Feeling despair,

it drives a person insane,

it can tear you apart,

and leave nothing left,

This feeling of losing,

it’s something I want to leave behind,

something that I hate,

it’s what I want to throw away, forever,

Today is not a good day,

it seems everything is falling apart,

when the world around me fades,

that will be the end,

I am lost,

I am scratching, scrounging to find,

that one reason, one purpose,

for living in this world,

Why is this life so hard?

why must we endure pain,

all that we are is hurting ourselves,

we tell ourselves to go on,

Even though we can’t find out way,

through this mist and fog,

we manage to fight,

to become found, become loved, become wanted,

we enter someone’s life, and we are no longer,


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