Sandy Weather

The dust falls down,

It fades into the midnight,

And drifts on the wind,

As you turn your back, it breezes by,

It sheds your tears,

Takes the place of all waking dreams,

The storm is coming nearer,

It seeps, pours, drains,

The storm rages around me,

It swirls and scratches my skin,

It tears the blood from the inside,

And then tears up my soul,

Sometimes the weather is dusty,

It comes and goes whenever,

And it hurts to see it go,

Because it always comes back,

I know it hurts in my heart,

The pain is too much,

I try to find some way to soothe,

My aching soul and body,

The sandy weather is all I have,

You disappear into the fading sun,

It seeps down into the horizon,

And I am left all alone in the desert,

Loneliness overpowers,

It takes control and breaks me,

Please take this dust away,

Take it back to the land it once knew,

It leaves me still, leaves me broken,

But somehow I am relieved,

Because you are near, you are the storm,

It calms the world, that calm that I love,

Somewhere I know you are watching,

Deep within my soul and heart,

It stretches out into the deep sky,

And never leaves again… this sandy weather.

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