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The Face

Posted in Uncategorized on October 17th, 2015 by LianaIlia

The face,
that smiles back at me,
in the mirror,
has frowned too many times,

An older face,
has many wrinkles,
some say it’s because of worry,
but maybe it’s love?

But a younger one,
laughs and smiles,
because it knows no pain yet,
and is happy,

This face though,
has been through a lot,
many tolls of sadness,
the deep blue eyes have seen,

When a smile,
creeps ever so slightly,
about the face,
it brings pure joy.

Spiral Staircase

Posted in Shadow Lies Within Series on October 17th, 2015 by LianaIlia

A spiral staircase winding down,
slowly unfolds,
what is at the bottom,
it paints a wonderful picture,

It doesn’t matter,
how big or small,
the stairs seem to be,
it is imaginary,

A kaleidoscope of colors,
swivel down the rail,
as you run your hand,
against the cool surface,

A bell chimes in the distance,
you count as you go down,
slowly and relaxed,
the bell toll twelve times,

There is a window,
about halfway down,
that shows the moon,
it is a bright shade of red,

the spiral gets wider,
and at the bottom,
you let out a sigh… and smile.


Posted in Spirit Series on October 17th, 2015 by LianaIlia

The passion within me,
keeps on burning,
even through the cold,
harshness of winter,

The frigid air,
sinks deeper,
with each breath,
how will I sing?

My mouth begins to frost,
shivers go down,
my spine,
as I scramble for warmth,

Then a flicker,
it’s tiny, but there,
a small flame,
warms my soul,

My lungs start to fill,
and I slowly breathe again,
and then,
I sing.

Falling Leaves

Posted in Spirit Series on October 17th, 2015 by LianaIlia

When the light dims beyond the horizon,
the stars start to dance and play,
the night is full of life,
and a party is underway,

The liveliness of summer has gone,
but fall begins crack,
through the last of the heat,
and the leaves are keeping track,

The fireflies will go into hiding,
as the colder months roll in,
the sunset turns everything bright orange,
and the falling leaves begin,

Fall is a time,
of color and change,
it starts to get colder,
and that is not really strange,

Orange, yellow, red,
even a pure golden,
these are the colors of Autumn,
colors of the setting sun.


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This life,
is full of ups and downs,
if it is more downs,
think of the ups,

When things are looking bad,
remember that it’s just one day,
there is another day,
after this one,

Believe me when I say,
it will get better,
even if you may not see it now,
have faith,

This life,
can be a rocky road,
but it can also be,
a smooth path,

A winding road,
is what your destiny lies on,
you must push forward,
so that you can enjoy life,

Just believe,
that it will get better.

Be Brave

Posted in Uncategorized on October 17th, 2015 by LianaIlia

The world at times,
can be harsh and cruel,
but life will continue,
to flow,

Pain seems endless,
and there is hate and suffering,
but it will all end,
and light will come,

Be brave,
to live is to be brave,
every day is another challenge,
but we must fight on,

Do not give up,
that would be cowardice,
it would be rash and hasty,
because there are good things,

So have faith,
things will work out,
if one is strong,
and continues to be brave.

The Darkness

Posted in Series of Destruction on June 30th, 2015 by LianaIlia

This thing that haunts,
isn’t fear,
It isn’t loathing or hatred,
It’s something else,

It surrounds us,
Consumes us,
makes enemies,
And toys with them,

It is most dominant,
During the night,
When the lights,
Are all snuffed out,

That’s what this does,
It shuts out light, life,
Happiness and love,
It is… darkness.

The Light

Posted in Series of Destruction on June 30th, 2015 by LianaIlia

The thing that brightens,
our way,
Isn’t power or strength,
It is love,

Something different,
Is always a good thing,
Even the light,
In lightning is good,

Light surrounds,
Our entire being,
Our soul is light,
That fuels us,

It is in every object,
No matter how small,
Every creature,
No matter how large,

It is the light,
That we strive for,
Not the darkness,
The light fights it off.


Posted in Spirit Series on June 30th, 2015 by LianaIlia

When Spring starts,
everything begins to flower,
petals in the air,
bring a sweet smell,

It is the smell of Spring,
when it all comes alive,
trees bustle in the wind,
small creatures emerge again,

Birds sing so sweetly,
there is nothing quite like,
a beautiful song,
when the sun rises,

Life, earth,
it’s all connected,
on this planet,
of living things,

Nature is pure,
as a river flowing,
as a flower blooming.