Alya Star Complete

Alya Star Episode 1:

Theme to Alya Star

Beautiful Destiny


To me, it is a golden star,

To me, it’s who you are,

And when you want to be with me,

Dreams are meant to be,


When danger arrives,

Shout my name,

I will come to the rescue,

Against the burning flame,

I’m Alya Star, a shooting star,

I’ll be there, near or far,

Chorus x2

To me… it is a golden star (Repeat and fade out)

Episode 1: Birth of Alya Star

          “Why is it so cold?” Alya asked, “is it because I’m in space?” She looked around. Alya glided through darkness, up ahead Alya saw a bright light. It couldn’t be a supernova; otherwise, she would have felt it. Alya flew right through it!

“I feel strange. What’s happening?” Alya now had butterfly wings a different dress. A star dangled from the collar and sparkled like a diamond. She also had a star on her cheek and in her hair.

“Sister, help me! Save me… sister, help…” someone called. It was her sister Alial.

“Alial! I’m coming. Hold on!” A blast of energy caused her to halt.

“What’s wrong? Why won’t I go forward?”

“You have to learn how to use your new power,” her sister’s voice rang through her head.

“My new… power? What? I’m Alya Star now. I’m coming Alial!” Alya Star flew faster than she did before. It was because of her new wings.

“Where is your sister? Tell me now! Damn it!” The evil queen of Zanenth said. She had a laser in her hand. Alial was hanging on a wall in an Asiania ship.

“I don’t know! Ah! Please! I don’t know!” She cried, “Stop it! Ahhhh!”

“I’m here, Alial! Stop right there!”

“Who’s there, answer me!” The evil queen cried.

“I am Alya Star. You are going down!” Alya spun around and sparkles flew over her.

“Power spark….” A lightning bolt formed of the tip of Alya’s finger.

“What’s that? Oh damn! She’s powering up!” (Black out.) The theme plays only in piano and no singing. Some drums can play every once and awhile. Electric guitar plays after the first verse. 

Alya Star Episode 2:

“Power Sword”

          (Theme song plays)

          “Midnight mysteries!” Alya and Alial were in a small room and on a stage. Alya was singing. (Jo had taught her how to sing when she was on Earth.) There were a set of drums, two keyboards, a harp, and Alya was playing the guitar.

          “Midnight mysteries,” Alya sang. Alial moved from the drums to the harp.

          Suddenly, Alya blacked out. Now she was floating. Her powers were gone. Eyes clear. Radiant light was flowing off her.

          “What’s going on? I thought I was with Alial.” Suddenly Alya had a cape and also held a sword.

          “Alya! Alya! Are you okay? Alya!” Alya sat up in bed.

          “What the… oh, it was a dream.” Again, like in her dream, a cape appeared. She also held a sword.

          “The power… I don’t think my body can handle it.” Alya winced. Sweat ran down her face.

          “What’s wrong with Alya? She looks so spaced out all of a sudden. It’s like something happened.” Alial tried to shake Alya, but she pushed Alial’s hand away.

          “Alya are you…”

          “I’m fine,” she said solemnly. Alya felt her cheek. A sudden chill ran down Alial’s spine. Alya flew up, her arms stretched out.

          “You’re mine Alial! I have you now!” A beam of energy lashed out of both of her palms. Alial moved to the side at lightning speed. Alya kept shooting. A beam almost hit Alial and scraped her arm. Suddenly, Alya stopped. She landed and fainted. 

          “Alya!” Alial cried. She landed on the ground beside Alya. Her eyes were open, but no life was in them. Alial picked her up gently. She walked over to a regenerating tank. Alya wasn’t hurt, but she had a lot of energy taken out of her. Alial checked her pulse. She was still okay.

          “Where am I?” Alya woke up, still floating in the tank.

          “You are in your ship. You just fainted.” She could almost recognize the voice, but she couldn’t quite figure out who’s it was. All she saw in front of her was a wave of grey and light blue.

End of Episode 2

Alya Star                            Episode 3


          (Theme song plays.)

          “Let me show you your past, sister.” As Amile did to Aiya, Alial lay a firm, but gentle grip on Alya’s mind. Some memories came back to her. Her and her sisters having a good time, Amile running after Aiya. Alya splashing in the water with Jo on Earth. Defending Amile, but Amile getting killed.

          “No stop! This is…” There was a long pause before Alya remembered everything. Alial let go of Alya’s mind, giving Alya a chance to recover and concentrate. Alial went off into the main room.

          “Alya! We got a message! It’s from the Evil Queen of Zanenth, the one who captured me. She said that…”

                                                                      “I know, I heard her!” Alya cried. The glass crystal shattered to pieces and water pourred out. Alya fell on her knees. “No! I can’t fight her again! But I will, I have to.”

Alya Star                                  Episode 4

          (Theme song plays.)

          Alya is sitting in a chair, her back towards us. She is in the planning room with Alial. She draws a figure of the Queen of Zanenth.

          “Now, what should we do? I developed a new attack that I used on targets. But I don’t know if it is powerful enough. Have you been training while I was?” Alya asked. She got up and paced back and forth across the room.

          “Yes, I have also developed a new technique. You know the Fuscia attack? Well, I can increase it to the maximum capacity, but it may risk my life. My body isn’t strong enough for the attack quite yet.”

          “Well, work on that. You can make your body stronger by stretching out. Try smaller attacks on slow moving targets. Also, try just the regular Fuscia Attack before you go and destroy yourself. Come to the main gym. I’ll show you my new attack.”

          A line of red striped targets lined the wall. They were solid steel and almost as strong as an Asiania. Alya pushed a button by the door and the ground started to shake. Then the targets started moving.

          “Mystical night winds!” Alya cried. Streams of light flew out of her hands. Her forehead brought forth the most beautiful light. A ray of pink shot out of two of her fingers. Alya moved her hand so that the light would hit all of the targets. They all exploded.

          “Whoa! That’s cool. How did you learn that so quick?” Alial asked.

          “I didn’t. You see, while I was fighting to save Amile, I saw Jazel do the same thing to Zoras. So, I learned the attack from John and developed a stronger version of the attack to use on open targets. Just like the Evil Queen of Zanenth. She’ll be my first real target to test this out on. But if it fails, I have another trick up my sleeve.” Alya formed a fist and chanted some words in the elfin language. A light formed in her hand.

          “Now watch. See that target over there?” Alya slowly brought her fist infront of her face. Then she opened it quickly. The block of metal exploded with the blink of an eye.

“Whoa! That was wicked! But how…” Alial stopped there in awe.

“That was a form of solar burst. But it doesn’t produce a blinding light.”

“Could you teach me that sometime? It looks hard but I could learn it,” Alial said.

          “Sure. Let’s go back to the control room. We have to find out where the evil queen’s ship is.”

Alya Star                                            Episode 5

The Arrival


                             (Theme song plays.)

          Opening scene: Alya is sitting infront of John. Alial is looking over a smaller screen on the control panel.

          “Here it is. Evil Palace.The only one of its kind, made much like the Asiania’s Battle Ships,” Alial read outloud. On the screen there was a large ship. Almost like the one Super Elfin Aiya was revived in.

          “Wait a minute. That is the one,” Alya thought. “Alial, switch the monitor to enlarge. Then switch to each corridor and enlarge them.” Alial flipped a switch to her left. John showed each room in the ship. Alya’s eyes widened with realization.

          “That is the ship! Alial, that’s the ship that Aiya was revived in. I told you that after I saved you, remember?” Alial remembered.

          “Alial. Aiya was damaged very badly. Amile took her back to an Asiania Battle Ship that Amile had almost destroyed. She was revived in a tank and when she woke up, Amile told her everything. She used a memory wave link on Aiya’s mind and all of Amile’s recordings and memories went back to her sister. They both lived until I showed up. Aiya died while trying to save me. As well as Amile. I found my new power. It was a radiant light in the middle of space. I flew through it, and now I’m Alya Star.”

          “Now, turn the ship directly towards the Evil Queen’s ship. We’ll arrive there probably tomorrow. Come on, we have to make plans.”

          The alarm clock rang at 7:00 A.M. the next morning. Alya rolled over and turned off the alarm. She picked it up.

          “7 A.M! Oh my god! We overslept! We’re there already!” Alya jumped up and closed her eyes. Her dress appeared. She got out her power sword from a long velvet case on the table. The window in the control room stretched all the way in the front of the room. They were in the hanger of the queen’s ship. Since the ship was automatic, it tracked Alya’s ship easily.

          “But how did she know?” Alya thought. She had exited the ship before looking outside. She shivered as she looked at her ship. The whole front of it was damaged. There were tears in the back. The gym area was torn to pieces. They’d never get out of there.

          “Uh-oh! John!” Alya cried. She ran back in. She almost tripped in the doorway. John was damaged badly. He had cracks in the screen and tears in the wires in the back. Alya slowly walked up to him.

          “No! John!” Alya turned around. There was the Evil Queen of Zanenth. There were spikes on her shoulders and neck.

          “So, you’ve finally decided to fight me again! I’ve been waiting for this, this glorious day when I will triumph!” The Evil Queen laughed and pulled her fist up and said “Portal open!”

                                                                      Alya, Alial, and the queen disappeared.

Alya Star                                  Episode 6: The Battle Begins

          (Theme song plays.)

          “I have you now, just where I want you Alial,” the Queen said, laughing.

          “What? Alial!?” Alya cried. Alial went slamming into the wall on the far right.

(Black out, not end.) (Fade into next scene.)

          Alya awakens. She is lying on a cold metal floor. She feels the presence of someone on top of her.

          “Alial? Is that you?” Alya rolled over. Alial flopped to one side. Sparks flew over her. She opened her eyes.

          “Damn,” Alya said and winced.

          “Don’t worry, I’m okay,” Alial said in a shaky voice.

          “Alial! What did she do to you?” Alya held her hurt arm and gently pushed her badly injured sister off her back.

          “Well… at first the evil queen locked me in chains after she knocked you unconscious with a club. I was still hanging and the evil queen started electricuting me. And I fell unconscious too, and I think I heard her push a button that made me fall. That was the last thing I remember.” Alya helped her weak sister up from the cold steel floor.

          “Hahaha!” A voice laughed throughout the room.

          “Now I have you!” Alya cried and flew towards the Queen at lightning speed. The queen was faster though and kicked her in the face. Alya went flying backwards. Suddenly Alial flew forward.

          “Fuscia! Attack! Times 20!” She cried. A dark purple cloud formed just below the ceiling. Some of the cloud swirled around Alial. She charged in front of the queen of Zanenth.

          “Fuscia attack!” She cried again. A ball of light formed in the palm of her right hand. A ray of light shot out towards the queen, blinding her and blasting off her armor on top of her normal battle suit. It cut right through her left arm, burning it and causing it to bleed. But the sore healed right away.

          “What… just happened?” Alial cried, her eyes widened, “the Fuscia Attack normally works like that, but the sore just… healed. That’s not fair!” Alial charged at the Queen again and again, but she kept getting blocked. The queen yawned, thinking it was a joke. And she kept stretching her arm out and blocking Alial.

                                                                      “Power Sword, come forth!” A brilliant light shot out from Alya’s forehead and behind her, the Power Sword formed. Slashes of light came from both of her hands.

Alya Star                         Episode 7: The Brilliant Angel


(Theme song plays.)

          Many nights Alya had dreamt that she would, or try to destroy all evil. She never thought she could do it because she didn’t have enough strength and ability at the time. But now, since she was older and stronger she thought she could. But she has had one thought in her mind that never left her. Where was her father?

          “Magical Night Winds!” A ray of pink shot out of two of her fingers on her left hand.

          “Black rays!” The Queen of Zanenth cried. A ray of black shot out of her hand and the two rays collided. But the queen’s ray was stronger.

          “Alya! Watch out!” Alial cried. The ray of black light hit Alya. She fell on her knee. Her eyes went blank for a second until she blinked. Her own shoulder started to bleed. She grabbed her arm and winced.

          “Alya!” Alial ran to her sister.

          “No. I must do this alone. You’ve done enough, my dear sister.”

          “But Alya, I hardly did anything. I only…”

          “I know,” Alya winced, “but I must do this alone. I must defeat her!” Alya cried.

          “Hahahaha!” The evil queen’s eyes glowed a powerful and deadly red. Then everything became dark. A cold hand appeared and grabbed Alya’s neck. Alya cried out in severe pain as the queen squeezed harder. The Queen then appeared. Only different looking. She had long black wings and a weird outfit. She had long black hair also.

          “Ha! You can’t defeat me. You damn elf!” The queen chuckled and threw Alya against the wall.

          “Power sword…come forth! Give me power to save the universe!”

          “Ha! That’s going to be a little hard.”

                                                                      “Oh, shut up! You don’t know that this is Alya’s strongest attack! Ha! Who’s laughing now? It destroys everything. Even an upper class Asiania like yourself. You thought you could hide it from us? Elfin technology is a lot better upgraded than Asiania devices. You should have known that!” Alial laughed. Alya stood up.

Alya Star                         Episode 8: No Reflection!?

          (Theme song plays.)

          Her body glowed a vibrant gold. Alya’s wings transformed into a beautiful purple. They expanded to a full twenty feet. Alya closed her eyes, held up her sword, and chanted a summon of an angel.

          “Angel of power! Give me strength! Fight this enemy, save my sisters from evil! Save them!” Alya shouted. A brilliant shine came over Alya. She herself turned into a radiant angel. Alial’s eyes widened as a light shone from Alya’s forehead, this time, even more beautiful than before. Even her power sword transformed into a light sword. The queen could not stop her now. The sword cut the queen’s arm and wings. This time, though, the wounds did not heal. The queen fell on her knees.

          “Ah! Damn, that hurt! I’ll show you something!” The three teleported to another room. In the middle of the floor was a pool of water. The walls were rainbow.

          “Look into the pool, Alya Star! See if you can see yourself!” The queen laughed, clutching her arm.

          “What are you talking about? I…” Alya stopped, as she glarred into it.

          “Alya, what’s wrong?” Alial asked.

          “I… have no reflection!” Alya just stood there gazing into the water. But she saw nothing except water.

          “How, could this be?” Alya finally asked.

          “Ah ha! You will never see your dreams! If you can’t see yourself, you can’t see your dreams. This pool of water is an ordinary pool! Try and look in this mirror!” A mirror appeared in the queen’s hand. She flipped it over and Alya walked to it. She looked in it and saw nothing except the back wall.

          “What… is going on?!” Alya cried, “in order not to have a reflection I have to not be an elf!”

          “Yes, that’s right! You figured it out. You are an Asiania, not elf! Asiania’s created you! It was your “sister” who made you believe you were an elf! They knew all along!”

          Alya just stood there in silence. Finally she turned to her sister and burst out, trying to hold back tears.

                                                                      “It’s not true, is it Alial? Why would you or any of my sisters keep a secret from me?! Answer me!” Alya couldn’t take it anymore, tears streamed down her cheeks. She ran to Alial and hugged her. Alial was still pale with terror. But she hung onto her sister tightly and stared at the Evil Queen.

Alya Star                                   Episode 9: Alya Realizes the Truth

          “Alial, why… why does it have to be this way?” Alya asked, quietly. Her tears were gone but there was still sadness in them. The queen laughed an evil laugh. Alya had always known something was wrong with her. Had… had John known this about her? That she was not an elf? No, it could not be true! Now Alya’s cheeks and eyes were hot with anger.

          “Evil queen, this is not true! You’re lying. I am not an Asiania. You tricked me into believing that I was somebody else, somebody evil. And that I don’t have any love in my heart. But I do. I love my sisters. They loved me too! I would never, never do anything to hurt them. They would only hurt themselves trying to protect me. Alial’s not going to do that,” Alya said, looking fiercely at the evil queen of Zanenth.

                                                                      “Then, let’s get this over with! Fire… beam!” The queen cried. A huge red stream of light formed just above her hand. The queen stretched her arm out and the beam lashed out towards Alya.

Alya Star

Episode 10: Alya Shadow


          “Alial! Watch out!” Alial, still battered from the battle, turned to see the fire beam coming towards her.

          “No…. this can’t be happening! No!!!” The fire beam went right through Alial’s chest. A voice rang inside Alya’s head. A hand appeared.

          “Sister, help me up, sister!”

          “No! Alial!” She grabbed the hand, thinking it was Alial’s. She felt cold and suddenly she was floating.

          “I feel strange. This feeling… what’s happening? My body…” She thought. A dark power came over her. She was now Alya Shadow. Instead of her eyes being kind and gentle, her eyes were now a crimson red. They glowed. Alial started to get up but held her stomach and winced.

          “Magic bracelet! Magic winds! Night winds! Combine!” Alya Shadow cried. Even her voice was evil. Energy formed around her fist. She circled it faster and faster. Alial cried,

          “Power blade!” She formed a round blade with her hand. She shot it at Alya, but it sliced the bracelet and the attack stopped.

          “Damn you! Fire beam!” Alya Shadow cried. (She still had some of her old personality left!) Alial crossed her arms infront of her face. Her gloves were torn and her hands were clenched into fists. The fire beam bounced off and flew back past Alya, and then it disappeared.

          “She is strong as you can see. But you are stronger! Finish her off,” the queen said, yawning, “I’ll be in the other room taking a nap.” The queen walked out the door. Alial just stood there with her arms up.

          “Wind blast!” Alya cried. A gust of black wind shot out of her hands and blew Alial back slowly.

          “Double!” Alya cried. The wind got stronger and Alial couldn’t hold it back. She went flying backwards and slammed against the wall. She fell forward but stood up before she hit the floor.

                                                                      “Alya. No! You’re not an evil Asiania! I can prove it!” Alial started to glow a deep purple…

Alya Star   Episode 11: Alya Back to Normal?

          “Power of love, show my sister your power! Help her to regain her memory!” Alial cried. Her heart glowed pink. A moon appeared on her forehead and a light shown on Alya Shadow. She too, closed her eyes. More images came through her mind than just destroying Alial.  

          “What are these images? Ughhh! I can’t take it any longer!” Alya was changing at first. But she heard the queen’s voice.

          “Destroy her, destroy Alial!” She’s weakening, do it now!”

          “Destroy Alial!” Alya cried. She charged at Alial at lightning speed.

          “No! It didn’t work,” Alial said, quietly. She was so weak she couldn’t move. Alya ran into the motionless body and jumped back to see that Alial stood up.

          “Power Sword!” Alya cried. And again she ran into Alial. Alial fell back and landed on the floor. Trying to get up, Alial winced and fell back again.

          “Don’t tell me I defeated you already! You’re so weak, I hit you down with one blow!” Alya laughed. It hurt Alial more than her wounds to think that her own sister had turned against her. But it wasn’t true. She’ll have to use the Super Power of Love technique on Alya when she regains her strength.

          “I’ll think I’ll go and warm up,” Alya Shadow said turning towards the door. Then with a snap of her finger, Alya was gone. Alial tried to sit up at least. She succeeded in this and pushed herself off the ground. She almost fell, but she dug her feet into her boots to keep herself balanced.

                                                                      “Ha! Don’t try and escape! Your “sister” will always stop you no matter where you go! Haha!” The evil queen laughed.

Alya Star                         Episode 12: Escape

          Alial, panting, ran to the other side of the ship. She opened the door and floated out, only to find her evil sister in front of her.

          “I’m done working out, so, I figured I’d come and see what you were up to. And look, you’re trying to escape. Well, you won’t get away!” A huge sphere of light formed in Alya’s hands. Then she disappeared. Alial flew fast towards the ship that was Alya’s. But Alya appeared in front of her upsidedown.

          “Ha!” She cried. Alya shoved the light into Alial’s stomach.

          “Alya!!” Alial cried as the light dug into her stomach.

          “Stop!” The light disappeared and Alial was floating there clutching her stomach. Suddenly, she was being thrown towards Alya, her sister. Or, what used to be her sister. Alial tried to resist, but she just went forward. She stopped and opened her eyes. Her nose was just below Alya’s.

          “Alya Shadow! What the hell are you doing?! Get back here now!” The evil Queen’s voice echoed in space.

Alya Star

Episode 13: Alya Back to Normal?

          After and hour or so, Alial was almost recooperated. She woke up one time, but didn’t open her eyes, and thought about her dream.

          “I can’t die, not yet. I have to get my sister back to normal and kill that evil queen. Why is she called that? Doesn’t she have a name? What is Zanenth anyways? Obviously it’s a planet. But I still don’t get it. Why is she telling Alya that she’s an Asiania?” Alial winced even harder than before and started to cry. But she stopped herself. Then John’s voice called to her.

          “Alial, Alial! Sorry to bother you, but you need to come here. Please hurry!” Alial opened the door and climbed out of the chaimber. She closed it and ran to the conrol room.

          “Alial, you have to see this!” John said. The screen turned on. There was a picture of Alya Shadow.

          “Ahh! Th-that’s my sister!” Alial cried.

          “Alya Shadow is an Asiania at this time, but not through blood.”

          “Wha-what do ou mean?” Alial asked, shaking.

          “Since an Asiania turned her evil, she is an Asiania. But if you turn her back to normal, she will be Elfin. But you have to go back there now.”

          “John, I’m not fully healed. I can’t face my sister…” One tear ran down her cheek. She closed her eyes. Alial’s body started to glow. Wings appeared and lifted her off the ground. A light flashed around her.

          “Whoa, Alial,” John said. Alial stepped onto the ground and opened her eyes and looke at herself. She had a blue dress on with black shoulder guards. A long cloak hung over her shoulders. On Alial’s back were beautiful golden wings. She was much  lighter and faster.

          “I must get my sister back.”

Alya Star      Episode 14: Counterattack

          Alial flew to the Evil Queen’s ship in two seconds. She was much stronger now. She sort of grew, as humans called it. She thrust her hand out and the door opened. She floated in. Around her nexk was Alya’s locket, from when she died. She had found it lying there, playing an eerie song that always weakened Alial’s mind and heart everytime it played.

          Alial floated to the room where Alya and the queen were. She opened the door with her hand. There was no one there.

          “Hahaha!” Someone laughed.

                                                                      “Who’s there?!” Alial asked, even though she knew who it was.

Alial Star    Episode 15: The End of Alya Shadow

          “It’s your sister, Alial.”

          “Alya! Wind blast!” Alial cried. A gust of wind blasted Alya backwards. She stood hard and crossed her arms.

          “You can’t beat me!” Alya disappeared suddenly. She reappeared behind Alial. A flash hit Alial. She turned around quickly. She cried,

          “Fire blast!” She blasted a fire ball into Alya’s stomach. Alya cried out. She stopped and slowly drew her hand under the fire blast and batted it back towards Alial, who was further away. Alial dodged it and threw another, stronger blast. This time she hit it back, but Alial put her arms out and blocked it.

          “You’re stronger this time, but it’s not enough!”

                                                                      “I won’t give up!” Alial cried. A smile formed on her face. She knew what to do now. The Super Love Attack.

Alya Star Episode 16: Alya Star is Back!

          Neither the queen nor Alya could tell what she was planning. Alial closed her eyes, and could tell that Alya was surprised. She floated a little closer to Alya.  

          “Power of love! Come into my hands!” As she said this, Alya’s locket floated out into her hands. It opened and started playing. Alial hummed along with it. She began to glow. Her eyes glowed a deep purple. The place where her heart was glowed pink.

          “Super Love Attack, turn my sister back to normal!” A ray of light shot out of Alya’s locket.

          “What the hell?” Alya cried. The beam of light hit her. It moved up towards her own heart.

          “Damn… you!” Alya couldn’t resist it. She felt warm. Her body was enclosed by her sister’s. Tears ran down both Alya and Alial’s faces. They didn’t speak for a long time. Suddenly, Alial broke the silence, her voice echoing the universe.

          “Alya! You’re here!”

          “Of course I am!” Alya replied with a small, but reassuring laugh.

          “Everything’s going to be okay again!”

          “Well, not yet. We still have to defeat the Evil Queen of Zanenth. I wonder why she’s called that,” Alya said, sort of to herself.

          “I was wondering the same thing,” Alial said.

          “James can help us!” Alya cried and started for the ship.

          “Ahhhhh!” Alial screamed.

          “Alial, what’s wrong? Alial!” Alya raced back towards Alial. She was just hanging there, glowing, her eyes closed.

          “No! Alial, you can’t… not now!” Alya tilted Alial upright.

          “Damn you, evil queen,” Alya said and put Alial’s arm around her shoulders and raced towards the ship.  

          In the recovery room, Alya was standing. She placed Alial gently in one of the chaimbers. All the time she was Alya Shadow, she only thought of two things; defeating Alial, Aiya, and Amile. She knew where they were, on a different planet, time, and universe. Thye would probably end up on Earth. They’ll meet Jo… Right as she was thinking this, Alya started crying. She tried not to, but the tears just kept coming. She closed the lid to the chaimber and steam came into it. She went to her lab. A small computer was sitting on its stand on the table. Alya sat down and punched in her code. A picture of her came up and then it spoke.

          “Hello Alya. Are you alright?”

          “Yeah, I’m fine. I just have a little headache, that’s all.”

          “Oh, what do you want me to look up?”

          “See if you can find me anything on the Evil Queen of Zanenth’s real name, and why she’s after us.” It took a few minutes before James could find anything. But it did find the queen’s name. It was Zellial.

          “That figures. Zellial means ‘Evil Creature’ in Elfin. And she’s the worst kind of evil. But she was good before.”

          “I can’t die, I just can’t. Alya depends on me,” Alial thought. The thought of her sister being killed infront of her sister, Aiya, appeared in her mind. She can’t let that happen.

          “Alya Star, what’s wrong?”

          “Shh, be quiet James. I think I hear someone coming. Yes, it’s Zellial.”  A blast came through the door.

          “Alya, you are Asiania, believe me. Don’t give in to your good side. Come with me, I want to show you something,” the queen said.

          “It’s not true,” Alya turned off James and floated towards Zellial, “I am not an Asiania. You just made me one before.”

          “No, that was your true form. I just unleashed it for you. Come with me now, or you will die!” Zellial cried.

                                                                      “Oh fine, I might as well go,” Alya sighed. The two vanished.

Alya Star Episode 17: Alya’s Past

          “What is this place? Wait, I know this place. It’s the past, Aiya?” Alya started to fly towards the beam coming at Aiya, but Zellial stopped her.

          “You can’t change the past.”

          “What? Now I’m in the recovery room. There’s Amile. Aiya’s badly hurt!” Tears started falling down Alya’s face, as well as Amile’s. Alya was now in the Asiania’s ship. She was there. Alya Shadow, was there. She was helping the commander.

          “Nooooooo!” Alya cried. Glass broke around her and fell on the floor, then disappeared.

          “No!” Alya cried again. She sat on the floor and put her hands over the sides of her head. She started crying again.

          “Now you see. You understand! You are Asiania!”

          “Go to hell!” Alya cried.

          “Oooo, I’m scared. It’s rude to say that to someone, when actually, you’re going there!”

          “I wil not… forgive you! You tortured my sister. The Asiania’s tortured my other sisters! You will die!”

          “And how are you going to kill me?” Zellial asked.

          “Ha! Easy! Eternal…” Alya started glowing. She closed her eyes.

          “What? Oh, not this again!”

          “Angel wings!” Alya transformed into a beautiful angel. Her dress was a pale blue, and her wings were wide.

                                                                      “Power sword!” Alya’s locket appeared infront of her and broke apart to form a sword. Alya flew towards the queen, her long hair flying back.

Alya Star Episode 18: Alial Awakens

          “Hi ya!” Alya cried. She shoved the sword right through Zellial’s right arm. She pulled it out and Zellial fell to the floor.

          “Why… why didn’t you kill me?” She asked, breathless.

          “My sister is stirring. I think she might be waking up.”

          In the recovery room, no one was in the chamber. The glass shield was up. Alial was standing outside the door her eyes and heart were glowing.

          “Alya, I’ll come save you! I’m completely healed, I’m much stronger than before,” Alial thought.

          “Ahhh!” Alya went flying upside-down and landed on her feet.

          “Fire… lightning!” Alya’s body glowed a bright red. Bolts of lightning shot out of her hands and hit the queen, striking her arm and then disappearing. The queen now fell completely on the floor.

          “Alya! Are you okay?” Alial came in when Alya clenched her arm and winced.

          “Alial! I’m okay.” Alya stood up and hugged her sister.

          “Healing!” Alial said. She put her hand gently on Alya’s arm and it healed.

          “Wow, Alial, you’ve gotten stronger!” 

          “Yeah, in the chamber I must have gotten stronger as I was healing.”

          “I’m not finished yet, Alya Star! Sometime, I will kill you. And… that will be soon!” The queen disappeared and all that was left of her was some blood on the floor.

          “Alya, you did it! Now we can relax awhile!”          

          “Yeah, and why don’t we sing a song? I bet we can come up with something after this battle!” Alya said.

          “Yes, and I think I have an idea. It will take me almost a day to finish it though.”

          “Okay, I can wait. I have some work to do also. Come and get me when you’re done. I’ll be in my lab.”

It took Alial 16 hours. She had to stay up most of the night to finish it, but it was worth it.

Alya Star Episode 19: Alial’s Song, 12 Verses!

          “Alya! I’m done! It’s pretty good, let’s try it. Here is the guitar part and each of our parts.”

          “Wow. This looks really cool. Okay, let’s go to the stage. Oh, how about we record it also? I have a recording system in the back and have been recording our songs and some of my own. We can listen to them after we’re done.” They walked up to the stage and Alya got her guitar and Alial got behind the keyboard.

          “Okay, one, two, three…” Alya started singing the first verse.

(Alya=blue, Alial=red, both=aqua)

“No one is there,

in the silence of the night,

two evil eyes, watching you at a distance,

you know you can defeat this evil inside of you.”

“Fighting, the power,

the same side of you,

you are burning, your heart is burning,

you keep going, your body marching on.”

“Someone takes over your mind,

sending you on a mission,

to destroy your own sister,

so none of you are left,

no one can helo you find your way.”



“You wade in the lake,

trying to find your way, but you are lost,

and someone can take you there.”

“Fighting through the night, 

you’re losing your strength,

but you have to press on,

for the love of your sisters.”



“So you take your locket,

you spread your wings and say,

that you’ve had enough of evil,

and express how you feel.”



“You blank out, thinking you can’t fight anymore,

but you know that you are wrong,

and that the battle’s just beginning.”

Chorus after every verse.


“Finally, you break out in tears,

your friends all disappear,

but love conquers evil,

and you know that deep within, but you can’t see,

all the love you posess.”

“You race up the spiral staircase,

almost floating through space,

trying to make it all the way,

and you strive just to keep your head up.”

“Someone moving in the darkness,

he places his hand on your shoulder,

you turn around, not knowing what to do,

so you pull out your sword,

and fight until you can’t anymore.”

(Almost done!)

“No one piercing your heart with an arrow,

no one striking you down,

you are marching away,

your chin held high.”

“You return to Earth,

your heart pounding after a fierce battle,

but no one is around, or making any sound that you can hear,

at least, not in your life.”

“The cold barren world,

a shiver goes up your spine,

telling you what to do, but your heart sinks,

trying to stay alive, to say that you are the one to save yourself.”

“Fighting the power, of the same side of you,

you are burning, your heart burning,

you keep going, your body marching on.”

“You are nothing, your world nothing,

bleak, cold, world.”

          The tape stopped recording as soon as Alya struck the last chord on her guitar. There was a moment of silence. Then Alial smiled and said, <p>

          “That was really good. We haven’t sang for a long time. Let’s listen to the tape before Zellial attacks us again.”

                                                                      “Okay.” They listened to the whole tape. 2 hours of recordings. Most of it was Alya’s, of course, even before she met Alial. No disturbance was made.

Alya Star Episode 20: The Dramatic Assult

          “Alya Star! This will be your end! And also, your “sisters!” Zellial laughed, “she doesn’t get it does she? That she’s Asiania. This will happen! A super Asiania will be born! As soon as I’m through with her! She’ll never know that she even exists! Just like Alya Shadow!” The queen openened the door to her ship and looked at a planet. It was a beautiful planet. No humans or any mankind were living there. Just creatures.

          “A little warm up.” She thought.  “Fire blast!” Zellial stretched out her hand and cried. A ray of fire shot out towards the planet. It dug down into the land and the planet phased out.

          “Be quiet, Alial. I sense something evil happened. A whole planet was destroyed! It could only mean one thing!” Alya said.

          “Zellial,” Alial finished. She closed her eyes, “Alya, get down!” A blast hit the ship. Alya fell backwards and so did Alial.

          “Oh no! She’s here. Alial, stay in here. I’ll take care of this! Power Sword!” Alya’s sword appeared in her hands.

          “No, sister. I’m coming with you!” Alial cried as Alya opened the door to the control room.

          “No! Stay here. She might threaten me that way. So do as I say.” Alya left the room and closed the door.

          “Ahh! How nice of you to come!” They both disappeared and appeared in Zellial’s ship. They were in the same gym.

Alya Star Episode 21: The Final Battle?! No Way!

          “Alya, surrender now while you still can!”
          “Surrender to what? You? Ha! I’d rather go back home than surrender to you!” Alya cried. She clutched the Power Sword and fire appeared around her. Alya’s eyes turned black. Her angel wings spread apart.

          “What the hell?! What’s happening? Tell me!”

          “I’m using my new technique that I learned, to beat you and your kind!” Alya cried.

          “Ha! You think you can defeat me? You don’t have the power!”

          “Wanna bet? I will destroy you once and for all! Plus, to show off my confidence in myself, it will only take an hour to fight you. Now die! Fire wing!” Alya charged at Zellial. The Evil Queen started to go forward, but then stopped. Alya pushed her sword right through Zellial’s stomach. Then the sword disappeared and appeared in Alya’s hand.

          Blood came out of Zellial’s mouth and splattered on the floor. Blood spilled out of the evil queen.

          “Now, can I be transported out of here? I’ll give you time to heal just enough so that you have strength left to attack me!” Alya’s sword disappeared and her voice echoed in the gym. Zellial’s weak arm rose up and it stretched out, shaking, and opened its hand. Alya started to glow and then vanished.

          She appeared in her ship. Alial wasn’t in the control room.

          “John, where’s Alial?” Alya asked, searching for any sign of Alial.                

          “She’s in her room and wants to see you,” John mumbled in Elfin language.

          “Okay.” Alya went outside and saw Alial in her room. “Alial, what’s wrong?” <p>Alial turned her head around. Her face was red and her eyes were pale.

          “Oh, Alya. It’s not because I dind’t have faith in you. It’s just that I was thinking about our sisters and father who created us. Do you think about them too?” Alial started to cry. Tears ran down Alya’s face too.

          “Oh, Alial. Of course I do. I always think about them every moment of my life. Especially when I’m fighting an enemy. One who has killed them and the whole Elfin race.” Alya went over to her sister and sat down on the bed with her. They looked at eachother for a long time.

          The evil queen was in a tank. It was a healing one with Asiania DNA. She was healing quite fast too.

          “Damn… Alya Star. I’ll get… you!” The queen could barely talk.

          “Alya, you better come quick!” It was John. Alya brushed her eyes and ran into the control room. “The evil queen of Zanenth will be here in a half an hour. You better rest too.”   

“John, stop worrying about me. Why do you and Alial put only an inch of faith in me? I’m going to think for awhile ok?” Alya went into her lab and closed the door.

Alya Star Epsisode 22: The Second Asult, On Planet Zanenth?

Alya tried to stay awake. Alya was figuring out why Zellial was after her. And if she could sense her presence while she is healing.

          “I don’t understand it. What is taking her so long? I’m going to… oh, now I know why I can’t senser her. She’s too weak to sense! She’s healing fast but not enough,” Alya thought, her eyes closed. “This is becoming harder and harder. If I can’t find why she’s trying to kill us, I can’t beat her.” Alya put her notebook on the small table. She opened it to the page that she was working on.

          “Ah, my home plante. I wonder what my people are doing,” the evil queen thought. She was not fully recovered, but was capable to float outside a small window in the door to her ship. Zellial could see another large planet. The door opened, (there was a protected sheild around her ship so that she could breathe in space.) and she stretched her arm out to the planet.

          “I don’t need this planet anymore! I didn’t need my… family…goodbye, Zanenth!” The Queen’s eyes glowed red and then yellow. A sphere of light formed infront of her palm. The sphere got smaller and then, a ray of gold shot out in a slow moving pace. But the queen cried “Flash lightning!” and the light sped up and finally, the planet exploded and faded into space. Some stars went along with it.

          Alya slammed her hands down on the table and winced hard.

          “No! She… she destroyed Zanenth… but why? Why would she destroy her own planet?” Alya’s face was pale. Sweat ran down her cheek. “No. Why is she doing this? She could destroy the whole universe if she wanted to. But… oh no, Alial!” Alial screamed.

          The queen appeared in Alial’s room.

          “Alial. Wow, you’re strong. I’m impressed. But it won’t matter!”

          “Fire Wing!” A fire blast came around into the room. The light hit the queen and then disappeared. She knelt down and then got up again.

          “What? How did she block that?” Alya asked.

          “I’ve  reached a new power, Alya, let’s team up and beat this evil beast of Zanenth! Now!”

          “Right!” Alya cried.

                                                                      The battle started…

Alya Star Episode 23: Another New Attack! Alial, watch Out!

          “You… what are you doing?” the queen’s hand shook as Alya stood there with her eyes closed. She was trying a new attack that she had just learned from her computer, James.

          “Fine. I’ll get your sister then!”

          “No, let’s go to the gym. I’ll lead the way.”

          “Fine then. But I will be fighting your sister once we get there.”

          Alya and Alial walked infront of Zellial. They knew she would wait until they got to the gym.

          “Turn right here,” Alya said calmly.

          They entered the gym. Alya and Alial on one side, Zellial on the other.

          Now, the battle has begun! Alya had fought many battles alongside Alial. Alial really never fought on her own. Just against Alya, herself. But that was a long time ago, she never fought Alya since then.

          “Fireball!” Alial cried. She flung a fireball, about the size of her head, at the queen. The queen bounced it back to Alial. She blocked it with her arms.

          “Heart Sceptor! Come forth!” Alial cried. A light filled the room and a sceptor with a moon and a heart on it appeared.

          “Spiral love ache, shutter!” Alial turned around as power gathered in her sceptor. A ray of powerful energy shot out. Alial spun around faster and faster The engery swirled around her. The energy then formed into a sphere and she shot it at the queen and struck her hard.

          “What’s this? Ha! Even if you just scratch me, I still will win!” The queen laughed. Alial was sweating and the blast got weaker. But here’s something the queen didn’t expect.

          “Spirit force!” Alial cried. A huge sphere of light slowly came out of Alial’s right hand and then went faster and cut off the spiral attack. It hit the queen. It blasted most of her armor and some of her hair.

          “Noooo! Spirit force. I thought only Alya could do such strong attacks.”

          “Then you don’t know very well. I am the second strongest fighter now. That makes you the third, since my sister is the strongest.”

          “You lie! I will not be beaten by a weak Spirit Force! Alya could do some damage with it, but not you.” The queen kicked it and it disappeared. <p>

          “No! That was my only attack left accept…”

          “No, sister. You can’t use that attack. Your body isn’t strong enough to have it be at it’s maximum!” Alya cried.

          “Don’t worry about me. Fuscia…” Wings appeared on Alial’s back…

Alya Star Episode 24: The Fuscia Attack x 1000

          “Attack times 1,000!” Alial started sweating and then a thick purple ray of lightning and wind shot out of Alial’s fingers. It split into two and swirled around the queen.

          “Ahhhh!” The queen burst out of her clothes. The fuscia attack cut into the queen’s skin. Alial suddenly fell to the ground. The attack stopped.

          “Alial, Alial, are you okay?” Alya asked. She held Alial up to her face.

          “I’m… alright. I just need to rest.”

          “What… was… that?” the evil queen mumbled.

          “That was the strongest Fuscia attack the Elfin’s know. This time, you cannot recover. Your head is filling with hatred and dispair. You don’t know anything!” Alya said.

          “Don’t give me that speech again!”

          “It’s true though…” Alya started.

          “No, it isn’t. I loved, for a short period of time. Remember your brother, Zoras? I loved him. You know what love is. You say you love your sisters. But you don’t. You killed them, you are an Asiania! Admit it! You know it in your heart. Deep down in that bitterness you KNOW!”

          “No!!!! I told you one thousand times, no! Maybe I do have something different deep down inside me, but it’s not Asiania. Asiania’s have reflections, I saw it! Jazelle, I fought her alongside of Aiya. She looked in the mirror after he bath and saw her own face. She was an Asiania! Here is a going away present!” Alya explained.

          “What do you mean?” The queen knelt there, clutching her shredded arm.

“I mean you’re going to be killed!”

Alya Star Episode 25: The End of the True Alya

          “Fuscia, love, heart, star, eternal, glacier, ikinalubaken uzkekienla tafalibo…”

          The queen got up and ran to a control panel. She pushed a button. Her sword appeared and she took it. Her energy went into it. Then it disappeared.

          “Attack!” Alya spun around. Her clothes flew off. A white dress and gold armor appeared. Alial too, was in a white dress. Only a little different from Alya’s. She held Alya’s hands. A strong energy light beam came out of the air infront of their hands. It hit the queen and she disappeared. They both fell on their knees but sat up right away.

          “We did it! Alya! You were… great!” Alial cried, almost in tears.

          “I never knew that the Fuscia attack could be so viscous. You really weakened her. For a moment, I thought we couldn’t beat her,” Alya said, breathing hard.

          “Now we can rest for a long time. Hey, Alya, why don’t we fly to Earth? I bet we could find Aiya and Amile. How about it?” Alya started to cry.

          “I don’t think… that we’ll ever find them. They are gone. But we could try. Plus I want to see Jo,” Alya got up from the ground and went to the control room of her ship. “John, locate Earth.”

          “But Alya, isn’t that where Aiya and…”

          “Just do it! You’ve seen how powerful I am.”

          “Oh, right. I’ll do it right away.” Alya walked out of the room.

          “Alya…” Alial started.

          “What do you want, my dear sister?” Alya asked. She turned around to see Alial there. She had tears in her eyes. She ran up to Alya and hugged her.

          “Oh Alya, I miss Amile. I only met her once. You know you are Asiania. Father created you that way. He stole an Asiania computer and made you think that you were on the Asiania Battle Cruiser as Alya Shadow. Your true form unleashed and turned evil.” The ship was silent for a moment. The John spoke.

          “Alya, you have a transmission. You might want to come here, quick!”

          “Okay, I’m coming.” Alial sat on the bed and Alya walked out.

          “Alya, are you there?” A voice asked.

          “Jo, is that you? I’ve missed you! What’s happening?” Alya switched her voice to human language.

          “Well, I located your sisters and they seem to be somewhere here in Tokyo. I think they’re with another group that taught them not to fight all the time. They have Earth names now too. Amile’s is Erika and Aiya’s is Alisa. Are you coming soon? Wow, you look different. And gorgeous as always,” Jo replied, smiling.

          “Oh, Jo. You flatter me too much!” Alya said, blushing.

          “I’ll see you soon. And I’ll show you how to kiss!” The screen blinked off. Alya smiled.

          “Alial, we’re going to Earth. But first, I need to show you how to talk in Japanese or “human” language. There are a ton of languages around the “world,” as they call it.”

Alya showed Alial how to talk in “our” language. And the voyage for Earth began.

Alya Star Episode 26: The Earth and Universe

          “Alial, are you ready? Open your eyes.” Alial opened them and the Earth was outside of the ship.

          “Oh Alya, it’s… beautiful!” Alial breathed.

          “That’s what I thought the first time I saw it. I still do. Especially since it has wonderful “people” like Jo on it.”

          “Alya, I can’t wait to meet him!”

          “We’ll land in this park. The one where Jo and I first met. But first, we have to switch our voices.” The ship landed in the planet. A young man in his 20’s ran up to the ship. The door opened.

          “Oh, Alya! I’m so happy to see you again!” Jo ran up to her and hugged her. Alial extended out her hand.

          “I’m Alial, Alya’s sister,” Alial said.

          “You two do look alike. Nice to meet you,” Jo said, shaking her hand. “First you’ll need new clothes. You’ve never been on Earth have you Alial?”

          “No, it’s my first time. Your planet is really beautiful,” Alial said smiling. <p>

          “Thank you. You can stay at my place. I’ll get something for lunch and buy you some clothes. Alya, how long do you plan on staying?” Jo whispered.

          “Oh, a few days perhaps. I just want my sister to adapt to the atmosphere here. Where’s your car?” Alya whispered back, Jo laughed. A bird landed on Alial’s shoulder.

          “What lovely creatures you have here! Alya, he has wings like you have!” Alial petted the wings of the blue bird.

          On the way to Jo’s apartment, Alial was in the backseat of a red convertible. The light turned red and the car stopped.

          “Hey Jo! Who are those two babes in your car?!” Some young man called out from the corner.

          “Hey Yamadi! This is Alay and… I mean, Steph and Crystal. They are new here and know me, so I’m going to take care of them.”

          “Oh, does Crystal have any friends yet? I bet she won’t mind my company!” The light turned yellow and then green. Jo went into the parking lot. Yamadi walked up to Alial. He opened the door for her and she got out. So did Jo and Alya.

          “Yamadi, pleasure to meet you,” Yamaid said.

“Pleasure to meet you too!” Alial or Cystal was not too thrilled with Yamadi’s attitude. She didn’t even know what he meant. She just played along, “as humans call it.”

Alya and Jo sat on the one side of the table, and Alial and Yamadi sat on the other side.

“So Steph, what are we going to do this week? I have off from school and work,” Jo said.

“Hey, how about we all go see a movie tomorrow night? There’s a really good one out, but I forgot the name of it. I saw the preview for it today,” Yamadi suggested. Alial blushed. She had never been with someone this handsome or nice before. She only saw Zoras once, and you could guess what type of man he was. Plus, he was sort of her brother. Jo laughed and said that Alya had been with him once before, but that Alial had been in Tokyo. (It was only Alya’s second time and she knew little about it.)

          “Oh, where are you from then, Crystal. America or Africa?” Yamadi asked.

          “I don’t know wher I came from. I lost some of my memory when I was a baby. I can’t remember if I was even born,” Alial said. It seemed like a good thing to say.

          “Oh. Well you’re here now. So you were born. But, I better get going. I’ll see you at the movies tomorrow!” Yamadi said.

          “Yeah see ya Yamadi!” Jo said. Alial smiled and said bye.

At Jo’s apartment Alya was sitting on a couch. Alial was looking around and Jo was out getting clothes and something for lunch.

Alya Star Episode 27: The Kiss

          “What’s this stuff? I’ve had pancakes before, but not this!” Alial said. She was staring at her plate.    

          “I think you and Alya will like it,” Jo said, smiling. Alial tried it and smiled.

          “It’s okay, I guess your idea of “food” is really something. I only have to hook myself up to a machine every once awhile to stay alive,” Alial said. She took a bite of the meat.

          “Yeah. But we need to try something different once in awhile. Plus, I’ve never seen you in one of those. We have a lot on my ship, but they are kind of old,” Alya said, laughing.

          “Did you somehow transport your ship into space? You know, if someone finds it, they’ll probably take it and sell it,” Jo said.

          “No, I launched it already. I knew you would say that, so I did before. I wouldn’t just leave my own ship on a strange planet and go off somewhere.”

          After dinner Jo sat down at his desk and worked on his new book he was writing. He was a novelist and part of a business. He had a few books and a lot of people bought and liked them. Yamadi he had met at his office. And he mostly works at home.

          “So, Alial, are you liking it here so far I was okay the first time I came. I had to call Jo, oh you didn’t see the “telephones” yet. It’s over there.” Alial walked over to where Alya was pointing.

          “That’s how people communicate if they can’t see eachother,” Alya explained.

          “Oh wow. Too bad we can’t locate things with them,” Alial said, picking up the receiver.

“Alya, you know how I said that I’ll show you how to kiss? Well, why don’t we do that? Do you want to?” Jo asked. He walked out of his office and came up to Alya.

“Sure. I’ve seen some other people do it the last time I was here. Okay, does Alial have to go away?” Alya asked.

          “No. Just close your eyes.” Alya did. She felt a wonderful feeling on her lips. Alya opened her eyes. Jo was standing there, his eyes still closed, and his arm wrapped around Alya’s waist.

          “Wow, I never suspected that humans could do so much,” Alya said, almost falling over.

          “Yes, we know a lot of different things. That was a symbol of love. If two people really love eachother, they use this symbol. I really can’t explain it anyway else.”

Alya Star Episode 28: Movie, Alial, Wow You’re Cool!

          It was “Tuesday;” as Yamadi called it. Alya was trying on a dress that Jo had bought her the other day.

          “Wow! Alya, you look awesome. Can’t you do anything with your hair? You could put it up in a ponytail like I showed you before,” Jo said. Her dress was long and silky. A V ran down her back. Alial then came out from the other room.

          “Oh, wow. Alial, you look so beautiful. I bet Yamadi will melt!” Alya exclaimed. Alial blushed. She had on a bright red dress that went down to her knees. It had shoulder pads and long sleeves that went down her hands and around her middle fingers. She had her hair tied back in a bun.

          “Come on, it’s just a movie. You didn’t have to look that pretty! But I bet Yamadi will be just starring at you,” Jo said, putting on his jacket and took Alya’s hand.

          Outside of the movie theater Yamadi was waiting in his car. When Jo pulled in the parking lot, Yamadi got out. Jo helped Alya out and Yamadi helped Alial.

          “Whoa, Crystal, you look beautiful! Steph, you do too.”

          The theater was packed, but there were four seats towards the back. The four sat down with popcorn and soda. The movie was a romance story. The movie started and the theater was silent.

          About halfway through the movie Yamadi whispered “I love you” in Alial’s ear. The two of them kissed. It was a long one and Alya was starring at them through the whole thing. Alial then opened her eyes and pulled away. She blushed. The movie was just about to end, Yamadi had his eyes fixed on it, but she could tell that he was thinking of her.

          After the movie, Yamadi and Alial walked out together. So did Jo and Alya. Just then, a blast fell from the sky and landed just before them.

Alya Star Episode 29: The Battle, On Earth?

          “Yamadi! Are you okay?’ Alial cried. Yamadi was on the ground, hurting badly. He had some blood coming out of his arm. “No! Yamadi! Who did this?” Alial cried, furious.

          “It’s your old friend, Zelial! Only, more powerful!” A voice cried out. Everyone at the movie theater screamed.

          “Everyone! Get going! Fast!” Jo cried. The people quickly got into their cars and drove off. An Asiania landed. She had long blue hair and black armor on. Her cape went down to the ground.

          “Zelial? But how!?” Alya asked, puzzled.

          It was 10:00 p.m. and the bunch was still outside the movies. But they weren’t enjoying themselves. Alial healed Yamadi’s arm, but he was still unconscious.

          “Oh, Zelial didn’t tell you before she left? She had put a part of herself into her sword, which was I in disguise. She sent me here, because she knew that you were going to Earth. Tokyo, to be precise!” The Asiania laughed. Her voice was scratchy and harsh.

          “You’re dead!” Alial cried, now angry of what the Asiania said. She charged at the figure. Alial thrust her hand out and had it clenched into a fist. But the Asiania put her hand out and stopped it.

          “You’re strong. But not strong enough! Wind!” She cried. Alial was slowly blown back. She crossed her arms up to her face. “Next time I’ll kill you!” The Asiania said and disappeared.

          “Damn! I knew something about her seemed different. I should have known it was Zelial!” Alya cried. The three picked up Yamadi and put him in the backseat of Jo’s car along with Alial.

          “I wish I could have been in front of him. I would have stopped that attack,” Alial thought, full of guilt.

          Back at Jo’s apartment, Yamadi started to wake up.

          “Good! He’s awake! Are you alright?” Alial asked, looking relieved.

          “Where am I?” Yamadi asked. Alial explained the whole thing. She didn’t want to give away that she was from space. Oh well, she’ll tell him eventually.

Episode 30: Return to Space, Already?

          “Well, Yamadi… we have to leave today. It’s been fun. The most fun I’ve had in my life. I’ll be sure to call Jo and have him say ‘hi’ to you for me,” Alial said. She kissed him on the cheek and got into Jo’s car. Alya said ‘goodbye.’

          “Goodbye Crystal. Goodbye Steph! Come back somtime!” Yamadi said. His hand waved in the air. Alial’s did back at him. A tear sparkled in her eye.

          “We will, we will,” she said quietly. The tear ran down her cheek.

          “Come on Alial! Cheer up! We’ll come back, after we kill Zelial! I can’t believe she’s still alive! Even after we killed her the first time!” Alya said as Jo pulled up to the park. Alya slipped her hand inside his. Alial walked beside of them. Alya’s ship flew down slowly and landed in front of the trees. Jo hugged Alya tightly and closed his eyes. Alial opened the door to the ship.

          “Thank you for letting us stay with you. I loved being here,” Alial said, bowing.

          “Hey, no problem. I’ll do anything for Alya and her sister,” Jo said smiling. Alial said,

          “Well, Alya, are we going to go?” Alial asked. Alya faced Jo.

          “Well, here’s goodbye for now,” Alya kissed him. It was a short one, but true.

          Alya walked into the ship and the door closed. Jo stood there, waving his hand. Alya waved her’s. But then they were in space, watching the beautiful planet pass them by.

          Meanwhile, Zelial locked herself in her chambers. There was a large chair to one end of the room. It had cords coming out of it. She sat down and hooked the cords into her shoulder gaurds, armor, and knees. She closed her eyes and thought,

          “Alya, so you left Earth? I’ll kill you on the next planet you land on! But in the meantime, I have to recover my strength. I used a lot of power on that one attack. Plus I got that stupid guy instead! Alya will pay!” Zellial tightened her grip on the arm of the chair and winced. She then fell asleep.

          “Zellial, hmm. I wonder how she had enough power to transport herself into her sword at the end of the last battle. I almost completely destroyed her. Besides that, she looks more confident than the old Zellial! I wonder what happened,” Alya said, back in the control room.

          “I don’t know, but one thing’s for sure, she’s not going to play games with us,” Alial said, scratching her head.

          “Yeah, you may be right. But I still don’t understand. I’ll stay up tonight and try and find something on her. You go to sleep Alial,” Alya said. John then turned on.

          “Okay, Alya,” Alial said. She went to her room, even though she wasn’t tired.

          Alya stayed up the whole night trying to find a video, that she had her camera in John, record during the last battle. At 4 A.M. Alya found the recording under a pile of charts. She put it in the disc drive and turned on the monitor. ‘Battle with Zellial’ it said on the screen. Alya fast forward until she got to the part where she used her attack. She pushed play and saw the brilliant attack form. Then, off by a control panel, there was the beaten Zellial. A sword appeared in front of her. She grabbed it by the handle and the sword glowed. Alya changed the view and zoomed in on the hand. It almost x-rayed it. It was machine! Zellial was part robot!

          “Alial, Alial! Wake up!” Alya cried. She ran into Alial’s room and Alial slowly opened her eyes. “You have to come see this! I figured out something.” Alya started walking out.

          “Alya, I was having the strangest dream that we were fighting the new Zellial, but she was different looking. I don’t know how I dreamt this,” Alial said, running up to Alya. Her hair was pulled back but she pulled the badn out.

          Alya showed Alial the attack. Then slowed down and x-rayed the hand.

          “No way!” Alial cried.

          “Yeah, that’s what I thought. I can’t figure out why just her hand is mechanised. I don’t understand. It must give off some magic, that must explain the why the new Zellial is so strong. But how did she get her hand cut off? John! Analyse both the new and old Zellial,” Alya said and walked back into the control room. It took Kpjm awile to get the graphs and 3-D pictures. But after a minute or so he came up with two graph pictures of both Zellials.

          “Oh, the other Zellial had her arm cut off by a Trici Bind, an attack with a sword. She probably went to another planet before she met us.”

          “Yeah, but how did that hand get so strong if it’s just a mechanised one?” Alial asked, rubbing one of her eyes.

          “John, analyse the hand on Zellial that’s mechanised,” Alya said, “that’s it! It has positive and negative energy combined to make Trici energy! I don’t know what planet she was one, but if creates large attacks like the Trici Bind and others. I read is somewhere on my computer in my lab. But now we know why she’s so strong. Well, let’s train!” Alya said. Alial walked with her to the gym.

Episode 31: Zellial v.s. Alya… What the…?! Oh, It’s Only a Simulation!

          “John! A simulation of Zellial. But make it as real as possible, but make the attacks just a simulation also,” Alya said. Alya was in a square room. Alial was studying the attacks that Asianias used against their enemies.

          A full Zellial appeared a few feet from Alya.

          “I’ll kill you!” The simulation said. It flew at Alya and punched at her. Alya put her arms up.

          The duel went on for about a half an hour.

          “Fire…wing!” Alya cried. She blased a huge fireball at the simulation. Zellial screamed and disappeared and at the end of the far wall the word “Congratulations!” in big letters.

          “V!” Alya said and put two fingers out in a v shape and smiled. “John, switch off the simulation mode. I did enough training for now. I’m going to see how Alial’s doing.” John powered down the room.

          Alial was in her room reading off a file. It was a small screen and it had buttons under it.

          “Did you find out anything?” Alya asked.

          “Well, not much more than we know already. It was cut by a Trici attack, like you said. She was fighting a sorceress with the last name of Maho,” Alial said, looking up at her.

          “Hold on, I think I’ve heard of her. I’m going to check on James,” Alya said, going back to her lab.

          James was on the table as usual. She grabbed it and turned it on. She then typed in tha name: Maho and it came up with a picture of a sorceress. She had a long black cape on and a black outfit. Her hair was as red as flames. There was a description underneath her. It told the age, then it gave the name of a spell that Iana had used a long time ago.

          “That’s it! That’s the spell!” Alya cried. She memorized the words and then ran into Alial’s room. Alial was up writing in her journal. “Alial, can you come to the gym with me? I need you to creat some sort of barrier around it. You have to see this attack, if I can even cast it,” Alya said.

          “Okay,” Alial said, putting her journal on her bed. “Barrier Wall!! Come into my hands! Shield this area so that nothing can break through!” Alial cried. A light flashed around the gym walls.  

Alya Star Episode 32: The Dark Sword

          “I call upon you, seep into my hands. Power Sword!” Alya creid and her sword appeared in her hands. She put it across her face.

          “Sword! Enswirl in darkness, obey my command,” the sword started tow swirl with darkness as she spoke. “Now! Light of darkness, except my word and destroy those in front of me! Destroy those that might oppose me! Sword of Darkness!!” Alya cried and breathed heavily.

          “Alya!” Alial cried and ran out to her sister, who was lying on the floor. Alial slowly helped her up.

          It was a few weeks later and Alya learned how to control the sword. So they decided to find where the new Zellial was. It just happened that she was by the spot where they where she had destroyed Zanenth.

          “Why would Zellial be at that place? If that planet was already destroyed?” Alya asked, more to herself than outloud.

          “Yeah, I wonder why,” Alial replied, thinking, ‘’I know she probably has a ship, and maybe she’s trying to gather negative energy from the place where it was destroyed.”

          Floating in space was quite a large space ship. It looked like an Asiania woman.

          “Alya Star… you will die for what you’ve done!” Zellial said.

Alya Star Episode 33: The Encounter

          Alya was now in her room with the door shut. She could not stop thinking about how both Aiya and Amile saved her. Aiya first, after she died, Alya tried to hold Jazel off. But Amile had to sacrifice herself in order to defeat Jazel. Alial came in quietly.

          “Are you thinking about out sisters?” She asked. But Alya only cried harder. “John and I found exactly where the Queen is. Should we go there?” Alial asked quickly.

          “Yes. Let’s go. We will kill that thing even if it takes us ten years to do it.” Alya said and turned her head. Her eyes were filled with tears, but her face was happy. Alial smiled but knew what Alya was going through. She herself had witnessed her own father’s death. She was only about 5 when it ocurred, but an Elven’s memory is pretty strong. Alial left the room.

          The next morning Alya woke up and found that Alial wasn’t in her bed. Alya rubbed her eyes from the sleepiness. She went into the control room. Alial was sitting in front of John, typing.

          “Alial, are you okay?” Alya asked.

          “Yes, I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking too much about our father. I know you didn’t see how he died, but I did. We were teleported out of there as soon as he died by the other people. And that’s when the Asiania’s destroyed the rest of the Elven race. All that was left of our planet Eien and Alyasie was memory is too strong to keep the pain away. But, I did manage to get a view of the ship that Zellial was on. Hold on,” Alial said. Alya was shocked at what her sister said. But on John there was the queen’s robot.

          “Damn! That’s a big robot. But I think I have one as big as that! And it can use the power sword. Perfect for casting the Sword of Darkness attack,” Alya said.

          “But wouldn’t that take all of your strength?!” Alial asked.

          “No, it should only take away about half of it. I’ll be fine if she doesn’t cast a fire blast to keep me from casting the spell. But if you help me out it will help. Just don’t get in front of me.”

          “Okay, but what ship will you use?” Alial asked.

          “This one. John can transform into a robot. That’s why this ship is so large.” Alya turned the ship towards Zellial’s direction.

Alya Star Episode 34: The Painful Truth

          Alya was in her room again. But she was asleep this time when the images came. She as Alya Shadow, was by a canon towards the front of a large ship. She aimed the canon at her sister, Aiya. She then pulled the trigger on the large gun. Millions of beams shot out at Aiya and pierced her arm and side.

          “You are a true Asiania, Alya Shadow! You will obey me at my every command!” Zellial’s voice said. “Yes, and one of those commands is to destroy every last elfin!”

          “What the?!” Alya sat up quickly. “That can’t be the truth. It has to be Zellial tricking me. I can’t be an Asiania,” Alya thought. Alial was in the bed next to her. Alya got up and walked over to a large mirror and looked in it. She still had no reflection. A different face appeared in it. Alya Shadow’s face.

          “No! It can’t be!” Alya cried. Alial didn’t wake up. “But it is,” Alya Shadow said in the mirror. Tears started falling down Alya’s face and Alya Shadow’s face. “Noooooo!” Alya screamed. She ran out into the control room. She ran up to John. “John, go into battle mode now!” Alya cried and pushed a large button on the panel.

          “Battle mode on!” John said. The ship started to shake and then formed into a large robot.

          Alial walked into the control room.

          “Alya, what’s happening?” She asked.

          “We’re going to kill that damn Zellial! John, go to the Queen, fast! Power Sword!” Alya cried. A sword appeared in her hands. 

Episode 35: Zellial Gone? The True Sword of Darkness

          Outside the window in the control room, there was Zellial’s robot ship. It was pretty enormous.

          “I’ll change to voice communicator,” Alya said and switched a mic on. “Queen Zellial of Zanenth. Stop attacking us and you may live. But if you don’t say you will, I will use an attack on you that you won’t be able to hold off,” Alya said and smiled.

          “I will never surrender. Especially not to you! I have to fulfill my sister’s wish in killing you and your sister!” Zellial’s voice rang out in space.

          “Then you shall die!” Alya cried. A power sword appeared in the robot’s hands also.

          It stretched across both Alya’s face and the robot’s face.

          “Sword! Enswirl in darkness!” Alya said. She started to sweat heavily. The sword was covered by a dark shadow. The one that the robot hled was almost a sword of light. Alya’s hair unfolded and was now a long veil of hair.

          “You don’t know what it’s like! To loose two sisters! You have no feelings at all! Not even for Zoras! He loved you and you didn’t love him back! Your heart is pure darkness! Sword, obey my command!” Alya cried. Tears fell down her face. “Light of Darkness! Except my command and destroy those in front of me! Those evil. Sword… of Darkness!” Alya cried. The sword outside the ship cut through the robot before it could defend itself.

          “Damn you Alya!” Zellial screamed. Alya fell forward with her eyes blank. The sword disappeared as soon as it touched the ground.

          “Healing!” Alial cried. Alya’s eyes turned back to normal and she was breathing normally.

          “Thank goodness you’re okay!” Alial said, hugging her sister.

          “Yeah, but she did mention her sister. Which will probably be an even bigger problem. And I can’t use the full Sword of Darkness yet. It’s because I’m too weak. But I can keep trying the Fuscia Attack and then use it to power up the sword first. Then it may make me more powerful,” Alya said, smiling.

Episode 36: Alya’s Fuscia Sword of Darkness?

          “Fuscia attack… times ten!” Alial cried. Dark purple cluds swirled around the sword.

          “Sword! Obey my command! Light of darkness! Obey my command. Except me and destroy those in front of me. Those evil, sword of fuscia darkness!” The sword got really large and caused a crack in the wall in front of Alya. She remained standing this time.

          “Try it times twenty this time,” Alya said and took a deep breath.

          “Okay, Fuscia… Attack, times twenty!” Alial cried. Her staff appeared and this time, the clouds came out of the heart on the top of the staff. It blended with the sword and made it dark purple and darkness swirled around it. Instead of saying the chant outloud, she said it in her head. She pictured darkness. Just a black hole sucking everything in. Alya started to shake but then held firm on the sword. Her hair opened again like it did before.

          “Sword of darkness!” Alya cried and broke the barrier that was around the gym and glass flew eveywhere but then disappeared.

          “Okay. I’m going to heal myself in the new chamber I created a little while ago. It heals your body completely and makes it a little bit stronger. You can use it after I’m done if you want,” Alya said. Her sword disappeared.

          “That’s okay, I’m going to think for awhile. Goodnight sister,” Alial said.

Episode 37: Alya’s Transformation Sequence

          Alya now floated in a gell like substance. She was really strong already. So that’s why she was going through what she was right now. She stepped out of the chamber. Her dress was gone and so was the star on her cheek. Alya’s body was glowing. She closed her eyes. Then she raised one of her arms and sparkles ran down her skin. A dress flew over her and her hair got just a little shorter and stayed down. Her sword appeared.

          “Fuscia… attack!” She cried. The sword glowed purple. Then darkness instantly swirled around it. She didn’t even have to say the last part. A barrier quickly flashed around the room. But it broke through the room barrier and the wall. “John, repair.” The wall repaired itself right away.

          “Alya, what happened? Is that you Alya?!” Alial asked.

          “Yes, and I can instantly cast the Sword of Darkness. I can control it now that I’m stronger. Plus, I’ve developed a few new attacks. So, do you want to train? I think I’ll train also. It’s 5 o’clock already, so why don’t we? I have a smaller gym that you can use,” Alya said.

          “Okay, you have to show me those attacks sometime,” Alial said, still looking at her sister like she was someone else.

          “Fire… lightning!” Alya cried. She put her hand into the air and a park flicked on for a second. Fire swirled around Alya and a blast of fire and lightning shot out of her hands. It blew up the target on the far wall. “Ha, yes!” Alya cried. 

Episode 38: Intensive Research

          “Alial! Oh good, tea. Well, I was just training and realized that we need to find tons of information on Zellial’s sister. I can’t believe she has a sister. She probably didn’t love her. And I bet her sister is even worse than her,” Alya said, coming into the control room. Alial was pouring some elven tea. It was olny one of the things they inhabited from humans.

          “Yeah, but where do we start looking? Since Zellial is dead, we can’t get any information from her,” Alial said.

          “Yes. But I have a pretty good feeling of who she is. John, look for the word Synicoth. S-y-n-I-c-o-t-h,” Alya said.

          “What? You mean that Princess Synicoth that was in that awful legand?” Alial asked, surprised.

          “Yep. It may be her sister even though she’s a princess. Zellial couldn’t become a princess because she didn’t marry a prince, or Zoras,” Alya said. A girl with long black hair stood holding a sword and was wearing a white dress on the screen. John’s voice came on.

          “Synicoth. She is a very refine lady and is also a skilled sorceress. She also took fencing lessons when she was little and is very good with the sword. She had one sister named Zellial who was the Queen of their planet, Zanenth,” John said. It showed up on print on the next page.

          “Ah, I thought so. But wow, she sounds powerful.  The name was out of my  mind from the stories that I heard when I was little. But she could cast a spell that could literally destroy the world,” Alya said.

          “I’ll see what I can find, but I’ll have to rest since you woke me up at 5 this morning. But I was worred about you,” Alial said.

          “Don’t be worried you lumhead! I’m 10 times stronger than I was when I was just Alya Star. Maybe even 1,000. I’ll have to check my fighting power once I get back in my lab,” Alya went back into her lab and checked on James. It said 10,000.

Alya Star Episode 39: Intensive Training

          28 targets were set up all the way around the gym.

          “Fire… lightning!” Alya cried. The same thing happened to her as before. But then as the fire blasted two of the targets, Alya slowly brought her hand to the right and turned around as it smashed each target. All of them were gone and Alya wiped her forehead from the sweat. One large target appeared and Alya started to chant some words in her tongue. Then she cried: “Fuscia lightning… fire!” A circle of fire swirled up and down her body.

          Then lightning flickered around her. A purple cloud swirled around her arm. It shot out at once at the target. Four massive metal blocks shot up from the ground far away. “Sword, seep into my hands! Sword of Darkness!” Imediately the Power Sword appeared and swirled in the dark clouds. Then it slashed out and blasted the first three blocks. “Fire… lightning!” Alya cried and fire and lightning shot out of Alya’s hand and smashed the target. “Phew, that’s enough training for today. I’ll go check on Alial,” Alya said.

          Alial was in a chair and her arms and legs were hooked up to it. It was like Alya’s tank, only it gave more than just energy to her. Alya walked in the doorway.

          “My sister, rest, for you will need it for the upcoming battle. Synicoth knows nothing of mercy or kindness. We need all the strength to beat her. And I don’t think I’ll be able to use the Sword of Darkness right away,” Alya thought.

Episode 40: Why?

          “Alya, Alya! Wake up as a true Asiania! Come to us, Alya Star,” a voice pounded inside Alya’s mind.

          “No! I am not an Asiania and I never will be! Never!” Alya cried. Tears rand down her cheeks. She woke up suddenly. “Why? Why do I keep getting these damn dreams? Is it… is it because I am an Asiania?” Alya asked herself. Alial was now awake as well. They were in their room and both were silent. “Alial, you have to know something. You have to know why the queen said I was an Asiania. And why I keep getting these dreams. Alial, please tell me!” Alya cried, taking her sisters shoulders and shook her a little. Alial then started crying.

          “It’s because you are Asiania. Father didn’t create you. He only adopted you. Yes, it means he took you in when you were created by Synicoth. She is your mother. Amile and Aiya are my sisters since I was created by their father. I’m so sorry but this is the truth. But you’ll still be my sister,” Alial said, still crying. Alya broke out in tears also.

          “No!” She cried.

          “I know now what the truth is. Thank you, my sister,” Alya said. Alial wiped away her tears and looked up at her sister.

          “I know that it was Synicoth who killed father, since he took you away. You were little when it happened. I was only at about power level 10 at the time too. But I still remember it,” Alial said and closed her eyes.

          “Synicoth? How can she be my mother? If that’s true, why didn’t she make me look more like her? I look like you, Aiya, and Amile. Anyways, my power level now is at 10,000. Do you want me to check yours?” Alya asked.

          “Sure,” Alial replied.

          Alial’s power rating was at 9,000, just below Alya’s. Which was to be expected because Alya was just training and was in a regeneration tank. Now they had to get ready for the battle with Synicoth, which was going to be in one week.

Episode 41: Arrival on Arilias

          “Alial, we’re going to be landing on a planet called Arilias. We have to get a few parts for my new computer that will help us make plans for the battle against Synicoth,” Alya said, turning the ship towards a large planet. It was almost as big as Eternal; Aiya and Amile’s home planet, which was destroyed. It had two moons and a large star was near it. It was Arilias. Alya turned her ship and landed on the planet. There was a large palace near the landing base. There were more people like the Asiania’s and Elfins. But they were called Aliasans. They spoke many different languages, and their most fluent on was Elfin. Elfins were known around the universe. Some think that they were the most powerful creatures around.

          “Alial, open the door,” Alya said calmly. She was a little nervous, just like when she went to Earth the first time. But she knew there had to be some good here. But she couldn’t help feeling uneasy. The air was breathable, so she stopped glowing. Then the smell of blood and dirt came. There was a large doorway leading into the palace. There were bloody warriors lined up against the wall. “What could have happened here?” Alya asked, quietly.

          “Go! Leave this place! I warn you, you will only find nothing but corpses ahead of you!” A deep voice called out.

          “Who are you?” Alya cried.

          “Never mind, just go!” The voice said. Alya walked on ahead. Her expression was very firm. Finally she came to the edge of the pathway. There was a groove in the ground. Behind that was a pile of dead bodies. All were covered in blood and looked like soldiers. There was a sillouette of a man standing on top of the bodies. “I warned you, but you did not listen. You did not need to see this,” the man said.

          “Just who are you?” Alya exclaimed. Alial held her hand up to her mouth and was shocked. Alya’s face was also pale. The man jumped down and landed at the edge of the groove. He walked into the light. “You’re Geo?!” Alya cried. He had short brown hair and wore a cape. He had a light sword in his right hand.

          “Yes, I was Iana’s husband until we seperated. Now I don’t know if she’s even alive. But how do you know my name, if I don’t know yours?” Geo asked, putting his sword away.

          “Well, I’m Alya Star, I’m just happened to be passing by after I saved the universe, and I read about you in a file I just happened to have about the Light Sword,” Alya said, laughing.
          “Oh, and who are you?” Geo turned to Alial.

          “Uh, I’m… Alial,” Alial said blushing.

          “She’s my sister. Anyways, I was hoping to find supplies here, since Arilias had such a great file report. I was thinking the three things that I need, do you know anything about their supply base?” Alya asked.

          “Supply base?” Geo asked. “Yes.”

          “Do you know where it is?”

          “Well, yes. But they don’t have very many rare pieces. They only have certain parts,” Geo replied.

          “Oh they’re not that rare,” Alya said.

          “Okay, I’ll take you to it.”

Episode 42: The Arilias Supply Base

          “Here it is,” Geo said. There was a sign above the entrance way that read ‘Supply Base.’ There were window shops all along each side of the street. People were behind each one of them and sometimes there were little creatures.

          “You’re right, they don’t have a lot here,” Alya said.

          “Yeah. They usually get new stuff after it’s all sold out,” Geo said. One of the creatures started chattering and pointed at Alya.

          “Young lady, would you be looking for this by any chance?” An old man asked.

          “Yes, I do need it. But how did you know that?” Alya asked.

          “Oh, I just thought you might be wanting it, so I thought I’d ask. You can have it for free. This piece is not rare at all and I can get it any time,” the man said and put it in Alya’s hands.

          “Thank you very much,” Alya said.

          “Oh, the other things that you’re looking for aren’t here. But before you leave, I’d like to have a sword fight with you,” the man walked out of his booth.

          “All right. I accept your challenge,” Alya said.

          “But Alya, your sword is too powerful for him!” Alial cried.

          “Oh,I’m sure he can hold it off, right Synicoth?”

 Episode 43: Sword Fight, Alya vs. Synicoth

          “Synicoth, what?” Alial asked.

          “And how did you know that?” The man asked.

          “Well, I was wondering how you knew what I needed, and I read on my computer that you can change forms. So I just thought you might be her,” Alya smiled.

          “Maybe you did find out. Draw your sword!” Synicoth said. The “man” put his hand in front of his face. The body glowed and he transformed into Synicoth. She had long gold hair that went down to her knees.

          “I knew it was you! Power Sword!” Alya cried. Her sword glowed as it appeared.

          “Now you’ll only get a taste of my real power!” Synicoth cried. She almost had the voice of a small girl. She wasn’t exactly like Alya had expected her to be.

          The clashing of swords rang throughout all of Arilias. The people and creatures left their booths as the fighting began. So there was no one there but the four. Geo was just standing there watching and Alial was floating above the ground.

          “You’re strong, but I know I’ll kill you!” Alya cried. Their swords scrapped eachother. Alya was sweating but Synicoth seemed fine. ‘Maybe she is too strong, no I can beat her!” Alya thought.

          “See, I’m too strong for you. Plus, I’m a skilled sorceress and learned Tomorrow’s Legacy; the most known and powerful spell in any kind of field,” Synicoth said, laughing.

          “Tomorrow’s Legacy?” Geo and Alya both cried.

          “Since when do you know that spell?” Geo asked.

          “I learned it one year ago, from a sorceress named Iana Ilia.

          “What? Where is she now?” Alya asked.

          “Who knows? Probably floating around in space somewhere. You’re Geo aren’t you? She asked about you but I dind’t know where you were. Hell with this, what am I doing? Anyways, you lost, Alya Star, now you have to battle me two more times in two places in order for us to have our last battle,” Synicoth disappeared and laughed.

          “Damn it. I just let my guard down. Geo, are you all right?” Alya asked. Geo was almost paralyzed.

          “Why would Iana… do something like that? Unless she used a certain from of the Tomorrow’s Legacy.”

Episode 44: The Powerful Tomorrow’s Legacy

          “I’ve never really understood Tomorrow’s Legacy. I know it is very powerful and can consume an entire world. But what is the Tomorrow’s Legacy exactly?” Alya asked. Alial had just been quiet the whole time. It was not that she wasn’t interested, it was just that she didn’t want to interrupt.

          “I thought that only… Iana could perform that spell. She swore on that day after she used it for the third time that she would never teach it to anyone, even if it cost her life. The Tomorrow’s Legacy is the Goddess of Darkness herself. A power unlike anything in the world. The most deadly spell in black magic that could destroy an entire world. I don’t really know the rest, but that’s mostly it.”

          “The Goddess of Darkness. Well first we have to find where Synicoth will be waiting for us and the two other parts that I need before our last battle,” Alya said.

          “Yes, I still can’t believe that Iana would teach someone else the Tomorrow’s Legacy. She promised to never use that spell again,” Geo said.

          “Well, we’ll just have to find her somehow and get some answers. But before that let’s head back to the ship. I have one of the parts I need and I can atleast put that one in.” Alya started flying towards her ship, which was by the castle where they first landed.

Episode 45: Alial’s Dream

          It was around eleven o’clock at night and Geo couldn’t sleep. He kept thinking about Iana and the Tomorrow’s Legacy. At that time he really didn’t understand it either. Neither did Iana. He was only a swordsman and had no magic. Iana was the most powerful sorceress on Earth.

          Alial was in her room sleeping, but rolling over and over in her bed. Sweat ran down her face. She was dreaming of herself, trapped in Synicoth’s ship. And was running around, breathing hard, desperately trying to find a way out.

          “Help me!” A cry rang out in Alial’s head.

          “Iana, where are you?” Alial cried. She could barely yell. Suddenly a picture of a magic circle appeared on Alial’s chest. About ten Synicoths spun around her as she turned around.

          “Are you afraid you won’t find Iana in time? It’s already too late!!” All the Synicoths disappeared except for one behind her. She had a black sword and struck it right through Alial.

          Alial woke up suddenly.

          “Nooo!!” Alial cried. Geo heard her and ran through the dark hallways to her room. Alial started crying when she saw him. He walked over to her bed and sat down. She hugged him tightly and cried the rest of the night.

Episode 46: Alya’s Vision

          “What’s wrong Alial? Did you have a nightmare?” Alya asked. She had dark circles under her eyes from working all night. John had tried to get her to go to bed, but she wouldn’t.

          “I don’t know what happened, I just heard a loud scream. Didn’t you hear her?” Geo asked.

          “I’ll… explain later,” Alial said, still sweating, but not crying anymore. <p>

          “I was tracking Synicoth and the part I need for my computer. I found Synicoth. She’s heading towards Nexus, a small planet 1,000 light years away. I think the next piece that I need is also on that planet. But I can’t trace it. I just have this feeling,” Alya said, rubbing her tired eyes.

          “You need some rest, though we still have to battle Synicoth two more times. We’ll take over in trying to find the piece that you’re looking for,” Alial said, still in shock but able to speak.

          “What about your dream?” Alya suddenly screamed and couldn’t move.

          “Alya, what’s wrong?” Alial cried. Alya didn’t seem to hear her.

          “Alya? Are you there, can you hear me?” It was a man’s voice calling out to her.

          “Father? Is that you?” Alya asked in her mind.

          “Yes, Alya. I created you to destroy the Asiania’s. That’s why you were born on an Asiania battle cruiser. I just wanted you to get the idea that they were pure evil, who’s only thoughts are destruction, hatred, and terror. Do not let Synicoth trick you, my dear daughter. She does not love you the way I do, even though I’m an Asiania too. I have to go now, goodbye, my daughter,” the man disappeared as he said this.

          “Father, I’ll make Synicoth bleed for what she did to us.” Alya fell on her knees and clenched her hands into fists.

          “I’ve created a mind reader device that can search for Asiania’s dreams. I’ll hook myself up to that and record my dream for you. It won’t be real though,” Alial said, walking out of the room.

Episode 47: Synicoth’s Fear

          “Alial, she’s one of the strongest Asiania’s left. Alya Star and I are the only other two. Alial, if you ever reach your highest power level, you will be even more powerful than your sister. I do love you Alial, as for Alya, Aiya, and Amile, they are the ones that I hate. I have lived for over 200 years, since I am not human. What disgusting creatures. Almost as bad as those elves. I transformed my so called husband into an Asiania when we got “engaged” as humans call it. He was always so kind to Alya and the others, whom I hate.

          But finally, I had a few of my troops and their battle fleet ships destroy the planets of the elves and even, Aiya and Amile. My sister and her partner took care of them. Now I need to figure out a way to kill the both of them! Oh, the crystal shard! That will work for sure… Alial, you better not transform anymore times or you will have a slim chance of defeating me,” Synicoth explained. She took a breath and sweat ran down her face. She was nervous, afraid that they might be able to defeat her. But her plan about the crystal shard still remained in her mind.

          Back in Alya’s ship…

          “Why can’t I… fall asleep? Is it because of my vision of father? I still can’t believe he communicated with me even though he was killed. Father, I wish you were still alive so you would be able to help us,” Alya said. She soon fell asleep after that.

          Meanwhile Alial was in her room hooking up the chords that were connected to the inside of her mind. She then took out a small screen that had chords running through it also. She pushed a button and a shock wave went through each of the chords. Alial jerked back a little and closed her eyes. A picture of her appeared on the screen. A red light was flashing near the screen to show that it was recording. It was her dream.

Episode 48: Alya’s Decision

          “I must fight these next two battles alone. If Alial gets captured or something, I’ll be helpless. Synicoth, I’ll destroy you! I still don’t think that it will be another swordfight. The last battle she’ll probably use her robot. It’s a good thing that John can turn into one. I better go check on Alya. It is morning already,” Alya thought, laying in her room, unhooking.

          Alial was still in her room unhooking the cords when Alya came in.

          “Did you get it recorded? Maybe it shows where she’ll be the second time,” Alya said.

          “Well, my dream wasn’t real, because I won’t ever go inside her ship. But maybe where she is, is true.” Alial gave Alya the screen. There was a speaker in the back for the sound. Alya pushed the playback button below the screen to the left. It played Alial’s dream over again.

          “Oh wow. Synicoth must be pretty powerful,” Alya said, looking up at her sister.

          “Yes, but that dream isn’t true. It was only a nightmare caused by my fear. We’ll beat her somehow. By the way, aren’t we getting close to the next piece you’re looking for?” Alial asked.

          “I don’t know. Let’s check on John,” Alya said.

          In the control room, Alya sat in the chair by John. She typed a few symbols. A weird looking ship appeared on the screen. It then showed the planet below it. Nexus, it said below it.

          “I knew it! It’s on the same planet that Synicoth is on! But, we have to make sure not to battle her until after we get the piece. Otherwise, we might forget about it or she’d find it first,” Alya said, looking at Alial. They both nodded.

Episode 49: Geo’s Sadness

          Geo was practicing in a simulation with the Light Sword. Monsters appeared in front of him. With once slice he turned them into little pieces. A sorceror appeared. He had a sword also. His eyes were covered by his hair, so you couldn’t see them. Geo was breathing hard and sweat ran down his face.

          “Come on! I’m ready for you!” Geo cried. He slashed the sword against the sorceror’s. Suddenly a memory of Iana hit him. He tried as hard as he could not to let go of his sword. He then charged forward and stabbed the man right in the stomach. Geo then saw Iana falling out of his sword instead. He was missing her that much.

          “Geo!!” She cried but the simulation turned off.

          Geo just stood there. He had his eyes closed tightly and put his sword away.

          “Was that just a simulation, or was I really seeing that?” He thought, his eyes still closed.

          Alya still was in the control room. Only she was training as well. She was concentrating all of her power into one spot. Her body was glowing and her wings spread out. Feathers swirled around her.

          “Wing flash!” She cried. A ray of light shot out of her hands and feathers swirled around it also. It disappeared right before it hit the closed door because there was a shield around the room. Alya stopped glowing and slowly opened her eyes.

          “Thank you John. I just have to work harder to push it up so that the power level is at it’s maximum. Don’t worry though, I’ll do that in the gym,” she said. She wasn’t even sweating or breathing hard at all.

Episode 50: No Evil Eyes, Hearts

          “Alya, can I talk to you for a little while?” Alial asked.

          “Sure. But I have to get back to training soon. We’re almost to Nexus. There’s only a day left,” Alya replied. They were in the planning room. (Geo was sleeping.)

          “I just don’t know what to do. That dream might have been a warning, a vision of the future. I really don’t want to die. Alya, I’m kind of frightened,” Alial said and tears started to fall down her cheeks. Alya was shocked, but then she said:

          “If you’re not thinking evil thoughts throughout the battle, you won’t die. Atleast, not by Synicoth. You are one of the kindest people I know and I love you. We are sisters after all. But that’s not only the reason. I sense something inside of you. A love for the universe, for life itself. That’s what father created us for, to live and destroy all evil so that we can live in peace. We have to kill Synicoth,” Alya said, smiling. She took her sister’s hand, gracefully.

Episode 51: Synicoth’s First Defeat

          “Well, here we are. Nexus. It’s inhabited with people like ourselves, only there are different kinds. Sort of like humans,” Alya said, typing on the keypad on John. “John, landing mode. Land us near Synicoth but far enough away so that she doesn’t detect us. Also so there’s not any people near by,” Alya said, looking at the screen.

          “Okay,” John replied. Pillars came out of the bottom of the ship. It flew over for awhile, but then it landed in a dry spot on the surface. It was desert like, but had grass growing in some spots and trees. But there was no oxygen. So Alya, Alial, and Geo all started glowing. It was only the outline of their bodies though.

          They flew out. (Alial was holding on to Geo.)

          “Synicoth should be a few minutes ahead,” Alya told Alial. Her hair was blowing back and was wavy.

          Synicoth was waiting up ahead. Alya and Alial both stopped at the same time.

          “Synicoth. Why did you turn against us?” Alya asked, tightly closing her eyes.      “You are the only ones left that stand between me and the universe’s destruction. I will destroy you,” Synicoth said evilly. Her eyes started glowing bright red.

          “Alial, stay here! Take this and you and Geo go find that piece for my computer! Go! Don’t worry about me!” Alya said. She tossed them the small computer that she used to find Zellial.

          “Okay,” Alial said, catching the computer. They flew off. Synicoth started to scream. Large pieces of the ground flew up and were broken into smaller pieces. <p>

          “Oh no! Wing… Fuscia…” Alya started to say her attack. Her wings grew really long and beautiful.

          “What the…?” Synicoth asked but rocks still flew up and crumbled.

          “Flash… Attack!” Alya cried. A purple and white flash came out of her hands. It hit the force field around Synicoth. At first it didn’t do damage.

                   Then the blast became bigger. The shield broke and the beam hit Synicoth.

          “No! I’ll get you in the next battle, Alya!” She disappeared after that.

          “Two more major battles before we can finally live in peace,” Alya said.

Episode 52: A Lot of Planning

          Alya, Alial, and Geo were all in the planning room again. Geo had never seen this room before, so of course he was looking around.

          “Now, she obviously has some machine that she uses in order to power up, otherwise, she can’t get strong enough between now and our next fight. Unless she’s a Super Asiania, just like we and our sisters are. Anyways, we have to become invisible and go into her ship and destroy that machine. The only problem is, we have to find it in time. She’s so powerful that she can detect us even if we are unseen. Geo, can you stay and pilot the ship, or you can put it on self pilot,” Alya asked him.

          “Sure, but what if Synicoth detects me instead of you?” Geo asked.

          “Oh, don’t worry. John will fly out of danger. You just have to tell him which way to turn,” Alya said, smiling, “let’s get a good meal and a good night’s rest so that we can do a lot of searching tomorrow. I have an outline of every Asiania ship there ever was created. That’s why I have a lot of computers around!” Alya winked.

          “Okay, I’ll go to my room now,” Geo said.

          “I’ll bring you some food,” Alial said, turning to him.

          “That’s kind of you, thanks,” he said and walked into the hallway. He then turned to the left and went into the bedroom.

Episode 53: Alial’s Discovery Part 1

          Alya was cooking a pot full of vegetables. She then chopped up some chicken and put it in the vegetables and sauce.

          “Smells good. What is it called?” Alial asked, walking into the little kitchen.

          “Humans call it chicken stew. Whatever that means. I’ve tried it at Jo’s place and it tasted pretty good to me,” Alya said, stirring the big pot of vegetables and chicken.

          In a few minutes the meal was done. Alial took some in a bowl to Geo. He was just sitting on his bed, thinking.

          “So, have you and Iana gone through any tough battles? You don’t have to answer if it’s too painful to talk about them. I’ll just…” Alial started.

          “No, that’s okay. I can tell you. One of my many memories was a fight between a monster,who tried to force us and our friends against eachother. Iana fought with Amil. But I was fighting off demons who tried to take my sword. It took forever to fight them off. Amil finally decided to fight with Iana against a wolf demon who was also tricking us. It gets pretty complicated after that, so I’ll stop there,” Geo said, looking down and smiling sadly.

          “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked! I’ll leave,” Alial said, getting up.

          “No, I could use some company,” he said. Alial blushed.

          “It must have been awful,” she said, almost crying.

          “Not really. We should get back to work,” he replied.

          “Right…” Alial said. There was an awkward silence as Alial read some pages on a computer.

Episode 54: Alial’s Discovery Part 2

          Alial was working on John while Alya was in her lab trying out some files in her new computer. But nothing came up.

          “Damn it. Why won’t it work unless I have these specific pieces?” Alya thought.

          “John, locate piece 0082 in quardrent 4082. It has to be there. I’ve looked everywhere else I could think of,” Alial said. A picture of a greenish blue planet appeared. Above it said “Eien” in gold letters. “It can’t be! Eien!” Alial said. Then it showed clips of the buildings, flowers, and so on. “It is definitely Eien. But I thought it was destroyed!” Alial said.

          “No, look at the other side of it as it turns,” John said. A large opening was in the side of the planet. And it was slowly regenerating. The question was unanswered. All she knew was that it was Eien. She then started crying. Alial ran into Alya’s room.

          “Alya! It’s Eien! The next piece is on Eien, our home planet! It wasn’t completely destroyed!” Alial cried.

          “What?! I’ll have to see this,” Alya said. The picture of the half of Eien was still on the screne. “It is Eien, our home. But, all the elves were destroyed by the Asiania’s. I’ll just have to destroy them all for what they did!” Alya cried. Tears fell down her face as she looked at the picture. She remembered playing when she was little. She would lay in the flowers and smell their sweet sent until it was night. She even sneaked out to look at the three moons that were rising.

          “We have to defeat Synicoth, some way,” she said, wiping her tears.

Episode 55: Alya’s Other Sister

          The truth was that the other side was being created by a girl. She was an Asiania too. You see, she was Alya’s sister, Ciel. She has four sisters. She was never mentioned though. Ciel is good at this time. She used energy from her fist to create Eien, or recreate, to look like it did many, many years ago, when Alya was small.

          “Alya, there is one life form on this planet, and it’s recreating the half of Eien. How would it be recreated on it’s own if there wasn’t?” Alial asked. Geo was now in front of the screen.

          “Why worry about that? Obviously whoever or whatever is regenerating it wants it to live on, or for us to live. If they just want to destroy it, what’s the point of remaking it? As long as it’s put to good use. This is our home. But, we’ve always lived with elves. Or, were the people really Asiania’s, I wonder?” Alya asked.

          “Could we maybe go explore? When I was with Iana, we explored many different parts of our world. But I never really explored any other worlds until Iana…until she disappeared. Maybe we could find some surviving inhabitants from the explosion,” Geo explained.

          “Sure. I have to find the next piece for my computer anyways. And, I could use my magic, and Alial could help me, to make the planet be more like it used to be,” Alya said, starting to cry and then wiping the tears away.

          “Plus, we don’t know if that Eien is even real. That person or thing could have created it all on it’s own. I just have a weird feeling,” Alial said.

          “No, this is Eien, you said it yourself. You were crying because of it. I was also. This is the real, true Eien,” Alya said.

          “Yes, Alya, come to me and see your beautiful planet. It is real, but I’m the one who created it! Come, meet your sister, Ciel. I love everything you hate. I will kill you Alya Star!” The figure sitting on a broken off lamp post said. Her face was dark and her eyes glowed red.

Episode 56: Arrival on Eien

          Alya couldn’t get to sleep that night. She kept thinking about Eien and what Alial said. She just couldn’t get over how she thought Eien was destroyed. She was in the battle ship when it happened. The planet just suddenly exploded. She was only a little girl and wasn’t Alya Shadow yet.

          She then started crying. Not because she found Eien, her home, but because she was actually an Asiania.

          “I have to think about the future, and not the past. But it’s just so horrible… that… I blank out everytime I think about it. This has to be a bad dream, just all a dream!” Alya thought, lying in bed, crying.

          “But it’s not all a dream, Alya Star. Or should I say, Alya Shadow?” Someone called out with an evil voice.

          “Who are you?” Alya asked.

          “I am your sister, Ciel. You are going to see me after you battle Synicoth, and after you face your next two enemies. I will be waiting, Alya Shadow!” The voice broke out into an evil, low pitched laugh.

          “Alya, we’re almost to Eien. I can see it shining in the distance,” Alial said in the doorway.

          “Okay, I’ll be there in a little bit,” Alya said, looking down. A tear fell and shined on her star locket. She grasped it. It suddenly opened. A jewel was inside of it. It was also shaped like one of the flowers that grew only on Eien. The tear drop rose. Alya had seen roses on Earth and thought they were the most beautiful things in the universe. Then she realized, that these tear drop roses were more beautiful. <p>

          “Alial, are we in range to go down?” Alya asked, coming in the control room.

          “Yes, we are in orbit now. Can’t you see it?” Alial asked.

          “Yes. Geo, take hold of Alial’s hand. We’re going to teleport to the planet,” Alya said. She closed her eyes. Her hair started to float. A star appeared on her forehead. It shone brightly. They suddenly disappeared.

Episode 57: Nothing Remains

          A soon as they landed on the cold planet, Alya opened her eyes. It seemed like there was nothing there. But when Alya drew her sword, light flashed all around it. There were skeletons all around them. Millions of them. All of the elves had died from the blast that destroyed half of Eien. Tears fell down both Alya and Alial’s faces.

          “No, this can’t be real. There has to be someone alive. Alial, can you get a reading on the planet?” Alya asked. Her hand was shaking.

          “Yes. There is only one remaining living person here. It says her name is Ciel,” Alial said.

          “Ciel? Alial, I had a vision of her last night. She said she was our sister. And there was something else too. Let’s try to find her, since she seems to be doing well. Let’s also look for the piece for my computer,” Alya said, looking ahead of her.

          “Alya, there’s another piece somewhere also. Both of the pieces are here on Eien,” Alial said. She gave the small computer to Alya. It showed the two coordinates where the pieces were.

          “So, we won’t have to do anymore searching after this. How about we go back to Earth for a little while? We still have time, and I’m missing Jo. Geo, how about it?” Alya asked.

          “Sure, but what about your computer?” He asked.

          “Oh, I’ll fix it after we go to Earth. We don’t have to stay there a whole week. Just enough time to visit Jo. And Yamadi of course,” Alya said. Alial blushed, just thinking of him.

          Alya flew forward and so did Alial and Geo. The first piece was 150 miles ahead. They still had to fight Synicoth one more time before the final battle. Alya knew that she’d be waiting for them outside of Eien. Somewhere on their way to Earth.

          Even the beautiful flowers and trees of Eien were brown, the color of death. Alya started crying again. Tears fell back and disappeared behind her.

          “No, nooo!” Alya cried and flew faster as she saw all of the dead skeletons lying on the ground against the tall, round buildings.

Episode 58: Teardrop Roses

          Alya suddenly stopped. Ciel, it was her sister. A ghostly figure of her stood in the shadows. It then disappeared.

          “What’s wrong Alya? Are you all right?” Alial asked. She and Geo stopped. <p>

          “Nothing. I just thought I saw someone. I’m okay. Wait! Look over there!” Alya pointed to the spot where the figure of Ciel was. On the ground was a teardrop rose. It was glowing too. Light shown down on it.

          “Maybe…” Alya started to say. She flew over towards it.

          The star locket on her colar opened.

          “I knew it, my locket is the key to this planet’s existance,” Alya thought. She stopped flying right before the beautiful flower. The crystal on her locket shone white like it did before. The flower in front of her started floating. She then too, started to lift up off the ground. The star on her cheek started sparkling.

          “Oh, Alya,” Alial gasped. Geo had no clue what was going on. But he didn’t ask anything. The planet just suddenly turned back to normal. Even all the people were alive again. Alya fell over. “Alya!” Alial cried and caught her. “Alya! Alya! Wake up!” She said. Slowly, Alya opened her eyes. She then smiled weakly.

          “Eien. Our home, I was the key to make this planet whole again. It was my locket that did it,” Alya said, breathing hard.

          All of the people, elves, went back to their homes.

          “Wow, it’s so beautiful here. I wonder if we’re close to the first piece,” Geo said. He looked around.

          “Alial, how far are we from it?” Alya said, sitting up.

          “Well, we’ve gone fifty miles already, so 100 left to go. We have to turn a few times after fifty miles though,” Alial replied, looking at the computer.

          “Okay. Let’s keep going,” Alya said, standing.

Episode 59: Another Vision

          Alya, Alial and Geo flew forward. Alya suddenly received a series of images. All about her father. They were all good images.

          “Alya,” he said in one.

          “Father?” The little Alya called out. She ran to him, but he disappeared. “Father! Where are you? I’m scared,” Alya started crying. Her father suddenly appeared again.

          “Alya, I have to say goodbye. Your mother will take good care of you,” he said. He phased out.

          “No! Father!” The small Alya cried.

          Alya turned the corner with Alial and Geo.

          “Alya, it should be just ahead. In the supply base. There are atleast ten of them on Eien. The other piece is in one of those,” Alial said.

          “Okay,” Alya said. Her face was pale, but she kept going. They reached the supply base. Alya and the two stopped and landed. They looked at each table, but couldn’t find it.

          “Alya, can I help you?” A man asked.

          “Iseli! I haven’t seen you since I was a little girl! How are you?” Alya asked.

          “I’m doing well. Who is this young man, Alial?” Iseli asked, looking at Geo.

          “He’s Geo Gaske. He’s on a search to find Iana Ilia, his wife, and he has the legendary light sword,” Alial explained.

          “Oh, do you need any help finding anything, Alya?” Iseli asked.

          “Yes, actually I was looking for piece 0082,” Alya said.

          “Yes, here it is. You can have it for free since I know you,” Iseli said, handing them a computer chip.

          “Thank you very much. We have to find the next one,” Alya said. She took the piece from Iseli.

          “Okay. Will I see you later?” He asked.

          “Yes, it’s a promise,” Alya said.

          As Alya and the others were flying back, Alya received another vision of Ciel. Only this time, she didn’t say anything. She was killing Alial with her sword. Blood was everywhere. Alya stopped when this happened.

          “Alya? Is something wrong? This happened twice now,” Alial said.

          “It’s Ciel. She’s even more evil than Synicoth I fear,” Alya replied.

Episode 60: Alya’s Eien Mother

          “I also just remembered. My mother who was taking care of me on Eien wasn’t Synicoth. She was a much younger woman. I think she was married to our father,” Alya said.

          “I thought Synicoth was,” Alial said, her eyes widened.

          “Yes, but I think because she was so selfish and had an evil heart, he married an elf. That’s a probably why I thought I was an elf, and not Alya Shadow, the Asiania,” Alya explained.

          “Oh, so is your mother still alive, or did she die before the explosion?” Alial asked.

          “Well, I don’t really remember too much about her,” Alya said.

          “Oh, let’s try and find her next. Do you remember where your house is?” Alial asked.

          “Yeah, I think so, it was in quadrent 040 and was in the fifth row,” Alya said.

          They flew back towards Alya’s old house at incredible speed.

          “I wasn’t really living here at all. It always was a home for me. The flowers and trees seem so familiar. I love it here and wish we didn’t have to fight anymore,” Alial thought, and kept flying.

          They came towards the house, a tall, round building with multiple windows. They landed before it. Alya walked up to the door and slowly turned the nob. The strange door magicaly opened.

          “Mother?” Alya asked.

          “Be right there,” someone said in the next room. Alya’s eyes widened. A tall woman came out of the room. She had lavender hair and red eyes. “Hello, Alya,” she said, smiling.

          “Mother! You’re still alive!” Alya said. Her mother walked up to Alya and put a hand on her shoulder.

          “Of course I am, you gave me life,” she said. Alya started crying. “Who are your friends, Alial?” The woman asked.

          “This is Geo Gaske and he’s looking for his wife and is helping us in our battles. I guess I’m your daughter too, huh?” Alial asked.

          “Yes, you, Alya, Aiya, and Amile all are my daughters,” Alya’s mother said. Her name was Aliya, which is where “Alya” came from.

          Suddenly, a dark shadow appeared behind them.

          “Alya,” it seemed to say. It then lunged forward. Everything froze. It slammed it’s arm right through Aliya’s chest.

          “A… ly…a!” She cried. She turned gray and fell into Alya’s lap. There was a silence for a minute. The shadow disappeared and started laughing evily.

          “Noooooo!” Alya cried. She held her lifeless mother tightly. Alial started to cry as soon Geo closed his eyes tightly. “No, mother… I know it had to be Ciel. Synicoth isn’t that powerful,” Alya said, getting up from the floor. She still had tears in her eyes, but her face was angry.

Episode 61: Happy and Sad Memories

          “Alya, the next piece is only a few miles from here. We could get there in a day if we go now,” Alial said, looking at the small computer.

          “Okay, let’s get going. Geo, coming with us?” Alya asked, solemnly.

          “Yes. I still have to find Ilia. Even if it kills me, I’ll find her,” Geo said.

          Alya, Alial, and Geo flew out of the house. Alya’s mother’s eyes were open, but were blank.

          “Alya,” she seemed to say, even though she was already dead. The three kept flying at an alarming speed. Alya kept thinking about that same scene over and over in her head. She did not cry though. Neither did Alial. But Alya did catch a glimpse of what Ciel looked like. She was even more evil than Alya imagined.

          “First my mother is Synicoth, than I have a sister who wants to kill us, what next?” Alya thought. But her thoughts did not keep her from reaching the last piece. Then she’ll have to fight Synicoth again. And then she would be able to see Jo again.

          Alya remembered the times she had with Jo; the movie, teaching her how to sing, cooking, and many other things. Tears then fell down her face. They kept flying in between all of the strange buildings. An elf stopped to watch them every once and awhile.

          “Alya, I’m here, Alya,” a deep voice called to her.

          “Father?” Alya asked. She stopped suddenly.

          “Alya?” Alial asked.

          “I just thought I heard father! He’s here! I can feel it!” Alya cried.

          “Alya wait! It’s a…” Geo tried to warn her, but she flew around a corner.

          Her father was standing in front of her.

          “It’s not possible, you’re dead. How can you be standing there in front of me?” Alya asked.

          “Because, I am really Ciel!” “He” said and flew forward and grabbed her by the neck. He, or rather she, chocked Alya until Alial came around the corner. The Ciel dropped Alya and disappeared.

          “Alya, are you okay?” Alial asked. She and Geo ran up to her. Alya coughed a few times.

          “I’m fine. How could I be so blind? Damn it!” Alya cried.

Episode 62: Visit from the Past

          “Let’s keep moving. I want to find that next piece right away so that we can go to Earth. I miss Jo,” Alya said.

          “Yeah, I miss Yamadi too,” Alial said.

          They kept flying forward. Alya’s thoughts fixed on her father and Ciel. Of course she was thinking about how she was going to defeat Synicoth. But she knew that eventually she will have to face Ciel. How did she know what Alya’s father looked like, even if Ciel was her sister?

          “I thought Aiya, Amile, and Alial were my only sisters. That’s strange. Maybe she’s not really my sister,” Alya thought.

          Suddenly a light flashed in front of them. There was a pond also directly in front of them in the ground. And a ghost appeared of a young Alya, floating above the water.

          “Alya, what’s going on? Who’s that?” Alial asked. Geo wondered the same thing, but kept quiet.

          “That is me, when I was a child,” Alya said. Her eyes widened as soon as she saw the small Alya.

          “No, I am not you. You have become different. You have forgotten me, who you are,” little Alya said.

          “No! I haven’t forgotten who I am! I am an elf! I belong here, with my family!” Alya cried, tears ran down her face.

          “No, you have forgotten. You are an Asiania. And you know that. You’re just afraid, afraid of the truth. Goodbye, Alya Star. Or should I say, me?” The small Alya floated backwards and disappeared.

          “No!! I won’t believe it! I am an elf! I am!” Alya cried.

          “Alya, what is this place?” Alial asked, looking around.

          “It’sa place that I used to play in when I was a girl. That’s probably why that image came to me,” Alya explained.

          “Oh, I see. It’s kind of like a visit from the past, only it was you who gave you the message,” Geo said.

          “Yes. I have to fight Synicoth two more times! I will not lose either! Alial, you must stay our of these battles, okay?” Alya asked. Alial’s eyes widened.

Episode 63: Alya’s Teardrop

          “My heart’s pounding like it’s on fire,” Alya said. They started flying forward again.

          “Because you are…” someone started to say. But it was gone. Alya knew it was her sister, Ciel. She had another vision of her saying that, but then it disappeared. Alya realized she was standing still not and started to fly again.

          “I’m worried about Alya. She seems like she’s off in another world. But she doesn’t want to tell me what’s going on. And why did she say to stay out of the battles? It’s not like I can be killed easily. She’s too worried about me,” Alial thought. Geo smiled at Alial and she smiled back.

          “Alya, you’re Asiania. Didn’t you know that?” Someone called out to her. It was the same voice as before. Alya was frozen. Alial stopped too.

          “Alya?” She asked.

          “Don’t call me that. I’m Alya Shadow, the Asiania!” Alya turned around and her eyes glowed red. She turned into Alya Shadow.

          “Light beam!” Geo cried and pulled out the light sword.

          “I have an idea Geo! Can I use the sword?” Alial asked.

          “What are you planning to do with it?” He asked, handing it to her.

          “I’m going to try a healing spell that worked last time on her, but I’m going to use the sword to amplify the spell,” Alial said. Alya Shadow completely turned black. “Super… Love…” As Alial said this the sword started glowing red instead of blue. “Attack! Turn my sister back to…” Before Alial could finish, Alya drew the black power sword and flew at Alial. The swords clashed. Alial dug her feet into the ground.

          “Normal!” Alial cried. She slashed the sword away and a streak of light went into Alya’s chest. Her entire body started to glow. Her locket suddenly opened and the teardrop crystal shone.

Episode 64: The True Alya Star

          The locket shot out rays of light and seemed to light up the whole planet. Eien’s two moons were rising and a ray of light shot out between the two moons. Then Alya opened her eyes and her dress appeared again.

          “Alya, are you Alya now?” Alial asked.

          “Of course I am. I am the true Alya Star now. I can’t turn back into Alya Shadow anymore. Thank you Alial, and Geo,” Alya said.

          “Let’s get going. The next supply base should be past a few more turns. It will take us awhile if you’re not telling me something,” Alial said.

          “Why would I not be telling you something, my sister? I’m fine, don’t worry. It’s just that I miss father and mother. My Eien mother that is. Let’s get going okay?” Alya asked.

          “All right,” Alial and Geo said. They flew forward.

          Meanwhile, Synicoth was sitting in her chair again, only this time, she wasn’t attatched to anything.

          “Computer, go towards the planet Earth, but wait in the crystal formations. Wait for my command to fly out,” Synicoth said. The ship made a little bleeping noise and started to turn a little. “Alya, Alial, Amile, Aiya. Why did I even create you? Why? You’re the one’s who put me through this. I was torn apart by the elves. Ana, my heart was broken, or turned to stone by my own husband. All because of you, Alya. You don’t know what you’re up against,” Synicoth said. Her eyes glowed red as a shadow covered her.

Episode 65: Eien’s Past

          “Hey, Alya. Do you want to know what happened in the war between the elfins and Asiania’s? Father told me everything before he died and didn’t have enough time to tell you,” Alial said.

          “No, I know it already. My Eien mother explained it to me even before it happened. She had the ability to tell the future. I think I have some of that ability too.” Alya had a tear in her eye as she said this.

          “Oh, then you know how it was on Eien when the war was going on. All the lives that were lost, and the death of our father. I still remember exactly what happened to him. I… couldn’t do anything. I was right in front of him but I was so small and not strong enough. He had to separate us so that I could train. You were still small also.” Alial kept flying forward.

          “Weren’t we like this thought? I thought we were this old to begin with. I don’t remember much about my childhood. Even though I remember my Eien mother taking care of me,” Alya said.

          “No. We were small because I remember standing in front of our father. I don’t rmemeber much either except that and the start of the war against the elfins,” Alial said.

          “Okay. How far are we from the supply base?” Alya asked.

          “Well, we only have a few turns to go around, but they’re miles away. At this speed we will reach it in exactly three hours.”

          “Okay. Geo, are you okay back there?” Alya asked.

          “Yes. I’m a little weak from not eating in awhile, but I can keep going,” Geo said, smiling.

Episode 66: Synicoth’s Destroying Dream

          “Alya, wake up Alya. Your sister is here,” someone called out to her. She was lying on a cold floor of rock and mist was covering it. Blackness was all around her. Alya opened one eye and then both eyes were open slowly. “Good, you’re awake. I’m Ciel, your sister. Why can’t you not love our other sisters? I hate all three of them. But, I do love you,” Ciel said.

          “What… what are you saying? If you truly love me, than you should love my sisters also,” Alya said, weakly, getting up.

          “Oh, I am your sister, and I truly do love you. I’ll show you,” Ciel said. She floated gracefully to Alya. Then Ciel put her arms around Alya and kissed her gently on the cheek. Alya’s eyes widened and she froze. “You see, I wasn’t lying. I do love you, Alya. You’re the only person I love and Eien is the only planet that I love. Please don’t think I’m evil just because I don’t love our sisters. Please, Alya, after we’re done battling Synicoth, come to Eien again…” Ciel said, smiling. Suddenly, Synicoth appeared and sliced her sword right through Ciel. “Alya!” Ciel screamed and she disappeared.

          “No! Damn you, Synicoth!” Alya cried. A sphere of light formed in her hands. A ray of gold light shot out at Synicoth.

          “That won’t work!” Synicoth said and slashed it away with her sword. The light went back at Alya and struck her. Blood came out of her mouth. Alya’s eyes grew blank and she fell when the light disappeared. An evil laughed filled the whole planet.

          Alya jerked up in bed.

          “No!” She gasped. Sweat ran down her face. She remembered the dream again for a second. Ciel getting killed, and then herself being shot by Synicoth’s beam. Then she saw an image of Jo on Earth. “Jo… it was a dream. I’m still alive. And I have to kill Synicoth so I can go back to Earth,” Alya thought.

Episode 67: Fate Lies Ahead

          “Alya, are you all right? You look like you haven’t gotten much sleep lately,” Alial said. They were in one of Eien’s “hotels.”

          “Well, if you want to know the truth, I’ve just been thinking about my past. I just had a dream that Synicoth… killed me. I don’t really know what fate lies ahead of me, but somehow… I don’t like this feeling. What if my dream will come true?” Alya asked.

          “Don’t think that. It probably was just because you were thinking too much. Please cheer up and get some rest. I’ll make Geo a meal so that you won’t have to,” Alial said.

          “Okay. Be on a lookout though. Someone could come after us while we’re here,” Alya said, walking off.

          As soon as Geo and Alial were alone, Alial blushed. She knew that Iana was already married to him, and she also liked Yamadi, but she couldn’t help it, he was just too handsome.

          In about an hour or so, Alya woke up with sweat running down her face.

          “No, not again, that same dream. Why is this happening? Why am I the only one to have these dreams?” Alya thought. She went into the room where Alial and Geo were talking. Alial laughed and so did Geo. Alya smiled.

          “Alya, you’re awake. We were just talking about Geo’s past.”

          “Oh? Is that all  you were talking about?” Alya asked.

          “Yes, what else would we talk about?” Alial replied, blushing and waving her hands back and forth.

          “Oh, well, we’ll have to talk about what’s up ahead. We have to sooner or later,” Alya said.

          “Okay. Why hasn’t Synicoth attacked us yet?” Alial asked.

          “I was thinking that as well,” Alya said, putting her hand up to her chin.

          “She could be planning things out. Like, for instance, preparing for battle,” Geo said.

          “Yeah, maybe. But she usually has everything planned out already. I don’t understand,” Alya said.

          “That’s a first,” Alial said. They all laughed.

Episode 68: The Second Supply Base

          “Alial, get me the precise readings on that next supply base,” Alya said.

          “All right…” Alial quickly typed on the computer. They were outside of the “hotel.” “Okay, I have them. It is just five miles ahead. We have to go straight for three and then turn to the right. We should see it up ahead,” Alial said.

          “Okay. Geo, look out for any kind of enemies that Synicoth might try to pin against us. I’ll be on the lookout for Ciel. And, Alial you will tell us when to turn. We can’t miss the base,” Alya said.

          The flew through the Asiania’s. They all seemed frozen, like they were created or something. It all seemed too easy to find Eien again. Alya just didn’t understand. Ciel could have just created the whole planet and she just threw off Alya’s readings.

          The supply base was just around the corner as Alial said it was.

          “Alya! There it is! Do you see it?” Alial asked.

          “No, not really… where is it?” Alya asked. There was nothing there except a pool of water with a statue in front of it.

          “Oh, it’s here. I know this place. Follow me over to the pool,” Alial said. She smiled at the memory of her playing there when she was a little girl. Alya had a look on her face like Alial was crazy.

          “But, Alya, there’s nothing here,” Geo whispered. They now floated over the pool.

          “Alya, open your locket. Then dangle it over the middle,” Alial said.

          “All right,” Alya said, opening the locket. The jewel started to glow. The water rippled and then it seemed like the whole place had turned into water. “What’s happening?” Alya asked. Suddenly a supply base appeared. Even people were walking around in it.

          “Excuse me, can I help you?” A woman asked. It wasn’t Synicoth, Alya knew that just by looking at her. She was tall and slender with black hair.

          “Yes, we were looking for piece 1808, if you have it,” Alya asked, smiling.

          “Yes, we do, right this way young ladies and gentleman. By the way, are you from Eien? I don’t think I ever saw you before,” the woman who looked like she was about thirty, asked.

          “You could say that, I’m Alya and this is Alial,” Alya said. Geo introduced himself.

          “I am Geo Sana. I’m from Earth, a planet far from here,” Geo smiled.

          “I’ve heard of Earth. They have good people there,” the woman said, smiling. Geo smiled again.

Episode 69: The Last Piece

          “Here it is, piece 1808. I’ll except fifteen silver pieces from you, since you’re so kind. We don’t get many nice bargainers here, since it’s a hidden place. See, look over there,” the woman said. There were two people pushing and punching eachother. <p>

          “Hey! You two, stop this! There’s no reason to fight eachother!” Alya cried. She flew in between the man and woman.

          “Damn you! You don’t deserve to live, woman!” The man yelled past Alya. She was beginning to regret coming between them. The woman charged at the man with a fist. Alya jumped in front of the man. The woman punched Alya in the face before she could put up a forcefield. It hit her hard and she moved back. Blood dripped down her chin. She wiped it off.

          “All right, you looking for a fight? Here’s one right here!” She said and raised her hand and opened it. A small lightning bolt hit the woman’s leg. “You want one too? Unless you solve whatever  problem you were “discussing,” you will get it! And, anyone else in this base!” Alya cried. Everyone stopped fighting.

          “Alya, are you all right?” Alial asked.

          “Yeah, she was pretty strong. And stupid, I might add,” Alya said, more quietly.

          “Forget the silver pieces, you can have it for free. You really changed our base,” the woman who gave Alya the piece, said.

          “Oh, thank you! And no need to thank me, you were right about the hard bargainers. They don’t seem to know the word compromise,” Alya said. <p>

          The three flew off. The woman waved. They got back to the small circle and the monument. Alya opened her locket. The place wavered and it was back to a pool of water.

Episode 70: Back to Space

          “Come on, let’s head back to the ship to make some plans. Let’s go!” Alya said.

          “Okay, where did you leave it?” Alial asked.

          “Oh, the landing dock, don’t you remember?” Alya asked.

          “Oh yeah…” Alial said, smiling.

          The three flew back to the ship and it took them about an hour. Geo was quiet the whole time until they got back there.

          “Hey, Alya, you should try to locate Iana. I’m sure she’ll be great help to you, from my experience. Plus, I don’t know how to find her,” he said.

          “Well, I’d like to make plans first and finish the second to last battle with Synicoth. I’m sorry, but I don’t know where to begin looking. I don’t really know if my computer is capable of finding people who are traveling through space. I’ll tell you if I find anything,” Alya said.

          “Alya! Look at this! The photo of Ciel isn’t there. It’s there, but then let me go to full scan,” Alial said. Alial typed on the pad of the computer. It came up with the outline of Ciel. “She’s almost like a holographic image. Which means, either the real Ciel died in the war or she is somewhre else waiting for us to come to her,” Alial said. They walked into the ship.

          “But, she told me that she was on Eien or was going to be. Yeah, so she would be somewhere else in the universe. Good work, Alial,” Alya said. Alial smiled but then turned to a control panel by a small screen on the pannel.

          “Should we speed up the engines?” Alial asked.

          “No, we’re just going to orbit Eien for now. We’ll leave tomorrow. We are going back towards Earth. She said she’d be around there somewhere,” Alya said. <p>

          “Okay. Pulling up the stairs, starting engine… power is full, lift off!” Alial said, pushing a red button on the pannel. She could have just told John, but he was taking sort of a “vacation” as far as computers go.

          “All right. Once we’re out of the atmosphere, point the ship towards Earth, and orbit Eien slowly,” Alya said. Geo just listened and watched out the window. He didn’t know anything about ships.

Episode 71: Plans and Synicoth

          “Alya, how are we going to battle Synicoth this time? Last time I remember it was a sword fight,” Alial said.

          “Yeah, probably just magic. I mean, what else would we use?” Alya asked.

          “I don’t know, but maybe she will send out one of her minions or something. If she has minions,” Alial said, putting a finger on her cheek.

          “Yeah, maybe. But Synicoth’s sisters were killed. And I think that’s all she had. Unless Ciel comes after us, or atleast the hologram of her anyways,” Alya said.

          “Oh, I heard of a technique used by elfins long ago that they still use today. It’s called ‘Mind Combat.’ You sit in a certain position, and battle eachother in your mind. I wonder if she’ll use that,” Alial suggested.

          “Maybe, but I don’t think she’ll go very far without actually trying to kill me. She’s revengeful and that wouldn’t last too long, but good idea. It’s a new technique that I’ve never heard of,” Alya said. She got up and started walking. Well, her feet were just above the ground and her wings were spread out.

          “Where are you going, Alya?” Alial asked.

          “Oh, just to the control room, and to check on Geo. He’s been so sad without Iana around,” Alya said, turning her head around. Alya floated out the door.

          Geo was in his room, of course thinking about Iana. He looked like he was about to cry, or had been crying. He rubbed his eyes gently when he heard Alya knock on the door.      

          “Come in,” he said. Alya opened the door.

          “I hope I’m not interrupting you,” Alya said.

          “No, I was just thinking. What did you need from me?” Geo asked.

          “Oh, nothing really, just to know how you are doing,” Alya said.

          “I’m a little sad, but fine. If you need me, just knock,” Geo said, smiling.

          “Okay,” Alya smiled and floated out.

Episode 72: Synicoth vs. Alya/3rd Battle

          “Alial, is there any sign of Synicoth yet?” Alya asked. They now were far away from Eien and heading towards Earth.

          “No. There is a life sign approximately twenty miles from here, and it’s almost directly on Earth. It’s just two miles away from it. We don’t want to be too close to Earth otherwise, we might endanger Jo, Yamadi, and all of its people,” Alial said, looking at the screen on the control panel.

          “All right. Take us there, Alial,” Alya said, “Geo, can you come with me to the gym? Alial, keep on the look out and keep going towards Earth.” Geo followed Alya into the gym.

          “Geo, can you draw the light sword?” Alya asked. They were standing in the middle of the gym.

          “Sure. Light sword!” Geo cried. He pulled out his light sword.

          Okay, be careful because I’m going to try the Sword of Fuscia Darkness attack on it,” Alya said.

          “Well, why don’t you hold the sword then? It will probably work a lot better if you did it,” he said, giving her the glowing sword.

          “All right. Stand back. Fuscia attack times 1,000!” Alya cried. A huge cloud of purple filled the top of the room. Geo backed up. Purple swirls came down around the sword and turned it purple and black. “Sword of darkness! Except me and obey my command! Light sword, except this other sword, and except me!” Alya cried. The sword got about five feet tall and sharp. A sphere was floating around the room. Alya breathed in heavily as she tightly gripped the sword. When the sphere floated by her she floated up towards it at incredible speed. She swung the sword at it and it clashed with the sphere. Alya screamed and moved forward and sliced the sword down and through the sphere.

          “Alya! Synicoth is here! She came after us!” Alial cried. She came running in to the gym.

          “What? I’ll be right there,” Alya said. The sword turned just purple and then back to normal. “Here Geo, but can I use it if I have to?” Alya asked.

          “Yes, that was great! Almost like the Tomorrow’s Legacy,” Geo said.

          “Yeah, it takes a lot of energy too. Let’s go,” Alya said.

Episode 73: Synicoth vs. Alya Third Battle Part 2

          “Alya, come to my ship. We will battle there, and come alone,” Synicoth said. She was on the screen of John. He had decided to turn back on to help. Synicoth was sitting in the same chair, but without the cords attatched to her. Alya just nodded. Geo handed her the light sword and his belt.

          “Thank you. See you in a little bit,” Alya said.

          “But Alya! Won’t you need any help?” Alial asked. Alya winked.

          “I’ll be all right. Just like I was in the other two battles.” Alya walked out of the room.

          When she got to the hatch that opened a doorway to space, she floated just above the ground and a glow outlined her body and sparkled. Her hair floated up as she closed her eyes. She suddenly disappeared. Alial stared in the direction where Alya had disappeared.

          “Alya…” Alial thought.

          Inside Synicoth’s ship it was a twisted maze. It looked like a golden palace. There was hidden technology and weapons inside the walls. Alya knew, how though she did not know. Alya flew up the spiral staircase. She did not know why she knew Synicoth was at the top either. She felt like she was about to cry. But she didn’t know why that was either.

          “That’s right, come to the top of my “palace.” I’m amazed you knew exactly where I was. But, it will be over soon,” Synicoth said. She was still sitting in her chair. Her eyes glowed and an evil ora surrounded her.

          Alya reached the top of the stairs. There was a large door with carvings of dragons on each side of it.

          “Weird place,” Alya thought, looking back towards the staircase. Alya opened the doors and inside there were rows of candles on each side of her on tall carved, twisting, candle holders. Alya blinked and walked forward, her wings were spread out. The candle light shone on her beautiful white wings.

          “Alya, so, we meet again,” Synicoth said, evily.

          “Synicoth, why don’t you love us? We’re your daughters after all. And if you hate us so much, then why did you even create us?” Alya asked.

          “Because I loved your father and he wanted to have daughters. Let’s fight, draw your sword!” Synicoth said.

          “All right. The sword I’ll be using will be the light sword!” Alya cried.

          “What the?” Synicoth cried. Alya flung her cape back and took out the sword. She felt kind of silly saying that and holding Geo’s sword.

          Alya slashed the light blade at Synicoth’s black sword.

          “Even the light sword is no match for my evil sword!” Synicoth said.

          “We’ll just see. Fuscia attack, times 1,000!” Alya cried. The sword bursted into a flame of purple as a cloud formed below the ceiling.

          “What? What are you doing?” Synicoth asked. She backed away.

          “Sword of darkness! Obey my command! Accept the light sword and me!” Alya cried. The sword grew larger and was now black with a purple outline.

          “Damn, that’s powerful!” Synicoth said. Her eyes started glowing red. Suddenly, Ciel appeared in front of Alya.

          “Ciel?” Alya asked.

          “Yes. I am Ciel. Don’t die, Alya. Synicoth is about to do something evil. I can’t tell what, but I know it can kill you if you don’t stop her now. Please do it, Alya. Don’t let Synicoth kill you,” Ciel said. Alya’s eyes widened and she stood frozed for a moment until another bright light flashed.

          “I have to go for now, I’ll see you face to face after the final battle,” Ciel waved as she seemed to shrink.

          “Why are you just standing there?” Synicoth yelled. Alya readied the sword. This time she didn’t have to say any words, the sword just turned purple and black.

Episode 74: Alya’s Third Victory

          “Synicoth, die!” Alya cried. She floated forward fast and the two swords clashed. This time, Synicoth’s sword shattered into a thousand tiny pieces.

          “What the hell is going on?” Synicoth cried. Alya’s wings spread to full length. Alya ran forward and shoved the energy sword through Synicoth’s stomach. Blood poured out of her mouth. “No!” Synicoth cried. She disappeared, but Alya knew she’d be back.

          Alya walked up to the chair. The chords were dripping with some kind of substance. A gel of some kind. Alya dipped her finger in it. It started glowing on her finger.

          “Weird, I’ll have to analyze this stuff,” Alya said outloud. She disappeared. <p>

          Inside her ship, John was on screen.

          “Alya! You’re all right! You did well, we watched from John. But why were you standing still for five minutes?” Alial asked.

          “I had another vision with Ciel. John, open microscopic window. I need to analyze something,” Alya said. John opened a disk slot and a slide was on it. Alya smeared the gel that was on her finger on to the slide. She pushed a button and the disk slot closed. Alial and Geo watched from behind.

          On screen it showed a blob of gel. Alya made it zoom in, until one could only see a single cell. Alya’s eyes widened.

          “What’s wrong, Alya?” Geo asked.

          “It says that this is my cell, but how can that be? Oh my… god! Amile, Aiya, Ciel, and your cells, Alial, are here too. But why? Is this the source of Synicoth’s power? Why would she use our cells?” Alya asked, still frozen. Alial stood frozen too.

Episode 75: The Journey Back to Earth

          “Alya, I think, maybe it’s because we are the strongest or some of the strongest fighters in the universe. Maybe, she wanted to become stronger than all of us,” Alial said.

          “Yes, and before she created us, she took some of our cells to put in that substance to get stronger. Damn that Synicoth! If only I knew what she has planned for the last battle, I could prepare better,” Alya said, clenching her fist.

          “No one knows except Synicoth. We can’t do anything about that,” Alial said.

          “I know!” Alya said, slamming her fist into the control panel.

          “Try to calm down, Alya. We’re close to Earth, it won’t be long now,” John said.

          “Okay. I’m going to go train. Alial, will you join me?” Alya asked.

          “Sure,” Alial said and followed her out. Geo stayed in the control room.

          Alya was now in the gym and had her hands together, wrists touching.

          “Get ready, Alial,” she said. She moved her hands back slowly. “Light, wind, lend me your spirit! Come into my hands! Ha!” Alya cried. She quickly opened her eyes. Alial put her arms up and crossed them. A blast of light came shooting out. Alial stood in a circle barrier with her arms crossed. She wasn’t even scratched or breathing hard.

          “Good work. Now, try the Fuscia Attack times 1,000 on me,” Alya said.

          “Okay. Fuscia…” Alial started. Light slashed out of her hands. “Attack times 1,000!” Alial cried.

          A beam of purple light flew out of Alial’s palms. It hit Alya. Blood came out of her cheek and arms. She screamed.

          “Alya! I didn’t mean to, are you all right?” Alial asked. Alya breathed heavily and said,

          “I think so, I have to train harder this time,” Alya said, wiping her cheek.

Episode 76: Arrival at Earth, Again

          “Alya, we’re entering Earth’s atmosphere,” John said. The ship shook and looked like a comet falling on Earth.

          “Can we try and land in the park that we always did?” Alya asked. She had to almost yell because of the noise.

          “Yes, we are there, Alya,” John said. The ship landed in the same spot that they always did. The trees blew back as they landed. To Alya’s surprise, Jo was standing there. He had his back turned until he heard the door open and Alya’s voice.

          “Jo?” Alya floated into his arms. They kissed. Geo envied them a little because he still didn’t have Iana since she was still traveling the universe somewhere. He clenched his fist and Alial noticed it. She felt sorry for him.

          “Alya, I just knew you would come back. So, I went to the park, where we first met, to think of you and wait. What a coincidence,” Jo said, hugging her again.

          “Oh, Jo. It’s so good to see you again,” Alya said.

          “Oh, Alial, Yamadi’s waiting for you at my apartment,” Jo said, smiling. Alial blushed.

          The four got into Jo’s car after Geo’s introduction and he drove to his apartment. When jo unlocked the door, Yamadi was standing there waiting for Alial.

          “Yamadi!” Alial said. She hugged him tightly and a tear fell down her cheek.

          “I’ve missed you, Steph. And this time, I never want to not see your pretty face if you go away,” Yamadi said, holding out a camera.

          “What’s that?” Alial asked.

          “It’s called a camera. Remember the picture of Jo and me? Well, that’s what it does,” Yamadi said.

          “Oh, this is Geo Sana, Yamadi. He is a swordsman,” Alya said.

          “Wow, hi,” Yamadi said, shaking hands with Geo. “Hey, can you take the picture, Geo?” Yamadi asked, “you do know how it works, right?”

          “Yes, I’ve done pictures with Iana before, so, I know,” Goe said and took the camera. Yamadi and Alial stood next to eachother, and next to them were Alya and Jo.

          “Say cheese!” Geo said. He held up the camera to his eye and got ready to push the shutter.

          “Cheese!” They all cried, smiling. Geo snapped the shutter.

Episode 77: Alya’s and Alial’s Driving Lessons?

          “Crystal, what were doing this whole time? Tracking down a new enemy?” Jo asked.

          “Yes. Her name is Synicoth and she’s Steph’s and my mother. I’ll explain later,” Alya said, closing her eyes.

          “All right. Hey, it’s almost time for dinner. Want to go out?” Jo asked.

          “Sure!” Alya and Alial said. They went down into the parking lot and got in Jo’s car. They drove to a fancy restaurant. (Alya had a different dress on and the Japanese voice and so did Alial.)

          “Hey, Crystal, Steph, why don’t you two take driving lessons?” Jo asked.

          “What? Us? But we don’t know how to drive,” Alya said.

          “Oh, don’t worry. Trust me, it’s nothing. I’ll teach you the road signs and signals. You have to take a test before hand in order to get in,” Jo said. Yamadi laughed. Alial wondered what was so funny.

          “Jo had to take his twice in order to get in,” Yamadi said, laughing. Alya started to laugh.

          “You had to take your’s five times, baka,” Jo said, smiling. Yamadi quit laughing, Alial grinned.

          After dinner, Jo drove to the driver’s school.

          “First, you have to sign your full name here. Then you go in the second room to take the test. Remember what I told you,” Jo said. They were now inside a tall building with a desk in front and had two hallways on either side of it. Alya signed her name as Crystal Stelly and Alial signed as Steph Stelly. They walked off down the hall to the left and entered the second door.

          The whole test took an hour. Cryrsal and Steph were done first, of course, in ten minutes! The instructor looked at them like they were from outerspace. (Which they were!)

          “Are you sure you’ve never learned how to drive before?” The man asked.

          “Yes, we’re sure. This is our first time. Where we come from there aren’t many cars around,” Crystal said.

          “All right. You’re lesson begins tomorrow at noon, sharp,” the man said, smiling.

          “Okay, we’ll be there,” Alya said. Alial followed her out.

          “So, how did you do?” Jo asked, as they came out.

          “Well, we passed the first part!” Alya said happily.          

          “Good job. The next step I will show you two,” Jo said, smiling.

Episode 78: Alya a.k.a. Speed Demon?

          At noon, sharp, Alya and Alial were standing outside the building again in a line with some other students who passed.

          “All right, now, each of you will be given a driving instructor. Crystal, you will have me, as instructor, Steph you will have Mrs. Koller…” the man had a clip board in his hands and was reading the rest of their names. Alial got into the car with Mrs. Koller. Alya and Mr. Crei got into a different car. Alya checked the rear view mirror. Then she put her seat belt on and moved the stick up to drive. The man just sat there and starred at her. Alial did the same. Then Alya pushed down slowly on the gas pedal. The car slowly started moving around the track. Alial soon followed her.

          Suddenly, Alial went past her at incredible speed.

          “What the…? Hey! I’ll get you, Alial!” Alya cried. She stepped harder on the gas pedal. They were goind eighty miles per hour.

          “Whoa! Slow down!” Mr. Crei cried. Alya only kept her eyes on the road in front of her. Soon, Alya was next to Alial. Mrs. Koller was already passed out the first time Alial had sped up.

          “You think you can beat me, Alial?” Alya yelled over the noise. Alya pushed the pedal all the way down. She went flying around the corner. Both Alya and Mr. Crei screamed. Alya stopped suddenly. The tires screeched. Jo and Yamadi were standing in the sidelines, wide-eyed.

          Alya and Alial got out. (All of the other students starred at them.)

          “Well, since you’re new here, I’ll let you pass this course. Be here tomorrow at three this time…” the man said, swaying back and forth.

          “Thank you!” Alya and Alial said.

          “Whoa, Crystal, you were going a little too fast!” Jo said. <p>

          “Well, Steph challenged me, so, I got her back,” Alya said.

Episode 79: The Next and Final Test

          “Crystal, you ready? We have to leave in a half an hour,” Alya asked.

          “Yes, I’m ready to get my license. Mr. Crei said it was our last test before we get our license,” Crystal said.

          The instructor, Mr. Crei, said it was the last test before getting the license.

          “I sure hope we pass, the way we drove yesterday!” Alial said, laughing.

          “Well, you were the one who sped up! You challenged me, so, I had to race you. Yes, I started out wrong, but then I got the hang of it,” Alya said, smiling.

          Jo, Yamadi, Alial, and Alya go into Jo’s car. (Geo was back at the apartment sleeping, even though it was noon.) The instructor was standing outside waiting.

          “Good, Steph, Crystal, get into your cars. I’ll be with you shortly, Crystal,” he said, pushing up his glasses. Alya nodded and all the students got into their cars. After he finished reading the rest of the names and their instructor’s names, Mr. Crei got into the car with Alya.

          “Start out slowly, and go slowly the rest of the time,” Ms. Kroller said to Alial.

          “All right,” Alial pushed down slowly on the gas pedal. She went slowly around the track.

          “This time we must parallel park. Are you ready? Rena, Lisa, make a space big enough for another car to fit in between,” Mr. Crei said over a loudspeaker. Two of the students pulled up in a line with a space big enough for one car to fit. Alya looked like she already knew what she was doing. She moved the stick back to reverse. Alya looked behind her through the rear view mirror at the other car. Then she slowly backed up and turned the wheel to the left. She was in the space, perfectly. She looked at the man next to her impatiently. Alial was doing the same behind her.

          “Well, let’s just say you get your license,” Mr. Crei said.

          “Yes!” Both Alya and Alial cried.

Episode 80: Alya’s Breaking Vision

          “Did you hear Jo? We got our license. And it was our second time driving too!” Alya cried as she jumped into Jo’s arms. Alial ran up to Yamadi too.

          “Good job. You drive faster than I do, though, Crystal,” Jo said, laughing.

          “Well, like I said, that was only because Steph challenged me,” Alya said, smiling.

          On the way back to Jo’s place, Alya drove! She didn’t hit anyone either! When they got inside the apartment, Geo was silent, sitting in a chair. Alya knew why he was so sad, and she understood him.

          “Look, Geo! We got our licenses!” Alya said, happily, taking out a card from her bag. Alial also showed him her’s.

          “Good job,” he said, smiling. Alya still knew he was sad, since he hasn’t seen Iana for a long time.

          “Shall we go for dinner?” Jo asked.

          “Sure! That sounds great!” Steph, or Alial, said.

          Everyone vanished around Alya. It was all black.

          “Another vision? Ciel!” Alya said, turning around. Ciel appeared, but in a different form. She had short hair and a diamond around her eye.

          “Alya! Don’t run away from me! Stay here,” Ciel said. Her voice almost sounded different too.

          “Ciel… but why are you here?” Alya asked.

          “I can sense wherever you are. Synicoth will kill you, by using me. She will put me under a spell. Then I will kill you. But you have to understand, that I am being controlled. It’s not me, who will kill you,” Ciel said. She started crying. Her eyes glowing red, she then disappeared.

          Alya was now crying too.

          “Crystal, are you all right?” Jo asked. Alya just stood there crying, until Jo took her in his arms. Geo, Alial and Yamadi stood there looking sadly at them.

Episode 81: Jo’s Transformation?

          After awhile, Alya stopped crying.

          “Jo, can I talk to you alone?” Alya asked as she sniffed.

          “Sure,” Jo said. They walked inot the kitchen.

          “I want you to hold still,” Alya said. She walked forward and gently kissed Jo. He closed his eyes. His ears suddenly got longer and pointy. Alya backed away. “Look in the mirror, Jo.” Jo looked in the mirror by the window.

          “What the… I’m an elf?” Jo asked.

          “That’s right, I can turn humans into elves. I just can’t turn myself and other elves into humans. If you want to become a true elf, you can. Otherwise, I don’t think we could ever stay together. I may look human now, but it’s only a disguise,” Alya explained.

          “Wow… I would love to stay an elf. But what about Yamadi?” Jo asked. <p>

          “He can become one too. Only Alial can turn him into one the same way I did to you, it’s her choice.” Jo blushed as Alya said this. “I’ll have to turn you back now. I can also do reverse transformations, but I can’t do it to elves who were born elves,” Alya said. She walked up to Jo and kissed him gently again. His ears went back to normal.

          They walked back into the room where everyone was sitting.

          “So, what does your picture look like, Crystal?” Alial asked.

          “Picture? On what?” Alya asked.

          “On your driver’s license,” Alial replied.

          “Oh, right…” Alya said. She hesitated, but then pulled it out. “Steph, let me show you first,” Alya said. Alial nodded and took the card. It was all blurry where the picture should have been.

          “What? You have no picture, Alya,” Alial whispered.

          “I know, probably because I have no reflection. But the people at the school would have been shocked. That’s strange,” Alya whispered.

          “So, are you going to show it to the rest of us, Crystal?” Yamadi asked.

          “Umm… maybe another time. Hey, Jo, would you like to hear a song that we thought up? We could sing it for you two. How about it, Stpeh?” Alya asked.

          “Sure. If it’s all right with everyone,” Alial said.

          “Yes, that would be great,” Jo said.

Episode 82: The Singing Contest

          Alial, Alya, Jo, and Yamadi were in a room with a stage. It wasn’t the one in their ship, since only Jo knew about who they really were. There was many instruments too. Alya began singing, she then picked up the guitar and played a couple of chords.

          “Wow! You’re really good. You should enter the singing contest!” Jo said, clapping. Yamadi nodded.

          “Huh? Contest?” Alya asked.

          “Yes. There’s a singing contest that’s being hled in this building on the 18th. Which is tomorrow. There’s a poster over there,” Yamadi said, pointing towards the left wall. Alya turned her head. The poster read: SINGING CONTEST. THE 18TH OF DECEMBER. SINGING UP IN THE LOBBY.

          “Oh, do you want to Steph? We are pretty good,” Alial asked.

          “Sure we are, we just have to practice!” Alya said, smiling.

          They signed up at the front desk in a huge lobby with about ten people in it. Then they walked out and drove to dinner. Geo was picked up first.

          Dinner was in a mansion. When they walked in, Alial and Alya just stood there in awe for a few minutes. Geo did too. He had never eaten in such a fancy restaurant before, since he had been with Iana. Not even for their wedding reception. The waitress came out to seat them. They walked up the main staircase and into a large room with many tables in it. There were also three floors and a ballroom in the back of the banquet hall.

          “Oh, wow!” Alial said. A large, beautiful chandelier hung from the ceiling that was as bright as the sun. Alya smiled.

          “It’s almost like Synicoth’s ship, only a lot more friendly and beautiful,” Alya thought. They walked up one flight of spiraling stairs and were on the second floor. They sat down at a round, carved table.

          “This place is amazing. I never thought that a restaurant could be in here!” Geo said. Alya looked at him and smiled, since he was finally beginning to lighten up.

Episode 83: The Singing Contest Part 2

          After a very good dinner, there was dancing. Alya was in her dress from when she went to the movies with Jo. Alial also had on her dress. Jo and Yamadi of course, had on their tuxes. Alya spun around like an angel as Jo turned her. It was a slow song. Everyone stopped suddenly and gathered around the two couples. Geo looked at them sadly, remembering his and Iana’s wedding.

          The song ended, and another song started. Alial and Yamadi kept dancing, but Alya went off to one of the balconies. The sliver moon shown down on Alya’s face. Her eyes shimered and her hair was all the way down to her ankles and was not pulled in pigtails. Jo walked up to her. She turned her head. Jo blushed and looked at the moon.

          “Alya, I do want to become an elf in order to be with you,” Jo said. Alya just smiled.

          The next day after breakfast, Alya and Alial decided to practice. They sang “Me” again and a song called “Last Kiss.” Alya had written both of them. Then they at lunch. Geo had cooked.

          “Hey, Geo, there’s a cooking match this Tuesday. Why don’t you enter? This soup is really good,” Jo said.

          “Thanks, maybe I will. As long as I don’t have to wear an apron,” Geo said. They all laughed.

          At four in the afternoon it was time for the contest. Jo drove them all to the building.

          “Are you Steph Stelly and Crystal Stelly?” A man asked when they walked in.

          “Yes, that’s us,” Alial said.

          “All right, walk this way. The dressing rooms are just down the hall and the entrance to the stage is the last door on the right.” The man pointed his finger down the hall.

          It was time for the contest to start and Alya and Alial were all ready. They had on an identical pair of dresses that were tight around their waists and ribbons went around them. They both had their hair pulled back in buns. Below the stage there was a whole symphony. The lights darkened in the stage room. The people quieted and an announcer came on stage with a microphone.

          “Ladies and gentlemen, here the night you’ve been waiting for! Only beautiful singers with the best songs will win! Here are the first two contestants…” the announcer read off their names and the two came on stage.

          After the fifth singer it was Alya and Alial’s turn.

          “Our next and final contestants are Crystal Stelly and Steph Stelly!” Alya and Alial came out onto the stage.

Episode 84: The Singing Contest Part 3

          “This is the first time that we have had a contestant write the songs. Crystal has great talent in writing songs,” the announcer’s voice rang out in every corner of the room. Everyone in the audience started talking with eachother. “They will be singing two songs for us today! Here we go!” The announcer gave the music to each of the symphony members and the conductor. The lights went out and two lights shown on Alya and Alial. They sang “Me” when the orchestra started playing.


Alya: Friends, family, sisters,

Crying, her hair blowing in the wind,

Her radiant face is sad, not happy,

Her sister dying, pale, empty eyes,

Both: Me, what’s happening?

You are watching,

Me, you are beautiful,

You’re life, beautiful,

Alial: your life is short,

Just like winter,

Your feet never touch the ground,

You’re left there hanging,

Both: Me, what’s happening?
you’re taking over my heart,

Me, you are beautiful,

You spread your wings,

Alial: You can fly,

Both: Me, I’m no good,

Alya: It’s me…

Alial: It’s me…

          Then they switched to a different song: Last Kiss:

Alya: Someone running, into the spring,

You jump, Alial: You fall, Alya: You fall, Alial: you land,

Alya: So you start swimming, and can’t find your way,

But you see a shining light,

Both: Last kiss, on your lips, no one’s there,

Someone’s there, waiting for you,

Last kiss, on your lips, someone’s there,

Everyone’s there for you,

Alial: Beautiful symphony, playing your song,

Your voice touching hearts, Alya: of those around you,

Alial: Someone’s watching, all around,

You need someone to remind you that you can dream too,

Repeat chorus, No one is watching but everyone’s there instead of: ‘someone’s there, everyone’s…’

          The audience started clapping and cheering. Jo, Yamadi, and Geo waved and smiled. All the contestants came on stage.

          “And now for the winners! They are Steph and Crystal Stelly!” The announcer cried. Alya and Alial smiled.

          Alya and everyone got into Jo’s car and drove for a little while until Geo asked,

          “Hey, where do you sign up for  that cooking match?”

          “You actually want to enter?” Jo asked, surprised. Geo nodded. “Alright, I’ll show you,” Jo said. 

Episode 85: Geo Sana’s Cooking Match!

          The group drove to another tall building.

          “The cooking match is actually today. I forgot. We’ll have to buy the materials after dinner,” Jo said. Geo just nodded and smiled. Alya worried about him. She was wondering why he decided to go along with this, but she decided to let it go since she’d never know what he was thinking.

          After Geo signed up the group went out for dinner. Then they bought ingredients for Geo’s Cole pizza. Then they went back to the building.

          Inside a huge hall there was a stage with ovens, long tables that had utensiles, and food on them. Geo went in the back of the stage and Jo, Yamadi, Alya and Alial sat in the audience, which wasn’t too big. The contestants came on. Geo was the 4th person from the left side of the stage and was the only male.

          “Alright everyone, begin cooking!” The announcer cried. Geo took out his sword (the light beam wasn’t there, it was just a regular sword). The judges and announcer usually didn’t allow it, since the sword wasn’t one of the utensiles, but they did this time. Geo tossed the vegetables up in the air and sliced them with his sword. The other contestants kept cutting but watched him in awe. The dough was already layed out flat and the vegetables fell on it. Then he sliced up the cheese and spread some sauce on the dough. He then put it in the oven and turned it to the highest level so that it wouldn’t take as long.

          After about ten minutes everyone was done.

          “Now the judges will decide,” the announcer said. Each of the judges tried each of the contestants’ cooking. The judges tasted Geo’s pizza and started talking about it. Then they tried the other cooking and wrote down their votes. The announcer took them.

          “The judges have decided. The winner is Geo Sana!”

Episode 86: And Yet, Another Vision

          “Way to go, Geo! You looked awesome!” Alya said on the way out of the building.

          “Thanks. I learned a few things from a friend of mine about six or seven years ago,” Geo said.

          “They must have been a really good cook,” Alial said.

          “Yeah,” Geo replied. He missed Iana and Silia (the friend he was talking about.) Alya kept walking but the next step she took turned the whole place around her into a bright white light. Ciel appeared to Alya.

          “Alya, I’m your sister, therefore I love you. Place your hand against mine,” Ciel said and held out the palm of her hand. Alya slowly put her hand on Ciel’s. Then Ciel leaned and kissed Alya on the lips. Alya’s eyes widened as Ciel backed away. Alya was  almost paralyzed.

          “Ciel…” Alya could barely speak.

          “Shh. You’ll learn in time who you are,” Ciel said. She disappeared.

          There was a flash of light. Alya was back with Jo, Alial and the others. Tears fell down her face.

          “Alya, what’s wrong?” Jo asked.

          “Ciel… another vision,” Alya said, softly. Jo took her in his arms.

          “Who’s that, Crystal?” Yamadi asked.

          “Let’s go back to my apartment to explain. Okay?” Jo asked. Yamadi still was confused. Alya nodded and walked back to the car slowly.

          At Jo’s apartment Alya stopped crying and sat down at the table.

          “Yamadi, Alial and I are not really humans. This is just a disguise that we made through a computer. My ship is orbiting this planet,” Alya explained.

          “So, you have been lying to me? Does Jo know?” he asked. Jo nodded.

          “We didn’t want anyone getting hurt, that’s all,” Alial said.

          “You could have told me, Steph, I mean Alial. I wouldn’t have thought you were strange,” Yamadi said.

          “Do you think this…” Alial turned back into an elf, “is strange?” She asked.

          “No. I think you are even more beautiful. You must be powerful,” Yamadi said, smiling.

          “Yes, but my sister is stronger,” Alial said, blushing.

Episode 87: Jo’s Proposal

          “Alya, I have to aske you something,” Jo said, kneeling on one knee in front of Alya. He took out a small black box. “Will you marry me?” He asked.

          “Uhhh… Yes! Yes I will! Jo…” Alya started crying, but this time it was because she was happy. Jo took out a golden ring with a diamond in it and placed it on her ring finger of her left hand. Alya hugged Jo tightly.

          “How about we go out to lunch?” Jo asked. Alya just nodded.

          They went to a restaurant in an area near the center of Tokyo.

          “Tokyo is beautiful, isn’t it Alial?” Alya laughed a little. Geo stared at the table. Alial was looking at him.

          “So, when are you going to complete your computer? You still have two more pieces to find,” he said, a little anger in his voice. Jo and Yamadi were confused.

          “Um, when we get back to the ship! So in a few days or so,” Alya laughed, waving her hands back and forth. Geo clenched a fist.

          “Iana,” he thought.

          “Don’t worry,” Alial said, smiling. He just looked at the table. Their food came and they ate in silence, although Geo wasn’t very hungry.

Episode 88: Ciel’s Attack

          They were just about done eating when a bright light flashed in front of them. Suddenly, Ciel appeared, only this time it was the real one.

          “Alya, I will kill all those you love,” she said. A blast came out of two of her fingers and shot straight at Jo.

          “Jo, look out!” Alya cried. But it was too late. The blast went through Jo’s shoulder. He went flying back a few feet, screaming. The people around them were almost paralyzed. (They were standing around them.) “Jo!” Alya cried. Ciel realized what Alya was doing. She now had her dress back on and two stars appeared on her cheek and above her forehead. Wings appeared on her back. Alya screamed as she was powering up. “How dare you! Ciel!” Alya cried and an energy wave blasted from her fists. Alya kept screaming. Her hair flew up. “Fuscia attack…” People ran away, even the owner of the restaurant. “Times one million!” Alya cried. Dark, black clouds went around her from the sky. A sphere of black light formed in her hands.

          “Well, I better get going!” Ciel said and just when the huge beam of light was about to hit her, she disappeared.

          “No! Damn you…” Alya said, breathing heavily. She fainted.

          “Alya!” Alial cried and ran to her sister. Alya slowly opened her eyes.

          “I’m all right, just heal Jo, please,” Alya said, barely able to talk. Alial nodded and went over to Jo. Alial took his head and slowly sat him up. Jo winced.

          “Don’t move. Healing!” Alial raised her hand. Light shown from the sky and then a beam of light came down over Jo. The wound in his shoulder healed. Jo stood up and went over to Alya.

          “You shouldn’t have done that for me,” Jo said. Alya started crying.

          “I want to marry you, so I didn’t want you to die,” Alya said, sweating. Yamadi and Geo just starred at Alya in awe because of her beautiful wings.

Episode 89: Yamadi and Jo’s Tranformations

          Alya was back to normal thanks to Alial’s healing. Back at Jo’s apartment, Alial asked,

          “Yamadi, do you want to become an elf?” Alial blushed. Alya smiled.

          “I can? Really? Sure. I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to be one. And since you’re an elf, and I’m a human, we can’t really be together. Even though Jo asked Alya to marry him. Maybe I can do the same,” Yamadi said. Alial grew bright red. Alya laughed.

          “All right. Close your eyes and relax. Don’t think of anything,” Alial said. Jo and Yamadi both closed their eyes. Alya and Alial walked up to the. Alya kissed Jo and at the same time Alial kissed Yamadi. Their ears grew longer and more pointed. Alya backed away, but Alial kept kissing, or rather, Yamadi kept kissing her. Alya laughed a little and so did Geo. Alial finally let go of Yamadi. Geo just stood their starring. Then he smiled, Alya noticed that he seemed a little happier.

          Yamadi looked in the mirror.

          “Wow!” Was all he said. Suddenly, black angel wings appeared on his back. Alial blushed.

          “Jo, why am I the only one who has wings?” He asked.

          “Probably because I didn’t put that much power into the transformation,” Alya said, smiling.

          Alya and the others went outside. It was getting dark and some stars were out. Jo’s apartment was above a grassy hill and a lake. Alya took Jo in her arms and floated up. Alial took Geo, since Yamadi could fly on his own, and he didn’t mind it. Yamadi’s feet lifted off the ground. Soon they were flying above the clouds.

          “Alya, Alial!” John’s voice rang in Alya’s head.

          “Oh… John. I guess it’s time to fight now, sorry Jo and Yamadi. We’ll be back after we’re done though,” Alya said. They landed and Jo and Yamadi turned back to normal. (They were still elves, just in disguises like Alya and Alial were.) Alial caught Yamadi’s hand before they landed.

          “Bye, Alya,” Jo said.

          “Bye Alial and Geo. See you soon,” Yamadi said. Alya and Alial smiled and they, along with Geo, disappeared.

          “They’ll be back. Alya can’t and will not lose to any enemy,” Jo said.

          “I hope so,” Yamadi stated. They looked into the starry sky as the moon started to rise.

This Song

My life is nothing more than a destiny,

My heart, nothing more than it’s love,

I know, my dreams won’t be real,

But they can live in me for eternity,

This song is but a tune,

Played on the wings of my heart,

Every minute is everyday,

But when will I find you again?

My eyes are nothing more than seeing,

My mind is nothing more than thoughts,

But why can’t I fly? Why can’t I fly?

I have beautiful wings, wings of my heart,

This song is but a melody,

Played on the absence of fear,

Every second is every soul,

Ticking away the hours of death,

Your heart helps you to love,

Or is it just your mind playing tricks?

You can never see your true life,

What you are and what you’ll become,

My life is nothing more than a destiny,

My heart is nothing more than it’s love…

This song is but a tune,

Played on the wings of my heart,

Every minute is everyday,

But when will I…

This song is but a tune,

Played on the wings of my heart,

But when will I find you again? 

Episode 90: Truth About Synicoth

          “Iana,” Geo mumbled. They were in Alya’s lab. She turned to him, but still turned on the computer. A picture of a sorceress blinked on the screen. It disappeared. But at the same time it seemed to say ‘help me.’

          “What the…?” Alya started.

          “Could this mean that Iana’s somewhere nearby? We would probably have to defeat Synicoth in order to save her. Where do we even start looking?” Geo asked. He had a worried expression on his face.

          “Poor Geo,” Alya thought.

          “Alya Star!” An evil voice called out to her. Alya froze. She couldn’t move.

          “Who are you?” She asked. It was Synicoth. Alya had heard her voice before on a recording.

          “Geo, how did you lose Iana? Do you know?” Alial asked. She and Geo were in the control room.

          “Well, the only thing I remember was seeing her one minute, and then the next, she was gone. I can’t really explain how it happened. It was so long ago,” Geo said. He had a sad expression and Alial thought about her sisters. But she had to put that behind her.

          “I won’t ask anything else, since you probably won’t want to talk about it,” Alial said. She pushed a button and a girl with a sword appeared. She was Synicoth. “Wow, she’s pretty. More beautiful than Zellial, that’s for sure. Wait a minute, she looks familiar, a little too familiar,” Alial gasped. Alial ran into the lab.

          “What is it, Alial?” Alya asked. She was crying but Alial didn’t stop.

          “It’s Synicoth. She looks a lot like our mother,” Alial said, breathing hard and sweating.

          “But what would an Asiania want with an Elfin?” Alya asked.

          “Our father wasn’t Elfin, he was… Asiania. So that means, our sisters and I, we are Asianias as well,” Alial said, crying.

          “No way. You just explained to me that you and I were elfin awhile ago!” Alya cried.

          “I know, but I know that this has to be true also. Because an Asiania can’t marry or even have a relationship with an Elfin,” Alial said.

Episode 91: First Attack

          “We still have to kill her. She is our enemy now,” Alya said. Geo was now in the lab, and the two sisters were in the control room.

          “Yes, I understand. She’s still our mother, which is going to make it difficult to fight her,” Alial said.

          “Why is the only question though. Damn! Here she comes!” Alya cried. A blast hit the ship.

          “Alya, be careful. She is extremely powerful,” John said.

          “No shit!” Alya cried.

          “I’ve never seen Alya so aggresive lke this,” Alial thought. Geo ran into the control room and drew the light sword.

          “No need for that,” Synicoth said. A blast of air hit Geo and he went flying back and hit the wall.

          “Geo! That does it… where are you, Synicoth?” Alya cried.

          “I’m right here,” Synicoth said. A beam hit Alya. She screamed as she fell on the floor, her dress disappearing and star locket shattering.

          “Alya!” Alial cried. Alya lay there, eyes blank, but she was still conscious.

          “I can not give up. Never! I have to save… everyone,” Alya Star Eternal said.

          “What the hell?” Synicoth asked.

          “I’m never giving up!” Alya cried. She started getting up, still no dress, her locket started to appear again. Her dress also slowly appeared.

          “What the… you’re will to fight is the only thing that keeps you going. But you will never defeat me!” Synicoth cried, laughing evily. She flew forward, spreading out black angel wings.

          “I will kill you! No matter what!” Alya exclaimed.

          “You will never get me,” Synicoth said and disappeared.

          “Where is she?” Alya asked.

          “I will be one day away from here, and if you want, don’t put to much into finding me. I still want to battle you!” Synicoth laughed.

          “Oh don’t worry! I’ll make sure my ship has enough energy left!” Alya said.

          “Alya, I wonder if we’ll ever be able to kill her,” Alial said. Alya winced and clutched her chest. “What’s wrong?” Alial asked.

          “It just hurts. I think I used a little too much of my powers. We have to heal Geo,” Alya said, suddenly remembering. Geo was lying on the floor. He had blood dripping down his right arm and chin. “Alial, can you help me?” Alya asked.

          “Yeah,” Alial replied. She helped Alya get up and go over to Geo. They put their hands over him and a light formed around him. He winced and opened his eyes slowly.

          “Iana,” he said, weakly.

Episode 92: Synicoth’s Story

          “Thank you. I feel a lot better,” Geo said. Alial blushed. (She had always liked him, but she could not tell him her feelings, since she was marrying Yamadi.)

          “I’ll be in the recovery room if you need me. I’ll only be there an hour or so, I’ll be back!” Alya said. She held up two fingers as she teleported back to the ship. Alial and Geo did the same. “I hope nothing happens while I’m recovering. Damn, this hurts. I should have kept my guard up,” Alya said, pushing the button on one of the chambers. She got in. “Why am I feeling this way? I am…” She started. Images of Synicoth came to her mind, the past and future. Synicoth used Tomorrow’s Legacy on Earth.

          “No!” Alya cried. She woke up. “A dream. It had to be a dream, it will never come true. But these are the same as last month’s dreams,” Alya thought, sitting up in the chamber. She started to cry but stopped almost right away. The ship tilted. She ran into the control room. “Alial, what’s wrong?” Alya cried. Alial and Geo were there.

          “It’s Synicoth! I thought she was going to be a day away from here!” Alial cried. The ship was blasted by a beam of light.

          “Alya Star!” Someone cried. Alya stopped moving completely. Her eyes were closed tight. Images kept appearing in her mind. Horrible images.

          “Noooo!” She cried.

          “Alya, what’s wrong?” Alial asked, clutching her sister’s shoulders.

          “Syn… Syn…” Alya started, she could not speak.

          “”Synicoth! What have you done with my sister?” Alial cried. For a moment there was no answer.

          “I have given her the sad memories of her past. Your father dying, Amile and Aiya being destroyed. Even what will happen to you, Alial Star. Alya Shadow, awaken!” Synicoth said. Alya Star turned slowly into Alya Shadow.

Episode 93: Alya’s True Form

          “Alya! No! There will be no way of getting you back!” Alial cried.

          “Well, there is a way. You have to defeat me!” Synicoth said. Alya Shadow bursted through the top of the ship. Wind blew in through the hole in the ceiling.

          “Geo, take this shield!” Alial cried.

          Further away, a woman was floating. Light years away from Geo, she could still hear him.

          “Geo?” She asked. She started to life her head up. Then she started to cry. “Geo!” She cried.

          Geo, now in space also, heard her.

          “Iana?” He asked. Alya Shadow appeared in front of Alial.

          “You think you can try your silly healing spell on me again? Well, it won’t work on me this time. You are not my sister and this is my true form!” Alya swung at Alial. Alial put her hand out to block the attack.

          “No. You can’t be this way! You are my sister. We are from the same family. We’re all Elfin’s! Alya!” Alial cried. Her eyes were filled with tears.

          “No! It is true that I thought I was Elfin. But even you said yourself that I was Asiania. And you are not my sister! Jazel created you. I know that for a fact because Synicoth is her sister!”

          “Alya! You are the one I hold close to my heart! Remember all the good times we had together? The memories on Earth, when we went to Arillas to get supplies and met Geo! When I first met you! I even knew at the time that you were my true sister!” Alial cried. Tears fell from her blue eyes.

          “Power sword!” Alya cried. Her wings expanded and a black glow surrounded them. A red sword appeared in her hands. She charged at Alya.

Episode 94: Alial’s Death? No!

          The sword went right through Alial’s chest.

          “A…lya!” She screamed, gasping for air. She held her chest and floated upright, breathing heavily.

          “You won’t live much longer. You will be dead in a day or so,” Alya Shadow said.

          “Alya, what you just said hurt me more than this wound. I am… your sister! I would rather die than to see you like this,” Alial said, barely able to talk.

          “I will fight. Atleast until Iana gets here!” Geo cried, he drew his light sword.

          “That weapon’s useless against my power!” Alya cried.

          Swords clashed and could be heard miles away. Geo had slashes of blood across his face from Alya’s sword. Iana kept flying towards Geo. She had wings and a tight gray suit on.

          Alial was pale and her eyes were clear.

          “A… lya. Why?” Alial gasped.

          “You’re not my sister! You are not Asiania at all, you are Elfin,” Alya cried. Geo was just floating there, cathing his breath.

          “No! That’s not true… I…” Alial bent her head down and started to cry. Alial started floating towards the ship.

          “No! You won’t escape!” Alya cried.

          Alial closed the door to the ship.

          “John! Battle… formation!” Alial cried.

          “Right,” John said and turned the ship into a robot that looked like Alya, but a little different. 

Episode 95: Alya’s Assult

          “Alial, what are you planning to do? You can’t possibly defeat me and Synicoth with that robot. Plus, do you think it will follow your commands, since I’m the one who built it a long time ago?” Alya asked, laughing. Her eyes were glowing red.

          “I know… it will. John is my friend and your’s as well. So why don’t you join us. We could defeat Synicoth together. You told me yourself we had to destroy her. Don’t you even remember that?” Alial asked.

          “No! Now shut up, damn elf! You don’t belong in space, so I will kill you!” Alya cried and charged toward Alial. Alial floated there, in the control room of the robot, staring out the window at Alya Shadow coming straight for her. She bursted through the shield and glass. “Why aren’t you fighting me?” Alya asked.

          “Because I have no reason to. You are my sister, and I will always love you, no matter what you do to me,” Alial said, tears fell down her face. Alya slashed at Alial. Blood ran down Alial’s arms, face and chest.

          Suddenly, Alial’s dress flew off and her whole body was covered in blood. She was still floating but this time she shot up through space. Although it was hard to fly since it hurt so much. Alial could barely speak.

          “Alya… why?” Her voice was small and quiet. “You are not the Alya Star that I know. I knew that you were not “normal…” Alial started. Alya was following her.

          “I will never be Alya Star again!” Alya cried.

          “You will. I will make you normal again!” Alial cried. Her heart started to shine. Rays of light shone on Alya. They also made the blood disappear on Alial as well.

(This is played in the beginning of the episode.)

This Song

My life is nothing more than a destiny,

My heart, nothing more than it’s love,

I know, my dreams won’t be real,

But they can live in me for eternity,

This song is but a tune,

Played on the wings of my heart,

Every minute is every day,

But when will I find you again?

My eyes are nothing more than seeing,

My mind is nothing more than thoughts,

But why can’t I fly? Why won’t I fly?

I have beautiful wings, wings of my heart,

This song is but a melody,

Played on the absence of fear,

Every second is every soul,

Ticking away the hours of death,

Your heart helps you to love,

Or is it just your mind playing tricks?

You can never see your true life,

What you are and what you’ll become,

My life is nothing more than a destiny,

My heart is nothing more than it’s love…

This song is but a tune,

Played on the wings of my heart,

Every minute is every day,

But when will I find you again?

This song is but a tune,

Played on the wings of my heart,

But when will I find you again?

Episode 96: Alial’s Heart and Alya vs. Synicoth

          “Alya, Alya Star… please wake up. Wake up to your true self!” Alial cried. Alya Shadow spun around slowly, her skin was turning to normal. Her dress appeared again. Light shown all around Alya.

          “Alial, my dear sister. Thank you. Now, we have to defeat that evil Synicoth,” Alya said, taking her sister’s hand and flew back to John. <

          “Damn you, Alial,” Synicoth muttered. She was sitting in her chair. Weird vines were coming down from three different spots and hooked into her left shoulder, right arm, and her back. She was holding a wine glass in her left hand. Her aura started glowing purple. “Damn you Alial!” She cried and broke the wine glass. Wine dripped down her arm.

          “John, turn back to normal mode. Turn in the direction of Synicoth’s ship. Once we are 200 kilometers away, turn back into battle mode and attack her!” Alya said.

          They reached the ship in under an hour and the ship turned back into the robot. The word ‘Lightning’ appeared on the screen. The eyes of the robot glowed and it held its fist up. Light rays shot out of it and hit Synicoth’s ship. Geo and Alial just stood there looking out the windows. Alya came out of the hatch that she used to control the robot. Light shown around her in order to protect her from space.

          “Power Sword!” Alya cried.

          “Dark Sword!” Synicoth cried. A dark, black and red sword appeared in Synicoth’s hands. They both flew forward and their swords hit. They kept slashing at eachother until finally, Alya slashed Synicoth’s arm and her sword broke into pieces. Synicoth gasped and started flying away.

Episode 97: Iana’s Contact

          “Oh no! You’re not getting away!” Alya cried. She disappeared. Synicoth was almost a mile ahead of them and thought she lost Alya. Suddenly, Alya appeared behind Synicoth. She raised her sword against Synicoth’s neck.

          “All right! I’ll retreat, but only for right now. In a few hours you and your “sister” will be killed with these two hands!” Synicoth cried and disappeared.

          Back where Alial and Geo were, Synicoth’s ship started moving. Then it was out of sight.

          “Alya Star, you shall die. In exactly two hours my greatest destruction plan will commence!” Synicoth laughed. She was typing on a large computer. Much like John, only the screen was bright red.

          “Iana!” Geo suddenly cried. Alial was in the recovery room and Alya and Geo were in the control room. Geo was shaking and gasping like he was tyring to move, but couldn’t. A flash of a picture of Iana appeared in his mind and Alya’s.

          “Geo, what do you suppose this means?” Alya asked, almost frozen.

          “Geo, can you hear me? It’s me, Iana,” a voice called out.

          “Iana? I can hear you, but how…?” Geo started to ask.

          “I learned this technique on another planet. Anyways, I’m flying towards you and I’ll be there in exactly two hours and ten minutes. I can’t communicate with you much longer. I’ll see you soon,” Iana said.

          “Iana! Don’t go!” Geo cried. It was too late.

          “That was strange, I could hear her too,” Alya said.

Episode 98: Alial’s New Form

          “Alya!” Alial cried. She was still in the chamber but had the door open.

          “Alial! What’s wrong?” Alya was in the doorway soon after hearing her scream. Suddenly Alial started glowing. She spun around, her hair grew longer and new wings appeared on her back. They were crimson red with some gold and puple around the edges. A long dress appeared on her body. She had a moon on her forehead and she had a headband around her head with a moon on it as well. “Alial, you’re different! That’s the same thing that happened to me after I recovered. I think Aiya did something to the chamber, but what I don’t know,” Alya said. Geo stood behind her, blushing. (Like he didn’t already have a wife!)

          “Alya! Synicoth is almost here!” John cried.

          “What? Synicoth?” Alya asked.

          “Yes, and she’s very angry too,” John added.

          “Alya, Alial and Geo, you all will die. And so will the planet Earth!” Synicoth cried.

          “What?” Alya cried. The ship of Synicoth appeared out of nowhere and transformed into a robot.

          “Iscicle shield!” Synicoth cried. A large white barrier formed around her ship.

          “Why do you want to destroy all of the Elfins and humans?” Alya cried.

          “So I can achieve what my sister could not! She tried to make the universe a better place to live in!” Synicoth cried.

          “Power Sword! You’re our mother, why do you want to kill us?” Alya asked. Her sword appeared in her hands and in her ship’s hands.

          “You are a nuisance and always will be if you aren’t destroyed! That’s why I want to kill you so badly. Yes, I would love you, but only if I had a heart to love with!” Synicoth cried.

          “Then you shall die with regret!” Alya cried. Her sword started glowing. The one in the robot’s hands gathered engery. “Light beam, strike!” Alya cried. Her sword seemed to get very long. It was only a slash of light.

Episode 99: Earth’s Destruction and Iana Sana

          The light beam stretched out towards Synicoth. The barrier around her flashed.

          “What the…?” She asked. A dark, powerful strike hit the barrier. It broke the ice circle into pieces. The dust cleared partially.

          “Iana?” Geo asked. Iana was floating there, she was breathing heavily and holding a large, dark sword.

          “Iana Sana? Is that really you?” Alya gasped.

          “Iana! It is you!” Geo cried.

          “I heard you needed help!” Iana said. She winked. Synicoth drew a sword also. A hatch opened in Alya’s ship and Iana flew in just before she got stabbed. <

          “Iana! I’m so glad to see you!” Geo said.

          “Yes, I am too. But now we have a problem to face before we celebrate,” Iana said, seriously.

          “I don’t know how we’re going to win, since she knows Tomorrow’s Legacy. Somehow we will,” Alya said.

          “Are you sure about that? ‘Demons that dwell in space and time, will  be destroyed by this power, come into me, head my power, let all those fear me and your being!’” Synicoth’s robot started glowing.

          “No! She’s using Tomorrow’s Legacy!” Iana cried. Alya, Alial, Iana, and Geo all started glowing.

          “Tomorrow’s…” Synicoth stretched the robot’s hand out towards the Earth. It’s hand covered one side of the Earth. “Legacy!” Synicoth cried. A black light stretched across the Earth. It also destroyed both Alya’s and Synicoth’s ship.

          Alya was the only one left, alive. The Earth was now brown and bleek, just like the moon.

          “Noooo!” Alya cried.

Episode 100: Final


          “Sister, no, Asiania through blood, but not through heart,” someone was calling out to her.

          “Who’s there? Aiya?” Alya Star Eternal, now naked, turned around. A tear fell down both her and Aiya’s face. “No! Everyone!” Alya cried. No one could hear her. The whole Earth had been destroyed, it was now brown and it seemed to cry. “You were just talking to me a minute ago! Answer me, Aiya! Alial! Someone hear me!” Alya cried. Her hair flowed behind her.

*        *        *

          “Alial, my dear sister. I am still Elfin now! You hear me? Do you Synicoth? Answer me!” Alya cried, taking the body of her dead sister in her arms. “The Earth, it was such a peaceful world. So full of love. But because of me it got destroyed. It was all my fault!” Alya cried. The tears fell down her face. A few feet away from her sisters were Iana and Geo, their hands enclosed in eachother. “Iana, you were the most powerful sorceress on Earth, yet you died because of me,” Alya thought. Was this her purpose for being created? To destroy everyone because they wanted to protect her? No, it couldn’t be true. Everyone had to be okay on Earth. Alya placed her hand on Alial’s face. Her dress flew back on her. A shimmering golden dress that went below her feet. Angel wings appeared on her back.

          She flew desperately towards Earth. She landed in Japan and saw everyone laying still on the grass and streets. She then came across a bridge. All of the buildings were destroyed. There was nothing left but that bridge and a river. It still sparkled blue and something about it seemed strange. She lowered her head and put her arms on the railing.

          No, my reflection’s there! It can’t be! I’m an Asiania!” Alya said. Tears fell down into the water. Ripples floated there. They waved away her reflection. Soon she saw another face. “Alial, I miss you so much. Why can’t this world go back to the way it was?” Alya asked.

          “Because you’re Alya Star Eternal, the princess of both Asiania’s and Elfin’s,” a voice echoed throughout the Earth.

          “What? My locket…” Alya said, as it had started to glow. She gasped. Alya lifted off the ground. The Earth itself glowed and gradually regained it’s shape and life. All of the people got up. “What the…? Did I do that? It’s back to normal! Alial?” Alya turned her head around. Everyone was standing there, including Aiya and Amile. “Alial!” Alya cried. She started crying as soon as she hugged Alial. Her sisters joined in. Iana walked up to them.

          “You did a better job than I did. Thank you,” she said.

          “I know that was what I was created for. So that I can restore the Earth after Synicoth destroys it,” Alya said. Geo smiled.

          “We fought well together,” he said. Iana leaned against his shoulder.

          “Alya,” a man said. Alya turned around.

          “Jo? Jo!” Alya started crying again and floated into Jo’s arms.

          “I’ll go to wherever you go from now on. I never want to lose you,” Jo said. They kissed.

          Iana and Geo stayed on Earth while the sisters and Jo flew through the universe.

Alya Star Theme

Chorus: To me, it is a golden star,

To me, it’s who you are,

And when you want to b e with me,

Dreams are meant to be,

Verse 1: When danger arrives, shout my name,

I will come to the rescue, against the burning flame,

I’m Alya Star, a shooting star,

I’ll be there, near or far,

Chorus: To me, it is a golden star,

To me, it’s who you are,

And when you want to be with me,

Dreams are meant to be,

Verse 2: I call your name and you can’t come,

Because you are lost, my heart is here for you,

To me, it is a golden star,

To me, it’s who you are,

I just want your heart to be mine,

Be always true…

Chorus: To me, it is a golden star,

To me, it’s who you are,

And when you want to be with me…

I’m Alya Star, a shooting star,

I will be there, near or far,

Chorus: To me, it is a golden star,

To me, it’s who you are,

And when you want to be with me,

Dreams are meant to be,

To me, it is a golden star.

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