Lost Soul: Characters

Tomoi Sasaka- She was abandoned by her mother at age 10. She is poor but doesn’t really notice it because she’s only a child. When she is left behind a man rescues her from the raining streets. The rain has been coming down for three days, now and no one knows what’s going on. This is just symbolism, a symbol for a new birth of a savior. Tomoi becomes that savior of Tsunami University and the people that are close to it. Dar gives her the power to look into peoples’ hearts and see what’s going to happen to some

one close to them. She saves that person and brings them to safety. Angel wings are on her back, and later they turn black meaning that she will be afraid of saving people and will be hurting just like Dar. She learns of a boy who was killed in senior year of high school and she tries to save him, but fails. She then realized that this job is too much for her and that she needs to stop. But Dar dies and she is alone until she meets up with her mother again. Her mother tries to explain what happened, and why she had to leave her, but Tomoi won’t save her from her death.

Dar- He’s mysterious in all ways, Tomoi just wanted to be with someone. He’s the one who has the power to give other people the ability to save others from death. He has to save a few people because Tomoi gets sick later and can’t do it. She’s so sick at one point that she almost dies. This is due to the fact that she is afraid of her future and what will happen to her and the boy that is tormenting her. He dies near the end of the story from this same fear, but he didn’t save a woman once and he had fallen in love with her before the death happened. He thought that everything would be all right if he just stayed with her. That didn’t turn out to be true, she had a disease that could not be cured and Dar didn’t have that particular power. He only gave that power to people. He was severely shocked and went into a hospital a few days later. He got a little better and was released but was still very sad until he met Tomoi.

Sasal- He is the mysterious boy that Tomoi saw. But what happened to him happened in the past and the present (where Tomoi was) and so that’s why his friend Takisa explained the rumor to him about Tomoi. He soon has the power from a staff to do many evil things to the town. One particular incident was he went to a girl and told her that she had wings. She opened them and everyone saw that she did have wings and they took her away. (This wasn’t Tomoi by the way.) He’s planning on going to college but that doesn’t happen, but one time Takisa is in Tsunami University and sees him sitting at a desk crying. He disappears and she starts to cry. This happens because Tomoi was talking to him in the present and she said that he was evil and wasn’t liked by anyone.

Sasal also wants revenge on Tomoi for not saving him in the present.

Takisa Omodi- She’s the same age as Sasal in highschool. They share three classes with eachother and always meet after school. She calls him everyday also since he has no family left. She is a guitar player and plays for him all the time. After Sasal got killed she decided to go to Tsunami University, even though she could get into another better school, she doesn’t want to not get saved like Sasal. She may seem selfish at first, but Takisa is a really great friend. She’s always smiling and happy and loves everyone she meets, even if they’re arrogant and cruel. Takisa loves school too and always does well.

Shaii Sasaka- This is Tomoi’s mother who leaves her on the street when Tomoi’s only 10. Shaii is very pretty and has never had any trouble with the men, except for Tomoi’s father.

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