The Glass of Destruction

It comes, the power,

The greatness of it all,

Some will use it for evil,

Some will just cry,

The glass of destruction is in us all,

It sleeps until night,

Then becomes a part of our souls,

It consumes us,

Something breaks free,

The light can destroy the glass,

It can bring back happiness,

But that is only if someone’s soul is pure,

Today it will awaken,

Within the heart,

And it will pour all of the destruction,

That is has onto you,

The eye watches,

Patiently it stares,

It will move towards you,

But you will not give up,


Don’t let it take over,

This evil that’s inside,

It will be the death of everything,

When will it all end?

Whenever the glass of destruction,

Is destroyed.

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