons might just have feelings too. No wonder you love it here! Plus, you’re a dragon trainer and force dragons to train and do ungodly things. How can you say it was never a sin?”
Tara asked. Tears fell out of her eyes and she transformed into a human.            

            “I don’t want to fight you. You killed my brother, so how is that any different from what you said? We’re the same, don’t you see?” Chris asked. Tara shook her head.

            “No, we are not. This will be a battle to the death!” Tara cried. Chris drew his sword and chanted a spell into it. He slashed it out at her and wind flew towards her. Tara also drew her sword.

            “Pathetic!” She cried and slashed it away. Chris looked surprised. He called the dragon lord’s power into his hand.

            “Dark sphere! Obey me! Smash my enemy!” Chris cried. A black sphere of magic appeared in the palm of his hand. Wind circled it. He let it loose with a fling of his arm. It hit Tara and sent her flying. She hit the wall of the cave. Blood came out of her mouth and she slowly fell but landed on her feet.

            “You’re pretty good,” she said, wiping the blood off her mouth, “but you will not defeat me!” Tara started glowing blue and then it turned the color of blood.

            “Oh no! This spell! Defense circle!” Chris cried. He put up a barrier around him and held out his hand to block the attack with another spell.

            “God of power, give me the strength to defeat my enemy! Please! Time of darkness vanish! Mystia Light!” Chris chanted. Light formed around the barrier.

            “Army of dragon spirits, come to my aide!” Tara cried. Huge ghostly figures of dragons appeared above her. Her eyes were glowing red. Chris let out a burst of light towards her. The dragons cut through.

            “No! I won’t lose!” Chris thought as they cut his face and body. Blood came out of his mouth as well. Zareen then appeared in front of him.

            “Zareen? What’re you…?!” Chris started. Zareen smiled and then smashed the dragons and threw them back into the spirit realm. Zareen let out an attack that can only be used by the dragons and blasted Tara away.

            “Father!” She cried and disappeared. Chris fell to the ground and the barrier disappeared. Zareen healed him.

            “Zareen. Thank you. But you also killed one of your one kind,” Chris said. Then she started to cry. She flung herself into Chris’ arms. After awhile Abby came up the mountain and saw ‘another woman’ in his arms.

“Chris! You’re alright!” She cried. He let go of Zareen.

            “Yes. Thanks to Zareen, here,” he said smiling.

            “That’s your dragon? Wow!” She cried. Zareen looked at her strangely for acting weird. 

            “Your good friend, Chris wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for my spell, not that I’m boasting or anything, but I’m his strongest dragon,” she said. Then Chris and Abby burst out laughing. Zareen was confused as to why at first, but she then joined them.

            Meanwhile, someone was not laughing, but tears fell down his face. Lord Eval stood from his chair.

            “Damn you Chris and Zareen! I will kill you both!” He said as he thought of his daughter; Tara, and transformed into a red dragon.

Chapter 7: (Almost Time)

          Chris fell asleep that night with no problem. He had been tired all day, because of that battle. In his dreams he saw yet another dragon. This one was beautiful, and not evil.

            “Chris. Please be with me in your dreams,” it said. It was blue and it had even brighter blue wings. Its wings on its head were yellow and the eyes were gold. Chris nodded and floated towards it. The dragon held out a claw and a pendant was in the middle of it.

            “Who are you?” Chris asked.

            “I am Laraz, Abby’s dragon. Take this pendant and never let anyone get it. I want to protect you and Zareen. And I will even if it costs me my life,” it said. Chris took it and slipped it over his head.

                        *                                              *                                              *

            Chris opened his eyes that morning and he felt his chest. There was the blue and gold pendant around his neck. He took it out from underneath his shirt but did not reveal it. He stared at it for awhile. Images came to him. Dragons were being slaughtered by humans. Tears fell down his cheeks. He wiped them away and his mother came into his room.

            “Chris, you must follow what you believe in. Which means probably leaving me,” she said. Chris was silent for a moment.

            “Mother, I know how much it hurts to think about Mota, and during that battle with Tara, I didn’t want to actually kill her. I just wanted her to see that killing isn’t the answer,” Chris explained. Lia nodded.

            “You never wanted to hurt anyone, Chris. You’re so gentle. I don’t want to lose you though,” Lia said. Chris shook his head.

            “You won’t. I have to fight though. And I won’t stop until all this stops. I have to find Eval, the person or dragon who’s behind this.” Abby rang the doorbell to his house. Lia jumped and went to answer it.

            “Oh hello. Chris is in his bedroom,” Lia said. Abby nodded. Andrew was behind her.

            “You may come in too, Andrew,” she said. Andrew smiled and stepped in. They went up to Chris’ room and knocked on the door.

            “Come in,” Chris said. Abby smiled when she saw him reading a dragon book.

            “Chris, we want to come with you this time,” Abby said. Chris nodded.

            “Alright, but you have to make it out alive,” he said.

            “So, that means you won’t?” Andrew asked.

            “I’m going to try to win. I don’t know if I can though. If it gets too dangerous, you must fall back,” Chris replied. Abby walked up to him.

            “You’re as stubborn as they get. Don’t worry about us. We’re both sorcerers remember?” Abby asked.

            That afternoon they set out. The three relied on their dragons to point out the way. Chris also knew he would not fight Eval physically, but in a dream. Abby and Andrew could help, but not to a large extent. Plus they had heard of the dragon that guarded Eval. He was powerful too.

            The night came quickly and they had to set up camp.

            “So, have you found any new spells to try out on our enemy?” Andrew asked. Chris nodded.

            “I can now use Death’s Toll, but it’s a very hard spell and it may go out of control. I haven’t really perfected it yet,” Chris replied, closing his eyes. “How about you?”

            “Well, I just worked on my old magic. Fire spells are my specialty,” Andrew explained.

            “I use water and lightning attacks mainly. I wish I had learned some dragon spells at the academy,” Abby added.

            “They do take a lot of work, dragon spells,” Andrew said.

            Soon the three fell asleep under the stars. Abby slept close to Chris. Chris had his hand on her hair. A dream came to him. This was not an evil dream though.

            “Chris, the pendant is all the power you need, just believe in yourself,” a dragon said. He was crystal and was the largest dragon Chris had seen in his life.

            “Who are you?” He asked.

            “I am Spark, the Spirit Dragon of all realms. You may need to call upon power from me through the pendant that Laraz gave you,” Spark explained. Chris was confused. He suddenly woke up.

            “That was weird,” he thought. It was still dark out. He looked at Abby and smiled. She was so beautiful to him. He lay back down but could not fall asleep. The sun rose that morning and Abby awoke to see Chris already making breakfast. She saw he looked tired and walked over to him.

            “What are you thinking about?” She asked. Chris’s face darkened.

            “Maria. I still can’t believe what happened to her. Once I kill Eval, though, everything will be back to normal,” Chris replied.

            “I don’t know if killing’s the answer. You could try to make him good, without his consent, couldn’t you?” Abby asked.

            “Maybe. I don’t know. I want to get revenge for what happened,” he said. Abby sighed and took some eggs on a plate. Andrew woke and walked over by them to eat and talk about their plans.

            According to a few travelers that they met along the road, Eval’s fortress was just two days ahead. Luckily, Chris brought a book along for the nights he could not sleep.

            The trip did not seem like two days. It seemed shorter to Chris. They walked up to the front of the fortress. It was not as huge as they were expecting it to be, but it was an exceptionable size.

            “Wow. This is pretty old fashioned,” Andrew said. Abby and Chris just nodded and walked in. The inside was bigger than the outside, it seemed. Maybe it was just because there was hardly anything in it. There was a dragon at the foot of the stairs.

            “Who are you?” It asked. Chris stepped forward.

            “We are looking for Eval. We want to meet with him and I’m pretty sure he’s waiting for us,” Chris said.

            “I am Kip, the Security Guard of this fortress. Go on ahead, you will find him on the top floor of this place,” Kip said. He was using his mind to speak, as all dragons did. Chris quickly said thank you and ran up the stairs.

            Eval was waiting for them and saw them running in his mind.

            “Shall I go stop them, my Lord?” Scarlet, his “pet” dragon asked.

“No, I shall battle them first and I’m pretty sure that I’ll win. Unless you doubt my powers,” Eval inquired. The large dragon shook his head.

            Chris, Abby, and Andrew entered the large circular room.

            “So, you’ve decided to face me after you killed my daughter! You will never win!” Eval cried.

            “I supposed it was you who gave her the order to kill my brother!” Chris cried, tears swelling up in his eyes.

            “So what if I did?” Eval asked.

            “You bastard!” Chris cried and ran forward. He started a fire spell.

            “Wait Chris!” Andrew cried. Abby and him both gave Chris a protection barrier.

            “Damn you!” Chris yelled and threw the fire spell at Eval.

            “Useless!” Eval cried and bashed away the spell. Chris got smacked despite the barrier.

            “He must be a strong dragon if he can go through two defense barriers,” Andrew commented.

            “I can go through any attack spell you throw at me!” Eval cried. He turned in to a dragon. He was pitch black.

            “So, you want to fight that way?” Chris asked. He called upon Zareen. “Please help me defeat him, Zareen!” He said. Zareen appeared and put up a defense barrier. Abby and Andrew called upon Laraz and Lizarder. They also reinforced the barrier. Chris started to call the Death’s Toll out.

            “Oh no, not that spell!” Eval cried and started to scream due to his soul being torn out. He made a blade of magic appear. He threw out his hand and it went flying towards Andrew. Eval was destroyed but the sword went through Andrew.

            “No!” Chris cried. Andrew fell on the ground. Chris knelt beside him.

            “Take my… dragons as your own,” he said. Blood came out of his mouth and he took his last breath. Eval disappeared. Scarlet rose his head as far as it could go. Lizarder cried hard as he saw his master die.

            “I see you were the real enemy here!” He cried. Abby turned to Chris in tears. Chris just stared at Scarlet. His eyes seemed to burn with anger.

Chapter 8 (Final Battle)

            “Damn you! Damn your evil soul!” Chris cried. Lizarder stood in front of him.

            “Don’t worry; my master wanted me to protect you. So that’s what I’m doing,” he said.

            “No! I cannot have you be killed as well!” Chris cried.

            “The three of us will call our kind to defeat Scarlet once and for all!” Lizarder cried. Scarlet began to glow and Laraz made sure all five of them were surrounded in protection light, the strongest protection spell there was. The whole fortress was broken down. Of course Chris and the others were still there, in amongst the smoke.

            The calling of the dragons started 

to take place. Zareen was the first to call dragons into the world.

            “Everyone! We must fight against Scarlet, help us before we are all destroyed!” Zareen’s words reached all dragons and all of Chris’s and Andrews were called out. Abby then began to summon her dragons with the help of Laraz.

            “Even with a dragon army you cannot defeat me!” Scarlet cried.

            “Fool! You corrupted your power and are no longer worthy of the title dragon! I am the Lord and only Lord of all dragons!” Hellmaster cried. He shot out multiple fire attacks at Scarlet.

            “I was a fool to follow you and be your body guard. But since you turned against me and the rest of my kind, I cannot forgive you! Diamond Shatter!” Kip cried. A magic circle appeared around Scarlet and started electrifying him. He bashed it away and made wind come from the sky and attack the large number of dragons. Only one was killed by this attack, but it was still a great loss to the dragons.

            “That’s it! Everyone, give him your strongest spell!” Chris cried. Even though there was a lot of screaming going on, the dragons could still hear him. They all started powering up. Scarlet also was ready to let loose a big attack.

            The dragons all raised their claws and formed different powerful spells. Scarlet just made his eyes glow. A dark cloud loomed over him.

            “Now!” Chris and Abby cried. Every dragon fired their spell, even Chris and Abby cast an attack. Helion was in front of the group. The spells formed one large one. It almost covered the entire sky.

            “What the…? I never expected this! No!” Scarlet cried. He tried to defend himself, but the spell collided with his shield and it broke and hit him. He was forced back. Scarlet landed on the ground. He was bleeding badly and his eyes stopped glowing.

            Chris slowly walked up to him.

            “Please, destroy me, before I kill any more beings,” Scarlet said softly. Chris began to cry as he saw Scarlet lying there. Abby also walked up to him and started crying. All the dragons had tears in their eyes. Chris screamed loudly and began to cast a spell that could vanquish flesh and soul. Abby also cast the spell and together they destroyed Scarlet. He was finally gone. His spirit rose from the ground.

            “Thank you, my friends,” he said. Then Chris wiped his eyes and he saw Maria and Scarlet together.

            “So, it was Scarlet all along,” Chris said. He smiled and tears swelled in his eyes.

            “I guess you won’t be needing us here,” Helion said. A dragon named Shelman came up to Chris.

            “Thank you, we can now live in peace,” he said. All the dragons roared and disappeared. Only Abby and Chris were left standing there.

            “Chris, you’re one of a kind,” he heard Andrew’s voice say. Chris smiled and kept their words in his heart.

            “I won’t forget you,” Mota said. Chris put an arm around Abby’s shoulder.

            “Let’s go home,” he said.

Even though the path is hard,

You’ll still find a way,

I know you’ll win,

It’s your say,

It’s the life which we lead,

That will change the future,

So please tell me one thing,

Do you love me?


Everyday is a new beginning,

You just have to see it in your heart.


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